Where To Shop For Korean Clothes Online | 5 Best Korean Online Shopping Sites

by Jih Yun

Looking for Korean branded clothes online? Here’s where to shop for Korean clothes online. Check it out!

Korean fashion has been in trend ever since the widespread popularity of K-Pop. Korean fashion is booming not only in Korea but around the whole globe as well. People are intrigued by trying out the new Korean clothing fashion brands. 

There are several websites on the internet where you can shop for Korean clothes online.

Where to shop for Korean clothes online — Quick Summary

Korean online shopping siteBestsellers
KoodingEnvy Look All Season Skirt, Envy Look Knit Strap Dress, and Fiona Our Life Dress
YesStylePlain Cropped Tank Top, High waist straight leg jeans, and Long sleeve print cropped top
Fashion ChinguBlue hooded denim jacket, Buttons lace knit cardigan shirt, and Black fleece jacket
LianoxKnit sheep cardigan, Vintage Style high neck blouse, and Buttoned plaid shirt
DabagirlBack zip round neck dress, Side zip solid tone mini shorts, and Banded waist solid color slacks

If you’re one of the Korean fashion stans that want to know the best websites to purchase Korean clothes, don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Keep reading this article to find out the best websites you can shop for Korean clothing brands that offer international shipping, promos, and the best prices.

I have purchased from some of the websites listed down below and they have a wide variety of clothes to choose from for both men and women. Some websites also offer free shipping if you purchase above a certain price limit and rewards when you sign up.

Where To Shop For Korean Clothes Online


Kooding is an online shopping mall that promotes a wide variety of clothing stocks from multiple Korean clothing brands. It is personally, one of my favorite Korean online clothing sites. 

The envy look all-season skirt is my favorite outfit of all time. It offers clothing for men, women, and kids. This website has many types of wear such as sleepwear, yoga wear, activewear, and sportswear. 

Besides clothes, Kooding has a list of other items such as masks, phone cases, accessories, and other items including pens and pencils.


Kooding is one of the only online websites that sell modern hanbok for a reasonable price. Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit that is worn by Koreans on special occasions like the lunar new year. 

In addition, you can find traditional Korean accessories. It offers international shipping as well.

This is one of the affordable Korean clothing sites as its price range starts from $10 for T-shirts. You can also earn rewards when you sign up.


  • Provides international shipping for 150+ countries
  • Clothes for men and women
  • Affordable price range


  • Few clothing options for men and kids


This is the most popular Korean shopping website on this list. YesStyle has the largest variety of Korean fashion clothing online and a vast catalog of different items from several brands to choose from. 

Cosmetics, beauty products, backpacks, jewelry, and accessories are among the many categories available on this website. You can also purchase the best Korean skincare products from famous brands like COSRX and Neogen.

affordable korean clothing brands online

Since this website offers numerous clothing brands the price and quality of the clothes will differ from brand to brand. However, prices on this website are comparatively cheap to other websites starting from the range of $5 for T-shirts, pants, and shorts. It has international shipping options and also targets both the gender demographics.


  • Provides international shipping 
  • Wide variety of options
  • Affordable prices


  •  Multiple options can be overwhelming
  • Only provides shipping for 50+ countries

Fashion Chingu

 Fashion Chingu is also known as the K-Pop outfit shop. This is a unique website compared to the rest because it particularly follows the trends of popular Korean celebrities. 

If you’re a fan of the famous K-Pop celebrities and want to stay in trend, then this is your ideal online clothing shopping website. This website displays the fashion trends followed by BlackPink, BTS, and GOT7, etc. Hence, you can always dress like your favorite celebrity idols.

korean fashion online international shipping

  You can find the best quality clothes on this site. It provides clothes for both men and women and international shipping is available as well. 


  • Follows newest fashion trends
  • High-quality clothing brands


  • Quite expensive due to exclusive brands
  • Ships only to 15 countries


This website is highly recommended by most people and it also has countless positive reviews. It is also the only Korean clothing website on this list to provide free shipping globally. 

