10 Best Korean Ampoule 2022

by Jih Yun

Troubled with stubborn skin concerns like acne and pigmentation? It’s time you introduce one of these best Korean ampoules to your skincare regimen. 

I have dry, sensitive skin, so I religiously use the COSRx Propolis light ampoule and the results are visible. My skin feels and looks smooth, hydrated, and healthy. 

When it comes to choosing an ampoule, it’s extremely important that you choose one depending on your skin type and skin concern because ampoules are highly concentrated. And K-beauty industry formulates its skincare products to target specific skin concerns or maintain specific skin types. 

Best Korean Ampoule: Quick Summary

Best Korean AmpouleBest For
MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio AmpouleAnti-ageing
Mizon Snail Repair Intensive AmpouleDeep Hydration & Skin Repair
Mizon Night Repair AmpouleAnti-ageing & Skin Recovery
Mizon Real Vitamin C AmpouleSkin Brightening
COSRX Propolis Light AmpuleSensitive & Acne Prone Skin
Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle AmpouleHealing Sensitive Skin
TONYMOLY Vital Vita 12 AmpouleSkin Brightening And Hyperpigmentation
Innisfree Ginger Honey Ampoule Dry Skin
THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur Cica Peptide AmpouleHealing And Revitalising The Skin
MAKEP:REM Safe me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule Sensitive Skin

Read on for the reviews of the best Korean ampoules:

Top Picks For Best Korean Ampoules

Top Korean Ampoule

#1 — MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair

Best Korean Ampoule For Anti-aging

MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule is hands down one of the best anti-ageing ampoules you can find to leave on overnight and wake up with smoother skin. With fermented ingredients that protect your skin from environmental damage and fight off free radicals, you can see results every single day.

Key Features:

  • Contains 10 types of probiotics that strengthen the skin
  • Includes extracts of purple vegetables to pump the skin with antioxidants
  • Fight off free radical damage and slow down the aging of the skin
  • Contains collagen to make the skin more elastic and supple
missha vitamin c ampoules


  • Improves the texture of the skin and makes it less sensitive to environmental triggers

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#2 — Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Deep Hydration & Skin Repair

Snail mucus is a staple in many effective Korean skincare products. Its properties of tightening the skin and encouraging cell regeneration make this a much sought out ingredient for skin repair. Mizon delivers this in a concentrated form in the Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule.

Key Features:

  • Contains snail mucus as the active ingredient in a concentration of 80%
  • Tightens the skin and fills out fine lines
  • Soothes the skin and helps it heal
  • Fades scars and blemishes left behind by acne
  • Brightens the skin and makes it glow
  • Moisturises the skin and makes it more supple


  • Helps revive damaged skin
  • Intensely hydrates the skin

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#3 — Mizon Night Repair Seruming Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Anti-ageing & Skin Recovery

Every day your skin is subject to the stresses of the environment like dust, pollution and sun damage. Add to this, some poor eating choices and your skin bears the brunt of it all. The Mizon Night Repair Seruming Ampoule helps revive your skin and protect it from all that damage.

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Key Features:

  • Contains niacinamide, adenosine and vitamin E, along with fruit extracts
  • Niacinamide brightens the skin and fades dark spots and blemishes
  • Adenosine helps revive the skin by locking in moisture
  • Vitamin E protects the skin from further damage 
  • Antioxidants in the fruit extracts fight off free radical damage and nourish the skin


  • An effective repairing ampoule

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#4 — Mizon Real Vitamin C Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Skin Brightening

You can’t go wrong with Vitamin C if the purpose is to brighten the skin and make your skin healthier. Mizon’s Real Vitamin C Ampoule works better than any vitamin C serum or lotion out there with its concentrated version of the vitamin minus any unwanted preservatives or additives. 

Key Features:

  • Contains 19% solution of vitamin C
  • Contains no water in the base, therefore there is no dilution
  • The ampoule is made of very small particles
  • Effectively absorbed into the skin
  • The formula is moisturising 
  • Suitable for all types of skin


  • Brightens the skin and results are visible in just a few uses

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#5 — COSRX Propolis Light Ampule

Best Korean Ampoule For Sensitive & Acne Prone Skin

One huge worry if you have sensitive skin is the strength of the ingredients in any skincare product. Wipe away those worries with Cosrx’ Propolis Light Ampoule, made with safe and gentle ingredients. 

