Korean Fashion Style Guide 2023 | How Do You Dress In Korean Style?

by Jih Yun

Korean fashion is all the rage now, with outfits put together in unique ways! This Korean fashion style guide is definitely worth taking a look so that you don’t get left behind when the rest of the world is moving fashion-forward with K-pop clothing styles. 

Koreans have a unique style that might look bizarre when you look at the individual pieces of clothing, but the way they are mixed and matched certainly deserves credit. That does not mean that you can just about wear anything with everything. Which I bring to you a quick guide to Korean fashion trends you can refer to!

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There are a lot of Korean fashion dos and don’ts that we have addressed in this Korean fashion style guide. You will also find some Korean fashion hacks, so get ready to rock this season with our Korean fashion style guide for this year!

Here are the key pieces of clothing to make a Korean fashion style statement:

  • Ripped Jeans
  • Pastel Colors
  • Dress Over Blouse
  • Sneakers
  • Schoolgirl Look
  • Hats
  • Modern Feminine Blouse
  • Over sized pull over

Korean Fashion Style Guide 2023

Korean girls look so put together despite dressing in items of clothing that look so simple. Yet we know that is not all that easy to put together a Korean casual fashion outfit without some inspiration.

And that’s where we’ve got you sorted – with our Ultimate guide to Korean fashion style!

Korean girls can wear chunky clothes, oversized clothing and still manage to look feminine and delicate. That truly deserves credit as it finally comes down to the items they pair together to create that balance. 

The style is girly, yet edgy, with a balance of pastels and bright and vibrant colors. They could be wearing the most basic clothes but styled in a way that makes heads turn. So here’s the Korean fashion style guide of 2022.

Ripped Jeans

The first key piece in our Korean fashion style guide is the ripped jeans!

Ripped jeans are an essential piece in any Korean fashion style guide. These seem to be a staple with every Korean girl. Take a walk on the streets of Seoul and I bet you will find at least 9 out of 10 girls wearing these ripped or distressed jeans. Be it day or night, Korean girls know how to wear these and look striking. 

Distressed jeans are perfect to be paired with subtle or plain tee shirts as the main focus is on your jeans and you don’t want the attention to be pulled away. 

You can buy a similar pair on Amazon. Check it out below!

Korean fashion 2020


The next essential piece in this Korean fashion style guide are skirts. Skirts are part of the feminine culture of the Koreans. Skirts of all lengths are popular in Korea. You can see Korean girls matching short or mini skirts with tee shirts, feminine pieces like blouses and surprisingly, even hoodies. 

DIY Korean Fashion

For an evening event, they match it with something sparkly for the party vibe. 

Long skirts with flowery prints are also very popular with the Korean girls pairing them with simple elegant blouses. For a more edgy look, pair them with a button down shirt. 

Check out this skirt on amazon to get the look!

Korean style

Oversized Pullovers

Korean casual fashion

If you think oversized hoodies are not attractive, the Korean girls will make you think again. Check any Korean fashion style guide and oversized pullovers and hoodies will definitely be on that list!

The way these hoodies are worn is something worth learning to keep up with Korean casual street style fashion. 

Pair oversized jumpers or hoodies with anything ranging from distressed jeans to a skirt. This is a super easy way to look casual without trying too hard. And, they are sexy as hell.  

Dress over blouse

K-pop clothing styles
Korean fashion dos and don’ts

The Dress over blouse style has been a one of a kind style that has made its way from Korean fashion scene to the rest of the world. Summer dresses with spaghetti straps work best for this style. 

trending items in Korea

We love this as you can pair a blouse or tee shirt with any neckline and any sleeve length with your dress for a cute Korean styled outfit. It doesn’t require much thought or planning and this is something you can come up with at the last minute. 

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Korean look fashion

Pair the checked dress with the high neck blouse to create your own Korean fashion statement. 

Korean fashion hacks


We all love sneakers, don’t we? But we’ve always restricted wearing these for casual events or for a run to the grocery store. Korean fashion trends has changed this to something you can wear with just about anything, and to any place, for any occasion. 

