10 Best Korean Foundations 2023 | Find The Perfect Match For Your Skin Tone!

by Jih Yun

Finding a good quality foundation that matches your skin tone and type can be difficult. Here are the best Korean foundations that not only give you the look you desire but are also foundations formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients!

Korean beauty and fashion industry has been the talk of the town. From skincare to fashion, the Korean industry has experimented and come up innovative technologies to improve their products.

And today we’re going to talk about these amazing Korean foundations. Korean foundations help hide blemishes but are also packed with skin nourishing ingredients.

Korean foundations are hydrating in nature, packed with skin-friendly ingredients, contain UV protection and also work to improve the texture of your skin.

You are probably wondering, who makes the best Korean foundation?

Some of the best Korean foundations are Laneige, Etude, Giverny, Son & Park.

Korean foundation is unique in the sense, it isn’t just about layering your skin, they are also formulated with skin-boosting ingredients that help improve your skin quality.

So here are the best Korean foundations!

Best Korean Foundations — Quick Summary

Best Korean FoundationsBest ForPrice
ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting FoundationOily SkinCheck it out on Amazon
Laneige BB Cushion Pore ControlOily SkinCheck it out on Amazon
Missha Radiance FoundationAll Skin TypesCheck it out on Amazon
Etude House Beauty Shot Face BlurBlemishesCheck it out on Amazon
Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion BrighteningDark spotsCheck it out on Amazon
TROIAREUKE A+ and H+ Cushion Set 23Acne prone SkinCheck it out on Amazon
Giverny Chiffon Cushion FoundationDewy glowCheck it out on Amazon
Son & Park Glow Ring FoundationStick FoundationCheck it out on Amazon
Peripera Airy Ink FoundationSummersCheck it out on Amazon
TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid FoundationDry SkinCheck it out on Amazon

Top Picks For Best Korean Foundations

  • ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation – gives a skin-like finish, semi-matte finish
  • Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control  – Lightweight, suitable for oily skin
  • Missha Radiance Foundation – Long Lasting, gives a dewy finish

Are you looking for a Korean foundation that has a semi-matte, matte, sheen, or dewy finish? We have you covered. These are the best Korean foundations on the market that are sure to wow you with visible results after use.

Top Korean Foundations 2023

Why are Korean Foundations so popular?

Not only Korean foundation but Korean skincare and makeup products are famous globally and are religiously followed by many. This is because of the ingredients used, efficiency as well as quality. It has amazing benefits like: 

  • Improves skin: Korean foundation is meant not only to improve the skin complexion and hide the appearance of blemishes but also improve the skin all together. It’s formulated with products that help in skin moisturizing and hydrating. 
  • Natural look: Korean foundations give an extremely dewy yet natural look. It doesn’t look like you’ve forced another product in your skin. 
  • Affordable: K-beauty foundations are extremely affordable. You’ll get an amazing foundation for your skin type at a reasonable price. 
  • New technology: Koreans are known for their advanced skincare and makeup products. There’s a lot of research that rapidly goes on to make their foundation better and more natural everytime. 

How to choose the best Korean foundation for your skin?

Choosing a perfect foundation for your skin type might seem like a big task and people mostly falter at it. Choosing the wrong shade of foundation is extremely embarrassing. Here’s how to choose the right foundation for your skin shade. Look at your veins and decide: 

  • Warm skin undertone: You have a warm skin tone if your veins have a greenish colour.
  • Cool skin undertone: You have a cool skin undertone if your veins look blue/purplish colour.
  • Neutral skin undertone: You have a neutral skin tone if your veins don’t have any colour and if they match your skin tone. 

Tips For Choosing Korean Foundations

  • Despite being the cream of the crop most of these Korean foundations have pros and cons, the trick is to find out which best suits your needs and skin type.
  • One of the most prominent struggles in finding a good Korean foundation is the lack of darker shades since most of these brands cater to lighter or more natural skin tones. But don’t worry because there are brands that have a wider shade selection.
  • Korean foundations stand out from western foundations because they are formulated with ingredients that help keep your skin young and luscious.
  • Most of the best Korean foundations are hypoallergenic and have natural ingredients that help you combat the effects of the harsh environment.

Types of Korean Foundation

Before you find the best Korean foundations, here is a small tip to figure out the right foundation for you.

Liquid Foundations are by far the most common and most reliable foundation in the market. When applied to the skin it easily glides and gives good coverage to dry and even combination skin types. Ideally, liquid foundations work best if you’re trying to cover up large patches of skin with uneven skin tone or blemishes.

