How Korean Idols Stay Skinny | 6 K-pop Secret Diet Plans Revealed!

by Jih Yun

Want to know K-Pop stars diet and workout plans? Read on to find out How Korean Idols Stay Skinny

In today’s fast-paced world anybody could have obesity due to a lack of physical activity. If you are into Kpop idols, you must be obsessed with the fact that how they stay so slim yet healthy. Kpop idols have to struggle a lot to own a beauty standard. Here are some of the idols and their diet plans to lose weight.

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How Korean Idols Stay Skin

Sistar’s Souyou Protein-high Diet 

Body shape is Korean idol’s top priority. If you want to lose weight, it’s important to understand the significance of what you do and how much you should eat in a day. Protein intake plays a great role in weight loss during a diet. 

As the Korean diet encourages protein intake, Kpop idols are good at it. Souyou intakes a lot of protein during the day. Along with her diet, she follows a strict workout routine. She did weight lifting, cardio, and running daily. She would eat boiled eggs with bread and Kimbab rolls. She lost almost 15 kg weight.

Sistar’s Dasom’s Veggie Loving Diet

Koreans focus a lot on adding vegetables to their diet. Damson added rabbit food, for instance, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and some fruits. Cucumbers contain water and a lot of calcium. She used to eat cucumbers all day. This way she became skinny and healthy. 

Seolhyun Diet Has A Little Of Everything 

Kim Seol-Hyun is a Korean singer and actor. She is a member of the South Korean girl group AOA. She lost 13 kg of her weight. Seolhyun preferred eating chicken breast with vegetables and fruits. Once she told the audience that when her friends ordered drumsticks she would stick to chicken breast.

Kim shin Young, one of the Korean Comedians stated that she only ate fried potatoes because she was trying to lose weight.

 Park Bo Ram Says Dieting and Workout Go Together

Park Bo Ram is a South Korean singer. He went on a strict diet to shed his extra weight. He only ate eggs and bananas to lose weight as soon as possible. She lost almost 70 pounds.

Park Bo Ram said, “It was hard at first, but after getting used to it, I realized that regular workouts and eating moderately are the primary ways to healthy weight loss. Everyone is aware of the know-how. Working out and dieting is everything.”

 Sandeul Simple Diet Plan 

Sandeul is a South Korean singer and songwriter. He added only lentil and potato salad with vegetables and lost 10 kg weight in two months. His fellow members posted Sandeul’s picture and praised him for being so passionate to lose weight. 

B.A.P’s Himchan Detox Diet With Some Sports

Himchan is a Korean singer. In junior high school, Himchan gained 100kgs. He had to stick to a strict diet plan to reach 65 kg. He chose to drink detox water which consisted of fruits and vegetables. He also took part in soccer which helped him lose weight and stay fit. You can notice his slender body in his debut song “warrior”

How can you Use the Korean Idol diet to lose weight?

Understand How Many Daily Calories You Need To Consume 

Korean diet plan promotes keeping a check on calories intake.  Korean idols have their nutritionist guide them about their diet. They have to follow a firm regime to get an active lifestyle. Every diet plan, for instance, Atkins, KPOP diet, and intermitting fasting emphasized a healthy eating lifestyle.

Generally, you need to consume 500 fewer calories than the requirement of the body. You could consult a nutritionist to guide you about your calorie consumption. Every dietitian refers to a trial and error method to figure out the perfect amount to intake.

Consumption of Macronutrients (Protein, Carbs, & Fats) 

Consumption of macronutrients plays a significant role in shedding off your fat. Every Korean idol knows how to maintain its protein and carb level. By keeping check of macronutrients you could achieve your healthy weight loss goal. 

Those who consume high protein and low carb diets can lose weight by tracking the macros. Eating less is not the solution to lose weight. If you want to lose weight healthily, tracking micronutrients is one of the best options. Korean Idols comprehend the strategy of protein intake.

The appropriate amount of macros consumption is 45-65% of daily calories from carbs, 20-35% from fats, and 10-35% from protein.

Muscle Building

Kpop idols don’t have muscles apparently, but they do proper exercise to make their abs, glutes, back, and arm. For instance, Black pink’s Jennie includes Pilates and yoga in her workout routine. 

