6 Best Contemporary Korean Jewelry Brands To Up Your Style Game

by Jih Yun
Best Contemporary Korean Jewelry Brands

Looking for edgy jewelry? Here are best contemporary Korean jewelry brands that can help you make the best style statement!

No matter what time of the year you’re in, jewelry is that one addition to your ensemble that’s only going to elevate it. Makeup and clothes only have so much effect, but when sparkly pieces are added, the highlight they create also complements your skin and bone structure.

I’m a big believer in accessories of all kinds, although I prefer jewelry that is dainty as my clothes seem to be on the statement-making side. But as I am also someone that loves to experiment, this one area was unexplored which is why I decided to seek out some contemporary brands that would get me out of my comfort zone. 

Most of the stuff I use is Korean, and I don’t see myself doing otherwise for a long time. The quality and designs that hail from this part of the world are truly unmatched, which is why I gave some contemporary Korean jewelry brands a shot. 

Top Contemporary Korean Jewelry Brands 


With a name that translates to ‘one wish’ in French, Souhait’s designs are also just as whimsical. If you happen to be in Korea, you’ll find their store in the Hannam-dong area. This business is family-run, led by Somin Lee who’s a designer. The brand also boasts the involvement of creators such as Jay Lee and Sowon Lee. 

The aesthetic that Souhait represents is modern, with sleek necklaces and rings that give off a chunky vibe. What I like most about their pieces is that while you can wear them on their own to give a statement edge to your outfit, they can also be layered with other jewelry that you own. 

With a range of earrings and bracelets also available, creating a complete look is more than easy. Even if your clothes are plain, printed, or patterned, Souhait’s pieces resemble art-come-to-life, and are guaranteed to complement any shade or design. 

Best Contemporary Korean Jewelry Brands

As I mentioned earlier, my main goal with trying out these brands is to challenge myself, which is why I opted for their showy rings. They follow a post-order manufacturing method, which means the brand begins the creation of your pieces after you’ve confirmed their order. How cool is that?

top Contemporary Korean Jewelry Brands

I picked out 2 pairs of stackable rings and a gemstone one, all of which go so well together! I’ve been loving wearing them out to museum and art gallery visits, and find them going so well with the artsy vibe. 

Korean Jewelry Brands

Shop Souhait here!


COLDFRAME’s unique point has been their incorporation of floral and vintage elements that caught my eye. While they specialize in making delicate accessories, you can also choose some chunkier pieces when you want to go bold. 

While browsing their designs, I came across the antique Anima line that draws inspiration from a baroque style. If you are a sucker for timeless pieces with a slight edge, I’m sure you will love working with them.

coldframe korean jewelry brand

I, however, was more drawn to their collection called ‘Rope Twist’, where the brand designed jewelry in the style of loops and braids. Nothing screamed more contemporary to me than this, and these bracelets and necklaces pair well with streetwear. The textures on both the necklace and bracelet are varied, allowing for a look that is rough yet regal. 

coldframe korean jewelry

Shop COLDFRAME here!

SCHO Studio

Launched in the year 2011 by designer Sarah Cho who was born in Korea and raised in Namibia, SCHO’s pieces are both graphic and modern with a glamorous twist. The designs are rare and clean with cultural materials, themes, and elements woven in, giving you jewelry that is like a breath of fresh air. 

When shopping at SCHO Studio, I was mainly on the lookout for accessories I could wear to fancy and high profile events like evening and cocktail parties and sundowners. My search was for elegant pieces which are still slightly unique with a modern glam. 

You can shop this collection on their website or if you happen to find yourself in Korea, you can go to their Hannam-dong showroom called The Room. Apparently it also has a cafe, and I can’t wait to visit on my next trip to Seoul. But for now, I’m making do with their jewelry that has already earned me a bunch of compliments!

SCHO Studio korean jewelry

SCHO also has a wide range of pearl jewelry that’s definitely on my wishlist. As they’re so classic, they’ll be the best addition to dresses.

