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by Jih Yun

Best Korean Products was launched to help readers find high-quality and authentic Korean products. With in-depth reviews and buying guides, this website helps you find the right Korean products for yourself. 

Starting with reviews of Korean health and beauty products, best Korean products also explore categories like Korean fashion, Korean food and drinks, and even Korean entertainment. 

The aim of Best Korean Products is to serve as a one stop for all things Korean! 

On BestKoreanProducts.com, you’ll find in-depth reviews of Korean skincare products for various skin concerns and skin types. These reviews are written based on expert opinions from highly-qualified skincare and beauty experts. 

If you love Korean fashion, check out the fashion category to get the latest updates on the K-fashion world. From tips to make the perfect Korean fashion statement to choosing best clothing pieces to buy online – you’ll find wholesome fashion guides here!

If you’re looking to taste Korean cuisine, the food and drinks category will help you decide which Korean food items available online are authentic and worth your money.

If you’re here to explore the world of Korean entertainment, check out our entertainment category to find the best Korean movies, dramas, and more. 

Jih Yun
Chief Editor
Best Korean Products

I graduated with a mass communication degree from the School of Media and Communications at Korea University in Seoul and settled there post my graduation. 

As a child, I ran to salons and beauty parlour with my mom. As my mom underwent her beauty therapies, I’d sit in there reading beauty pageant magazines and watch everyone get different makeovers. That’s where my interest in skincare and beauty shot up.

As my interest in makeup and skincare grew, I did various course on K-beauty to learn the latest trends in advanced Korean beauty. I attended several conferences and also researched thoroughly about all these products and trends in the beauty market.

As I researched for tips and tricks and best Korean products, I realised that many of these sites were not authentic and published false information. 

With the aid of my K-beauty training and knowledge, I grabbed a quick opportunity to start Best Korean Products as my dream project in 2014. The main purpose was to provide all the K-beauty lovers with a sole place where all their questions and needs are answered. 

When reviewing Korean healthy and beauty products, the products go through a strict review process. With the help of a group of beauty experts, we examine the ingredients that go into the products. We also rate the products based on its sensitivity to skin. Other parameters we look at when rating Korean skincare products are effect on skin, packaging, efficacy, and shelf-life. 

As I moved on with the website, I realised that I wanted to talk about more than just Korean skincare because Korea is known for more than just that! 

From Korean fashion to Korean food, people all over the world love Korean trends. And I wanted to take this opportunity to educate people about Korean fashion, cuisine, and even Korean entertainment. 

With the help of a group of Korean fashion experts, we review the best Korean clothing pieces to buy from authentic Korean sites. Taking inspiration from K-pop stars, we advise on top Korean fashion hair trends and clothing trends. 

When it comes to Korean food, finding authentic products online can be difficult because I realised that there are a lot of sellers online offering fake alternatives which obviously won’t give you the best experience. 

So I’ve made sure to curate a list of authentic Korean food and drink products to make sure that you buy products that are really worth it. Be it best Korean instant coffee brands or Korean Ramen noodles – you’ll find in-depth reviews and buying guides on Korean food products here. 

I’ve always loved Korean drama which is why dabbling into reviewing Korean entertainment came naturally to me. I’ve spent pretty much all my life watching Korean movies, shows, and even cartoons. Which is why I’ve also reviewed reviewed some of the best Korean movies, Korean web series, and more 

Hope you have an amazing experience at Best Korean Products just like the products from Korea!

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