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Sneakers are a trending item in Korea, matched with jeans, tennis skirts and even summer dresses. The girls wear them during the day as well during the night. 

Boldly pair these sneakers with your next OOTD – be it jeans or a summer dress!

Korean fashion style guide 2020

Chunky boots

Korean fashion 2020

If you’re bored with sneakers, you can very well switch to chunky boots. These are another trending item in Korea, paired with everything from ripped denim jeans to long skirts to dress over blouse styles. 

DIY Korean Fashion

Masculine worker boots that can be laced up are the choice to go with as they have this rugged look that is a wonderful contrast to the delicate, elegant feel of a lacy dress or skirt. 

Here’s a similar pair of chunky boots for you to experiment with! 

Korean style

Aesthetic Glam

image 6
Source: Instagram@chelseaahortaleza

Mix contemporary styles with monochromatic colors for a look that is both elegant and modern.


image 7
Source: Instagram@gigibebe_hanbok_today

A blend of classic South Korean fashion adapted for the 21st century. Focuses on comfortable yet stylish pieces.

Street Wear

Characterized by bold colors, oversized silhouettes and subtle branding. Perfect for everyday style.


No need to choose between fashion and comfort. Athleisure offers both in one package, creating a look that will never go out of style.

Retro Futuristic

image 9
Source: Instagram@designspotter

A nod to the traditional colors and patterns of Korean fashion blended with a futuristic aesthetic. Think bright neon colors, metallic details and futuristic fabrics.


If you’re into Korean fashion trends, you already know how popular sportswear and athleisure are super popular and the go-to style for a lot of Korean youngsters. Just put on a stylish pair of sweatpants or hoodies and walk out in style. Dispensing on the occasion you can dress it up or down. 

korean style guide

Sportswear Korean style is the perfect choice for when you’re traveling or even simply meeting a couple of friends at the bar or cafe. 

Casual Blazers

If you don’t already have a tailored casual blazer in your wardrobe, stop everything you’re doing right now and go get one! A well-tailored black or plaid blazer is a good choice as it goes with almost any outfit. 

Korean fashion

You can wear over denim jeans for any semi formal event. Or simply wear it over your casual outfit later in case you need to step into a meeting after meeting your friends! 

Pastel Colors

Korean fashion style pastel colors

Pastel colors in Korea are all the rage. Pastel colors look really cute and feminine giving you a very sweet look. And also brightens up your look. The best season to wear pastel light colors is during the Spring. It’s fresh, light and easy on the eyes!

Schoolgirl Look

Schoolgirl look is very popular in Korean fashion. The school uniform look has become a part of modern Korean fashion trends. For this look, pair an A-line high waist skirt with any long sleeve top or a button-down shirt, loafers, and a beret. You can choose a pleated skirt, checkered skirt, plain mini skirt, or tennis skirt. Tennis skirt is especially popular amongst the Korean girls in their early 20s.


Hats are an easy accessory you can add to your outfit. Whenever I want to make my outfit look a bit more fun and casual than usual, I add a hat to it. The hat you choose can be a beanie, baseball cap, bucket hats, beret, or even newsboy caps!

korean fashion style hats edited 1

The Trench Coat

If you spend just 2 minutes observing what people are wearing in the streets Seoul, you’ll immediately notice the Trench Coats. The trench coat is very popular amongst Korean women of all ages. If you’re wondering when does this Korean fashion style guide says you should wear the trench coat? During the fall would be the most appropriate! 

Also, neutral colors! Korean girls are a big fan of muted, neutral colors when shopping. Cream, brown, and beige – this classy and feminine minimalist Korean look you should definitely try! 

Modern Feminine Blouse

This is my absolute favorite look. Lacy, ruffled blouses can make any outfit look cute, feminine and soft, even if you’re wearing heavy, chunky boots. I choose to wear modern feminine pieces like a blouse when I want to look a bit dressy but don’t want to wear a dress.

Korean Couple Dressing

couple dressing gr 1

Twinning with your better half is all the rage in Korea #CoupleGoals. Korean couple outfits basically match colors, patterns, or style with your partner and is a way of showing off your love for each other. 

couple dressing 1

In Korean matching couple outfits is considered super adorable but for a lot of people this might seem too cheesy. 