Key Features:

  • Contains 83% pure black bee propolis as the active ingredient
  • It is safe and gentle on the skin
  • Contains anti-bacterial properties that keep acne and breakouts at bay
  • Has healing properties that help revive stressed skin
  • Light in weight and easily absorbed into the skin
  • Soothes the skin, calms and reduces inflammation and redness


  • Keeps acne away
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin

#6 — Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Healing Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin that is damaged needs to be treated with care. The combination of honey and bee’s propolis in the Tosowoong Propolis Sparkle Ampoule is the product fit for the job. With its efficiency in healing without causing irritation in the skin, this ampoule is highly recommended. 

Key Features:

  • Contains bee’s propolis as the active ingredient
  • Heals the skin, soothes and calms it
  • Contains honey as another ingredient
  • Honey contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • Moisturises the skin and keeps it soft


  • Super gentle on sensitive skin
  • Mildly hydrating


#7 — TONYMOLY Vital Vita Brightening Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Skin Brightening And Hyperpigmentation

With high concentrations of vitamin C from lemon peel oil and vitamin B12, the Vital Vita 12 Ampoule by Tonymoly is one amazing skin brightening ampoule. This ampoule also has mild exfoliating properties so be sure that you will be seeing brighter and clearer skin every passing day. 

Key Features:

  • Contains lemon peel oil and vitamin B12 as the active ingredients
  • The vitamin C from lemon peel oil fades dark spots and brightens the skin
  • Vitamin B12 fights free radical damage and slows down the ageing
  • Contains safflower seed oil that helps the skin heal


  • Effective skin brightener


  • Not suitable for oily skin as it can clog the pores

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#8 — Innisfree Ginger Honey Ampoule 

Best Korean Ampoule For Dry Skin

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Combining the goodness of honey with the protective properties of ginger is what the Ginger Honey Ampoule by Innisfree brings your skin. 

Key Features:

  • Contains Jeju canola honey and ginger as the active ingredients
  • Honey is deeply moisturising
  • It gently bleaches the skin and lightens it
  • Ginger protects the skin from environmental stressors
  • It acts as an anti-bacterial and keeps skin infections away
  • Honey’s anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin and bring down redness
  • Keeps pimples and acne away


  • Moisturises the skin deeply
  • Protects the skin from the effects of environmental dust and pollution

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#9 — THE FACE SHOP Dr.Belmeur Cica Peptite Ampoule

Best Korean Ampoule For Healing And Revitalising The Skin

Give your dull skin the energy it needs with the Dr.Belmeur Cica Peptite Ampoule by The Face Shop. With ingredients like Centella Asiatica extracts, this energizes the skin, revives it, and brings back the life and glow in it.

Key Features:

  • Contains extracts of centella asiatica and peptide complex
  • Repairs skin cells, encourages cell regeneration
  • Makes the skin stronger
  • Heals the skin 
  • Brightens it and gives the skin a glow
  • Smoothens the skin texture and evens out the tone
  • Hydrates the skin and locks in moisture


  • Brightens dull skin
  • Heals and revives the skin

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#10 — MAKEP:REM Safe me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule 

Best Korean Ampoule For Sensitive Skin

A good solution for strengthening the skin barrier of sensitive skin is the MAKEP:REM Safe me. Relief Moisture Green Ampoule. This contains ingredients in small percentages that protect the skin and don’t cause any reactions.

Key Features:

  • Contains 18 ingredients that includes Brazilian green propolis
  • It is an effective anti-oxidant that fights skin damage
  • It protects the skin from environmental effects
  • Balances the skin’s pH levels
  • Strengthens the skin barrier 
  • Contains 20% propanediol that deeply hydrates the skin 
  • Hypoallergenic formula


  • Makes sensitive skin stronger


  • A bit mild as it contains too many ingredients

Benefits Of Using Korean Ampoules

  • Ampoules reduce wrinkles, and fine lines
  • Ampoules are anti aging in nature as it contains collagen 
  • If you have stressed skin, ampoules can help soothe skin 
  • Ampoules are also formulated to improve the skin tone by reducing spots and blemishes

Which is the best Korean ampoule?

