15 Stylish BTS Inspired Nail Art Designs Trending in 2023

by Jih Yun

We curated a list of our favorite BTS inspired nail art designs for all the BTS lovers! 

We as the BTS Army love everything that relates to BTS. Starting from their catchy songs to their attire, hairstyle, and the band members themselves, we’re certainly diehard fans of them. 

Whatever our favorite K-Pop idols do, we are willing to take inspiration from them to create our own version of products such as phone accessories, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, dolls, etc.

Since we have seen countless ways of how the Army shows its love towards BTS, we’re also going to talk about another unique method that’ll definitely fascinate you. And they’re BTS inspired nail arts. 

We’ve brought you some of the coolest and unique nail arts that portray the unconditional obsession and loyalty of the BTS Army which you’d love to try.

BTS Inspired Nail Art Designs and Ideas

BTS Portrait Nail Art

bts inspired nail art
Source: Instagram@loony.nails

Jin The Astronaut Inspired Nail Design

Jin nail art ideas
Source: Instagram@stuleckanails

BTS Print Nail Press Ons

bts inspired press on nails
Source: Instagram@miniamipress

BT21 Nail Art Design

BTS “Not Today” MV Inspired Nail Art

BTS Logo Nail Art

First off let’s begin with the basic nail art designs for newbies in the Army or for those who have little experience in nail art designing. 

This nail art is inspired by the standard BTS logo which is usually painted with a combination of black and white nail polish. There are a variety of BTS logo nail arts out there but this one is my most favorite. 

BTS Logo Nail Art
Source: Instagram

It’s simple yet classic and displays the iconic BTS logo which will make the entire Army recognize it with the first look. And it’s also easy to pull off and requires little to no professional support. You’re definitely gonna fall in love with this minimal BTS nail art design.

Map Of The Soul: 7 Nail Art

For those who don’t know, Map Of The Soul: 7 is a music album produced by the BTS and it’s one of the music albums cherished by the Army. 

This has resulted in many nail artists drawing inspiration from the album to create beautiful nail art designs. This is another simple nail art design and it involves a varied palette of shades such as white, light blue, red, orange, etc. 

Map Of The Soul 7 Nail Art
Source: Instagram

The nail art also displays the number 7 which is derived from the album name. The number 7 is painted with a mixture of vibrant colors that give off an amazing touch to the white base. I’ve attempted this nail art design and it looked simply amazing although it took me a few attempts to pull it off.

TAE Shirt Nail Art

Tae aka V is one of the BTS vocalists and he’s a fan favorite. This nail art is inspired by one of the blue and white striped shirts worn by Tae. 

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There are only a few variations for this nail art. So if you’re someone who likes unique BTS nail art designs then this is definitely your pick. 

TAE Shirt Nail Art
Source: Pinterest 

The colors used in this nail art design are white and blue which are drawn as stripes to the nails. To add a bit of color and aesthetic, little red hearts are painted over the base.

It’s a cute design and to showcase your BTS loyalty you can match these beautiful nails by wearing a white and blue striped shirt, just like Tae.

BT21 Nail Art

BT21 is the term referred to BTS’s first project with LINE FRIENDS CREATORS. It involves the BTS members having adorable avatars and cute names and there’s a very interesting backstory to the project. 

This cute idea has brought new nail art ideas to the nail artists and there’s a vast array of nail art designs inspired by BT21.

BT21 Nail Art edited
Source: Instagram

Here we have the characters of BT21/BTS in their adorable avatars such as koala bear, puppy, rabbit, sheep, robot, etc. This nail art design is definitely not an easy one to pull off. 

However, don’t let that worry you because there are various BT21 inspired nail art stickers and prints available on Amazon. You’re gonna fall in love with your nails over and over again with this wholesome nail art.

Blood Sweat and Tears Nail Art

Blood Sweat and Tears is one of the popular songs of BTS. It’s a song that talks about love and its pain. The Blood Sweat and Tears music video has colorful visuals and portrays the colors black and hot pink. 

It also features a fallen angel who has black wings. This music video has inspired countless nail art designs, especially with the colors black, red, and pink.

The nail art designs also include black curvy branches with vibrant glitters surrounding them. It’s the perfect nail art design for Halloween as it features spooky images and designs. Put on your spooky Halloween costume and pair it with this Blood Sweat and Tears inspired nail art.

Love Yourself: Answer Nail Art

This is another outstanding music album produced by BTS. The main image of this album is what inspired this extraordinary nail art design. 