I opted for their Bombshell Lavender Necklace and Earrings because the moment I set eyes on them, I couldn’t take them off! Swarovski crystals are embedded and with a sleek dress, these pieces have been the life of the party so far!

SCHO Studio korean jewelry brands

 Shop SCHO Studio here!


If your favorite leisure time activity is scrolling on Instagram, there’s no way you wouldn’t have come across this contemporary brand. Númbering’s range is both versatile and diverse, with staple accessories that can be layered how you like. 

NÚMBERING korean jewelry

Their designs are not only innovative but also sleek at the same time, perfect for when you crave a slightly edgy look. The rockstar-chic vibes are best complemented with a bold outfit statement as their pieces bring home the bling you require, albeit softly. 

NÚMBERING korean jewelry brands for women

As I’d already spent quite a bit on the above brands and was itching to try at least one more, I opted for 2 pairs of minimalistic earrings and a chunky yet modern-looking anklet. While I selected silver accessories, they also have a lot of gold jewelry that you’re going to love. You can also choose the aforementioned anklet in gold if that’s more your style. 

NÚMBERING edgy korean jewelry brand

Shop Númbering here!


You know how I’m always on the lookout for items that my favorite celebs don, be it airport fashion or jewelry. It was on one such occasion that I spotted my favorite rapper Zico and T-ARA’s Hyomin sporting PORTRAIT REPORT’s pieces. 

Upon further research into this brand, I realized their designs and styles are right up my alley. Run by Jeong Baek Seok, the pieces are definitely stylish, but they also have a simple charm that you can never get enough of. 

There’s a reason PORTRAIT REPORT is so cult-favorite; they design sleek jewelry pieces that break the mold and are sure to set you apart from the crowd. Their bestsellers are the ear cuffs and I absolutely adored them because I believe there’s too many earrings and not enough piercings!

PORTRAIT REPORT korean jewelry brand

While it was difficult to hold back from bagging every single pair of ear cuffs on their online store, I still went ahead and got my hands on as many as I could. They also have some funky designs like cuffs shaped like wireless earphones in various finishes! If you like making a statement with your jewelry, this brand won’t disappoint. 

best korean jewellery brands

I mainly opted for pieces that are versatile so I could wear them with almost anything, and one with green Swarovski crystals because it’s my favorite color! Call me boring for choosing the same design in different colors but these cuffs are such a class act and work well solo, and are even better layered!

PORTRAIT REPORT korean jewelry brand



So far, I experimented with brands that majored in delivering pieces that seem muted but possess a hidden magic. But when it comes to Space Oddity, their designs are both wild and loud, in the most stylish of ways. There are days when I’m completely feeling myself or when I want to feel powerful, and I’m sure I’ll turn to this brand then. 

SPACE ODDITY korean jewelry brands

Very art-like styles that have a modern element to them feels like the inspiration behind this brand. Even their most subtle pieces have the power to make their presence felt. I never thought I’d invest in jewelry like this, but the further their designs felt from my personal taste, the more I wanted them. 

SPACE ODDITY edgy korean jewelry

I especially had my eye out for the torso-shaped pendant, necklace, bracelet, and rings. I knew immediately that I wanted an entire set in this design because it seemed to be so dainty yet elegant. I figured this line would look superb on anything all-black, as it would give a chance to the accessories to truly shine. 

SPACE ODDITY minimalist korean jewelry

Despite not being my style, I ended up making the most purchases from Space Oddity. Which is so odd because I’m not one for very showy jewelry, but there’s just something about the brand’s designs, craftsmanship, and overall experimental theme that has you coming back for more. 

If you want to wear an art museum come to life, Space Oddity is definitely the contemporary brand you must try. Their pieces really made me look like the quintessential refined modern woman ready to take on the world.

SPACE ODDITY jewelry korean

While sparkles and pearls have their place, it’s designs like those by Space Oddity that challenge the mold and come out winning. It was this brand that truly made me glad I stepped out of my comfort zone as it gave me the most satisfaction of wearing both jewelry as well as a piece of both art and time. They happened to be my biggest purchases, but their quirky designs are my go-to now. 

Shop from Space Oditty here!

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