I tried several Korean ampoules based on ingredients, hydration, texture, and application. I found that MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule is the best Korean ampoule overall. And here’s why:

MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair Probio Ampoule contains 10 types of probiotics that strengthen the skin barrier. Formulated with purple vegetable extract, it plumps the skin antioxidants. This Korean ampoule also has ingredients that slow down the aging of the skin by protecting skin from the free radicals.

You know sometimes there are those skin problems that we wish we could get rid of, and in a jiffy. That’s where Korean ampoules come into the picture. Imagine bottling the best ingredients in a concentrated form, so that your problem area gets focussed treatment. That’s an ampoule in a nutshell for you. 

How to choose the best Korean ampoule for your skin type? 

You need to choose a Korean ampoule based on the problem or issue you want to target. Ampoules work because they have concentrated percentages of very few ingredients without additional preservatives. 

If you have sensitive skin, choose an ampoule that does not have ingredients that can aggravate the sensitivity. 

If you want to get rid of blemishes or pigmentation, choose an ampoule that contains vitamin C for brightening the skin and fading scars. 

If your skin is very dry, use an ampoule that has concentrated hyaluronic acid. 

But if you have oily skin, pick one that does not make your skin oilier.  

Ampoule Vs Serum Vs Essence

Ampoules are supercharged serums that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients and are intended to be used for a finite period of time either as a booster or when faced with an emergency situation involving your skin. 

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The serum generally penetrates deeper into the skin due to its thickness and viscosity, as opposed to an essence. The serum has a greater concentration of active ingredients. Each lightweight product contains a high amount of active ingredients, sinking deep into the skin and starting working immediately. 

Since serums are best applied after cleansing, but before moisturizers, doing so is most beneficial. A serum addresses a variety of common skin concerns whereas essences focus more on hydration. Also, they provide moisture deep into the skin to pamper and soothe thirsty skin cells.

Best Korean Ampoules: FAQs

What type of ingredients should I look for in Korean ampoules? 

Korean ampoules are usually formulated with extracts of natural herbs. These are safe on the skin, but ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Next, look for ingredients that are proven to work for the skin problem or issue you wish to get rid of. 

What ingredients to avoid in ampoules for skin? 

A lot of ampoules come with additional fragrances and preservatives that can harm the skin or trigger reactions. Stay away from such ampoules and only choose ones that have the pure ingredients. These will have shorter shelf lives but are safe on your skin and give you good results. 

What is ampoule in Korean skin care?

Ampoules are used for a shorter amount of time until you solve a skin problem. This is because ampoules are highly concentrated formulas with active ingredients that are meant to solve specific skin issues. It’s recommended to use an ampoule before applying serum or essence. 

Can ampoule be used everyday?

Ampoules contain high concentration of active ingredients which is why it is not recommended to include an ampoule in your daily skincare routine. Ampoules are meant to be used only for a short time until your skin problem goes away. 

What is the difference between an ampoule and a serum?

Ampoules are more concentrated than serum and contain more active ingredients that are meant to target a specific skin issue. Ampoules are meant to be used for a short period of time whereas serums are part of the skincare routine and can be used twice a day. 

Which is the best Korean ampoule for sensitive skin? 

When you have sensitive skin, COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule is the answer. It helps you heal your stressed, red skin and reduce the appearance of it. Simply apply it to your face and neck and gently massage it in for two minutes. You should pat it gently into your skin for better absorption. After that, apply your moisturiser. 

Which is the best Korean ampoule for acne prone skin? 

This COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule helps repair and nourish damaged skin while utilizing the natural healing benefits of propolis. This ampoule can be used both in the daytime and at night.

Which is the best Korean ampoule for dry skin? 

The Honey Extract contained in Innisfree Ginger Honey Ampoule eventually helps draw moisture to the upper layers of the skin, as well as Glycerin which is one of the best moisturising ingredients. Found naturally in the skin. In such a way, it encourages water to be absorbed into the skin, acting as a humectant. After cleansing, apply to the face and neck, patting lightly to help absorption. It adds a layer of moisture to the skin to relieve dryness that is felt immediately after washing.

 Which is the best Korean ampoule for oily skin?

Since it delivers hydration without overpowering the skin, COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule is a great toner for dehydrated, acne-prone, and oily skin types.With propolis and honey extract, you can preserve a damaged skin barrier, as well as help with redness from healed breakouts and potentially even scarring. Using your fingertips, gently massage over the entire face for quick absorption and then proceed to the moisturiser step.

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