The image is an attractive collection of bright hues like light pink, purple, and a hint of blue. These are the best colors for a nail art design if you ask me. This nail art is versatile and has quite a lot of variations.

Love Yourself Answer Nail Art
Source: Pinterest

My most favorite part of this nail art is the heart that’s drawn using white nail polish with curvy lines all over the nails. This adds a great detail to the vibrant and subtle nail art and it’s definitely one of those nail art designs that’s great for the spring season.

BT21 Chimmy Nail Art

This is another BT21 nail art design but this one is inspired by Jimin’s BT21 character Chimmy. The Army loves the entire BTS squad but Jimin is the most special member loved by most BTS fans. 

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This nail art features Jimin’s adorable BT21 avatar Chimmy which is a cute white puppy wearing a yellow onesie covering its head.

BT21 Chimmy Nail Art
Source: Instagram

This nail art also has countless variations but the prominent design is the nails polished with yellow color and the cute Chimmy avatar painted in different nails. The Chimmy avatar usually comes in print forms that can be pasted on the nails. This nail art is ideal for the summer season because it has bright colors such as yellow and white.

Boy With Luv Nail Art

Boy With Luv is one of the mega hit songs produced by BTS featuring Halsey. This music video of Boy With Luv is filled with bright and elegant colors that would definitely be ideal for a whimsical nail art design. 

My favorite part of this nail art is it brings the “cotton candy” colors such as pink and blue into the design. This is because our BTS idols can be seen wearing pink outfits in the music video and there are blue shades in the background.

Boy With Luv Nail Art
Source:  Pinterest

There are so many versions of Boy With Luv nail art designs but this one is my personal favorite. Each nail is painted with different designs and the addition of bright and dark hues to it makes it look extraordinary. 

The streetlights, pink and blue sky are directly inspired by the BTS Boy With Luv music video. The piano design adds extra detail to the overall colorful nail art as well.

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal Nail Art

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal is a song from the BTS music album Map Of The Soul: 7 and we’ve already given you the nail art design inspired by that album. 

This song is quite special for the Army and since it has an animated video, there are quite a ton of creative nail art designs inspired by it. This nail art depicts the unity of the BTS members, standing together and holding their hands in the cold night.

We Are Bulletproof The Eternal Nail Art 1
Source: Instagram

It’s a cute nail art design with a variety of colors such as purple, pink, black, peach and yellow, etc. The nail art design is also very captivating because the more you see it, the more you want to get it painted on your nails. In addition, it’s one of the nail art designs that the Army would love because we love seeing all of our idols together in a single nail art.

BTS Festa Nail Art

This nail art design is inspired by the BTS Festa theme which is a combination of bright and light colors such as light blue, green, pink, and orange. As seen below the nail art design’s prominent color is light blue and it’s the base color as well. There are simple details in the corners of the nails like green shrubs and little red flowers on them.

BTS Festa Nail Art
Source: Instagram

This is an easy nail art to pull off and it also looks fantastic with its subtle details. It’s the perfect nail art design during the summer season and especially if you’re going to a music festival or to the beach. 

The word “Festa” also adds a lovely and exotic touch to the nail art design giving it the BTS vibe.

And there we have the coolest and the most sophisticated BTS inspired nail designs that are worth getting done on your nails. We believe that the Army is definitely going to love all the nail art designs we’ve listed here.

FAQs about BTS Nail Art

Does BTS use nail polish?

BTS is one of the most popular and successful South Korean boy bands. As far as nail polish use is concerned, there is no concrete answer as to whether or not BTS actually use nail polish. However, some of the members have been photographed with their nails painted various shades of pink, blue and black.

In addition, some photos show their nails filed in symmetrical shapes, which could be the result of applying nail polish. Despite this, it is not possible to definitively say whether or not the boys of BTS use nail polish in their daily lives.

Why did J-Hope paint his nails?

J-Hope can often be seen sporting a variety of colors on his nails, and for him, it serves multiple purposes. As a member of BTS, J-Hope paints his nails as a form of self-expression. The colors on his nails provide him with a way to showcase his personality, while on stage and off.

He also believes that painting his nails helps him to stay focused and in the moment when he’s performing and recording. On top of that, he just loves the way it looks, giving him a sense of confidence and fun. For J-Hope, painting his nails isn’t simply a style choice, it’s part of his signature look and it helps him to stay creative and connected with his art.

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