Pilates affects whole your whole body. It does not target any specific body part. Sonja Herbert, Pilate’s instructor states that this workout does focus on core and trunk but that does not mean your abs. 

He adds that although Pilates is specifically known as an exercise for the core or belly muscles, clients must know that the core includes the entire trunk, which is the belly, hips, the inner and outer thighs, and the back. Instructors sometimes jumble moves to target other entire bodies.

A Consistent Cardio Schedule

There are many types of cardio that people follow. However, two kinds of cardio come from “Low-Intensity Steady State” and “High-Intensity Interval Training” People prioritize building muscles but, cardio speeds up the fat loss process.

There are two types of cardio that you can do in your week that will speed up the fat loss results. Those two types are LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) cardio. 

Low-Intensity Steady State is a modern term for a low-intensity style of training. During LISS Cardio your heartbeat must be around 50-60% of the maximum heart rate. Generally, LISS includes running, brisk walking, cycling, and swimming. It is easier and helps you in shedding extra weight. You could use it for recovery after a long workout.

HIIT is opposite to LISS. It includes Butt kicker, Reverses lunges, Pop squat, downward dog-to-toe tap, Skater, Forearm plank as it aims to increase heart rate quickly. This cardio helps you shed extra weight in a shorter period.

Healthy Foods (The Korean Diet) 

Many Korean idols who go to the gym adopt a healthy KPOP diet plan. Every Korean idol tends to consume protein, carbs, vitamins, and nutrients. Many Korean stars, for example, Lisa, Kai, and Jackson Wang follow a very healthy diet. All these idols include fruits, soup, and light snacks to control the calories.

High Activity Level

Along with taking a healthy diet, Korean idols do a physical activity lot. They dance, sing or act which requires too much physical involvement. This also helps Koreans lose weight. For instance, the song Seventeen by Very Nice has a lot of leg moves and jumps; Blackpink-Whistle also has few good leg parts.

By increasing your physical activity, you could lose weight in a short period. You could increase physical activity by doing stretching, do household chores, walk, dance and use public transport.

K-Pop Stars Workout

 The workout routine of BTS’s Jungkook

  • 20 squats
  • 20 pushups
  • 20 jump squats
  • 20 pike pushups
  • 10 planks
  • 20 mountain climbers
  • 15 burpees
  • 20 crunches
  • 20 leg raises
  • 20 superman’s exercises

Girls Generation Leg Workout routine

Girls Generation Leg Workout routine

  • 15 thigh hover
  • 20 squats
  • 10 side plank
  • 20 inner thigh lift
  • 15 hip kicks
  • 15 high knees
  • 10 lunges
  • 19 hip raises


Korean diet might be healthy but following the Korean diet plan strictly might be harmful. One of the Korean singers prohibited people from following her unhealthy diet plan. “Don’t use this diet plan to lose weight. You will not have any energy”. Park Bo Ram.

These diets strongly focus on physical appearance might produce disordered eating habits in you. It can also become challenging for some people to follow due to a lack of proper guidance.

How Korean Idols Stay Skinny: FAQs

Do KPOP idols have to be skinny?

Koreans do not have ordinary beauty standards. Their beauty merits include transparent and flawless skin. Small face and skinny body.  They don’t have to be extremely skinny. However, if they don’t follow the beauty standard, they have to face a lot of hate.

What is the best Korean Diet?

Koreans do not prefer eating highly processed food. They prioritize food which includes vegetables, fruits, rice, fish, and fermented dishes. Korean Weight Loss Diet promotes nutrition intake. It will help one lose weight and also become healthy.

Why are all Kpop idols so skinny?

As Americans prefer thick women, Koreans prefer girls who are skinny and flawless. Therefore, Koreans tend to be skinny when they join the Korean media industry. Artists also feel conscious that if they don’t lose fat they might not look good on screen.

How can I get skinny like Koreans?

You can cut down on carbs, increase protein consumption, walk more, take distressing activities, lift weight and add a lot of fiber to your diet. Koreans avoid eating sugar, baked goods, and junk food.

Bottom Line

Many people achieve the desired physique by following the Korean diet. All you have to do is to intake a balanced amount of everything. It is all about controlling the calories and macronutrients and work consistently for a long time. Always consult a nutritionist if you face any challenges in dieting.

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