Despite having a large Korean fashion catalog, this website also provides clothing styles from other East Asian traditions. The most eye-catching factor in Lianox is that you can purchase clothes according to your preferred aesthetics. 

Aesthetics vary from casual streetwear, vintage style, cute, and baddie. 

yesstyle clothing

There are several other collections you can find on this website such as jewelry, accessories, handbags, and backpacks. The price range on this website starts from $30. Lianox has the cutest outfits compared to other websites. However, their target customers are mainly women.


  • Free shipping
  • User-friendly website
  • Attractive and high-quality clothes


  • Clothes are quite expensive
  • Quality depends on the brand 
  • Not an ideal website for men


Dabagirl is a famous Korean brand that promotes its clothes online and has its clothing store as well. This Korean clothing shopping website targets only women. You can also find several other branded clothes on their website. 

Dabagirl also promotes its outfits on other Korean fashion websites as well. Dabagirl has an English version of its website so that international customers find it convenient to shop.


This Korean clothing shopping website also offers accessories and footwear. Hence, you can purchase not only clothes but also accessories that suit your clothes which will complete your look. It provides international shipping and the price range on this website begins from above $20.


  • Offers international shipping to most countries
  • High-quality clothes and accessories


  • Expensive due to high-end clothing brands and accessories
  • Not many clothing options to choose from

People can look for their favorite clothing products on the Korean fashion websites listed above and choose from tons of options and they will get their orders delivered to their doorsteps. 

Certain websites also offer promotions like free shipping if ordered above a specific price limit, rewards when signed up, and numerous other benefits too.

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However, choosing the right website to purchase clothes can get quite tiresome. Certain websites might also offer clothes beyond your set budget. In addition, not all online clothing websites will deliver to your particular country.

Hence, it is best to consider the questions listed below before placing an order on any of the Korean clothing websites.

Where to shop for Korean clothes online: FAQs

What Korean shopping sites have international shipping?

Most Korean shopping sites on this article provide international shipping. However, it’s worth noting that not all the sites listed would deliver it to all countries. 
Sites like Kooding, YesStyle, Lianox, and Dabagirl provide international shipping to most countries.

What are the popular fashion websites in Korea?

The most popular online fashion websites in Korea are Kooding and YesStyle due to their vast collection of products on their catalogs. There are also other popular clothing websites like Chuu, Mixxmix, and Stylevana.

Where can I buy cheap Korean clothing online?

If you have a low budget and looking for affordable clothes then Kooding and YesStyle are the best websites you can visit.

Where do most Koreans buy clothes from?

Most Koreans purchase their clothes from Kooding and YesStyle. However, it mostly depends on the types of clothes one is looking for. If you want to purchase cheap clothes you can choose to purchase from the aforementioned sites. Fashion Chingu and Dabagirl are ideal websites if you want to purchase luxury brands and high-end clothing products.

Where can I buy traditional Korean clothing?

If you are looking to buy traditional Korean clothing like Hanbok or modern Hanbok then Kooding is where you should look for. It offers modern Hanboks for an affordable price compared to other websites.

It is quite surreal how fashion trends can alter from time to time. We used to look up to Hollywood celebrities’ fashion styles and try to copy them as much as we can to make us look sophisticated. 

Presently, it is the most admired K-Pop and its celebrities that are in trend and idolized by most people

It seems Korean fashion has taken over the fashion industry in no time and people are very much invested in trying out Korean fashion brands. Thanks to the speedy growth and fame of K-Pop celebrity groups such as BTS and Blackpink etc.

Korean clothes are quite chic, simple, and comfortable. They have a unique style and never fail to make you look attractive.

There are several alternatives on each website where you can choose from, You can effortlessly look stylish by purchasing the newest dresses in trend by just visiting the websites listed in this article. 

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