Powder Foundations are by far one of the most convenient foundations that you can carry with you throughout the day for quick touch-ups. On the other hand, because of the loose powder and dry formula it’s best used on oily skin without too many blemishes. It isn’t the foundation for you if you’re looking for full coverage. But, if you want a lightweight natural and/or matte finish powder foundations will do you well.

Whipped Foundations may not be as common as the first two mentioned but they are slowly becoming a favourite for some beauty moguls. Because of its matte finish and lightweight formula it’s easier to get through a hectic day while still looking fresh. The best part is that whipped foundations are perfect for all skin types even on mature and dry skin.

Stick Foundations are perfect for covering blemishes that are easy-to-use and easy to carry. It has a slightly thicker formula than liquid foundations that you can also use as a concealer for larger skin area.

How to choose the best Korean foundations?

Without the right foundation, your makeup isn’t going to look flawless. A good foundation makes a solid base. When picking your foundation you have to keep your skin type and complexion in mind. Make sure you look at three things when you choose the best Korean foundation for yourself: Ingredients, Coverage, and long-lasting

Ingredients: Opt for a Korean foundation with natural ingredients as these types of g-fundations are the best for your skin. Stay away from foundations with heavy ingredients like talc or aluminium. Also, check for allergens as well. Do a patch test if you’re not sure. 

Coverage: You’ll find Korean foundations with different coverage ranges. It’s good to have a full coverage foundation for special occasions and if you’re going to get photographed. And light to medium coverage for normal days is perfect. 

Long-lasting: If the foundation is not long lasting then it is just not worth it. Make sure the foundation you pick lasts for at least 8 hours so you don’t have to do frequent touch ups.

#1 — ETUDE HOUSE Double Lasting Foundation

best korean foundation

Best Korean Foundations for Oily Skin

Etude House is one of Korea’s most trusted makeup brands. With that said, their Double Lasting Liquid Foundation gives you full coverage with a semi-matte finish.

If you’re having trouble getting the right shade for you Etude House’s Double Lasting Foundation has over 12 shades that vary from light to dark.

Formulated with SPF 34 PA++ the long-lasting high coverage formula lasts up to 24 hours with Magnet Fit Effect that delivers weightless and long-lasting coats.

Despite its noticeable full coverage, it doesn’t work as well for people with dry skin. And a small pet peeve is the glue-like scent of the formula.

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Key Features:

  • Liquid foundation
  • Non-cakey formula
  • Lightweight full coverage with a semi-matte finish
  • Not for dry skin

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#2 — Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control

popular korean foundation - lanegie

Best Korean Foundations for Oily Skin

Are large pores and oily skin plaguing your face? Worry no more, because of Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control.

It’s a dream-come-true for your Korean foundation cravings. It gives you an even well-blended finish that concentrates on blurring pores and giving you a seamless finish.

With a mattifying finish that doesn’t feel too dry it gives you good coverage for everyday use.

The formulation has a hint of powdery texture that alleviates the irritating and oily sensation of excess sebum production. The soft cushion picks up just the right amount of product for the right amount of product.

Key Features:

  • For oily skin
  • Lightweight cushion foundation
  • SPF 50

#3 — Missha Radiance Foundation

top korean foundations

Best Korean Foundations for All Skin Types

Missha Radiance foundation has a medium dewy formula that stays dewy the entire day long.

Despite only having a limited range of shades, the Missha Radiance foundation gives you sun protection with SPF 20 PA++.

The glass pump bottle comes in delightfully sleek packaging and leaves your skin gleaming during the day without any touch-ups.

Key Features:

  • Liquid foundation
  • For dry skin
  • SPF 20 PA++

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#4 — Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur

korean whitening foundation

Best Korean Foundations to Cover blemishes, bumps and spots

With a unique 3-in-1 formula Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur leaves your face glowing without the heaviness.

It easily covers fine lines, blemishes, pores, and sun spots for a flawless porcelain finish.

Get a real-life filter look with the Shot Face Blur that conceals every pore and roughness on your face.

You can either wear it alone to give you a natural finish or use it as a base for other makeup products. It is formulated to keep makeup on for longer periods of time without caking.

Key Features:

  • Liquid Foundation
  • All skin types
  • Hides pore and keeps makeup last
  • Works on lighter skin
  • SPF 35

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#5 — Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening

best cushion foundation korea

Best Korean Foundations to cover dark spots

Sulwhasoo is a well-known high-end makeup brand from Amore Pacific that has been combining the tradition of Korean herbs and modern technology to give you cutting-edge makeup and skincare science.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening foundation gives you a brighter complexion for up to12 hours.

Formulated with Pearlescent Complex and magnolia extracts for a lightweight even skin tone and complexion. Its oil-capture system controls the excess sebum production of the face giving you a smooth satin-like finish.

Key Features:

  • Cushion Foundation
  • Buildable
  • 7 shades
  • For oily skin

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#6 — TROIAREUKE A+ and H+ Cushion Set 23

korean foundation for acne skin

Best Korean Foundations for Acne prone Skin

Tired of pimple-popping and constantly struggling with breakouts and blemishes?

You just might fall in love with Troiareuke A+ and H+ are specially formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Its ingredients are specially curated to reduce the appearance of breakouts while maintaining a dewy look without getting cakey.

With a hypoallergenic formula that frees you from skin irritations, breakouts, pimples, and redness.

Ingredients include soothing agents like tea tree extract, calendula extract, and more.

Key Features:

  • Cushion foundation
  • For sensitive, oily, and acne-prone skin
  • Dewy non-cakey finish
  • SPF50 PA++++

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#7 — Giverny Chiffon Cushion Foundation

best korean foundation for dewy glow

Best Korean Foundations for dewy glow

Get the most out of your foundation with the Giverny Chiffon Cushion Foundation that moisturizes your skin while maintaining a matt finish.

Packed with collagen and Hyaluronic acid that keeps skin supple and younger-looking.

Its buildable and lightweight formula makes it perfect for everyday use whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin. Instantly see visible results with its blurring effect.

Key Features:

  • Cushion foundation
  • For all skin types
  • SPF50 PA++++
  • For lighter skin tones
  • Lightweight and buildable

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#8 — Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation

best korean stick foundation

Best Korean Stick Foundation

Son & Park Glow Ring Foundation comes in a unique stick foundation packaging, where one end holds the stiff foundation formula while the opposite end holds a brush you can use to blend in your foundation.

With a matte finish that is highly blendable, it takes the effort out of doing your makeup.

With a soft texture, it makes your skin look more natural and sheen. To top it all of it has caprylic acid and Vitamin E that hydrates and promotes anti-ageing.

Key Features:

  • Stick Foundation
  • For dry and combination skin
  • Hydrates and promotes anti-ageing

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#9 — Peripera Airy Ink Foundation

best semi matte foundation

Best Korean Semi-matte Foundation, perfect for summers

Peripera Airy Ink liquid foundation leaves your skin with a silky smooth finish with its air-cover effect that wraps your face.

Its non-sticky formula gives you a natural sheen that fully covers redness and blemishes while moisturizing the skin and improving the skin’s natural barrier.

Like most liquid foundations Peripera Airy Ink foundation has full coverage while maintaining a lightweight finish that is easy to blend and is buildable without getting cakey.

It works perfectly with sensitive, dry skin and combination.

Key Features:

  • Liquid foundation
  • Dry, sensitive, combination skin
  • 3 shades

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#10 — TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation

Best Korean Foundations for Dry Skin

TOUCH IN SOL Advanced Real Moisture Liquid Foundation has a water-holding formula which is great for dry skin. This foundation has a 3-in-1 formula that gives you sun protection with SPF 30 and PA++, reduces wrinkles, and also improve radiance of the skin.

It has a lightweight formula with a smooth and creamy texture. It also provides excellent coverage and hides blemishes and scars effectively. The only downside is that it contains titanium dioxide which some people might not suit certain skin types.

Key Features

  • Lightweight formula with a creamy and smooth texture
  • Provides excellent coverage and effectively hides scars
  • Water-holding formula that retains moisture in the skin
  • Contains titanium dioxide which might not suit certain skin type
  • Great for dry skin type
  • May not be suitable for other skin types

CATKIN BB Cream Air Cushion Foundation

Catkin bb cream foundation is formulated with Phytosterols and Golden Seaweed Extract which helps in absorbing excess sebum and gives a long lasting effect. It keeps your skin moisturised and is great for both oily and dry skin types. 

You can create a light and breathable look with this foundation. The Catkin bb cream foundation hides blemishes, evens skin tone and creates a poreless, semi matte complexion. It’s small and easy to carry anywhere. You’ll not develop any cracks or lines with this foundation for sure. 

Key Features: 

  • Natural ingredients
  • Dry and oily skin types
  • Long lasting, natural and dewy effect
  • Lightweight and breathable 

What is the best Korean cushion Foundation?

The best Korean cushion foundation is the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion. It costs about $45 for a 6.08 ounce. It comes in a medium pink tone.

What foundation do kpop idols use?

Kpop idols use a the physicians formula healthy foundation. In most cases, they get a custom foundation created for their skin tone.

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