Korean Fashion Style Guide: Girl Style Outfit Tips

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Here are some trending Korean girl style outfits for you to draw inspiration from:

#1 — Ripped jeans with basic tees, paired with sneakers

This is an outfit that is quick and simple to put together as easy to pull off. Pair this with a cute oversized clothing like a sweater or a tee shirt, depending on your mood and the weather. 

Keep the tees plain or simple, in pastel shades or vibrant colours, with a quote or an image, but the focus must be on your denim jeans. 

Your jeans can be stretch or loose fitting, both work well. Roll up the ankles to create a contour for your legs. Also, this helps show off your sneakers. 

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Check out these Korean style distressed jeans on Amazon!

trending items in Korea

Check this cute basic tee to go with your pair jeans!

Korean look fashion

Here’s a cool pair of Korean style sneakers – an essential item to complete your OOTD!

Korean fashion hacks

#2 — Skirts outfits

Pair that denim shirt that has been sitting in your closet forever with a medium length skirt and a pair of sneakers. Perfect for the summer, this is a cool outfit that will be a hit amongst your friends. 

Add some funky cuteness with a pair of socks with your sneakers, while you pair your oversized sweats with a long girly skirt. 

Here are some very pretty skirts you can shop for:

Korean fashion style guide 2020
Korean fashion 2020
DIY Korean Fashion
Korean style

#3 — Oversized Outfit Styling Ideas

Pair a boyfriend fit hoodie or pullover with a pair of jeans or tights. Finish the look with a pair of long socks and sneakers. You could add a splash of color with some colorful socks too here. Keep the bottom neutral as you are trying to bring attention to the rest of the outfit. 

Another way to use the oversized jumper is by wearing it with a skirt. Tuck in the jumper to frame your waist and give the outfit some definition

Check out these really cute hoodies and pullovers on Amazon:

Korean casual fashion
K-pop clothing styles
Korean fashion dos and don’ts

And here are some stylish tights to go with it!

trending items in Korea
Korean look fashion

K-pop Clothing Styles: Guide

The world of Korean pop has always been something of an attraction to the rest of the world. There is no doubt that their music is so fantastic that the rest of the world copies it, but a large part of the attraction is the way they are dressed. 

K-pop culture involves the performers dressed in clothing that reflects their boldness, vibrancy and their uniqueness. You will never see anything so outrageous, yet catchy. In fact, there is no other genre of music or musicians bold enough to dress that way. 

We may not speak Korean, but that has never stopped us from gaping in awe at the way the singers and dancers in the videos are dressed. K-Pop has today become a culture of its own, with people trying to follow it as part of their lifestyle. 

K-pop Inspired Outfits 

Here are some Korean fashion inspiration for you. You could easily put together outfits like these. These styles are very popular in the K-pop culture:

Korean fashion hacks

You gotta go bold if you want to dress like the girls on k-pop. Vinyl boots in any colour are a good outfit addition to dress like those in the k-pop culture. Keep them cute, keep them shiny, and keep them interesting. 

Korean fashion style guide 2020

Pair those sheer stockings with a short shiny dress and some brightly coloured boots. 

Korean fashion 2020

Time to put those Fuschia pants to work! You can keep the rest of the outfit subtle if you don’t like going all out with the bright colours. 

How do you dress in Korean Style? 

There are some Korean fashion staples you have to keep in mind whenever you want to dress in Korean style. These are, Ripped jeans, oversized items like hoodies, or oversized shirts layering with blazers and of course, sneakers. Dress over blouse is a cute feminine Korean look. For something more casual Pair an oversized hoodie with jeans and some chunky boots!

Quick Korean Fashion Tips:

  • Indulge in layers of clothing and use texture while getting dressed in Korean style. Wear a combination of tight and oversized ones that will give you perfect looks. Add faux fur jackets to layer up. You can also try leather boots as well as round glasses to complete your look. 
  • Ruffled skirts and printed t-shirts are another great combo to go for. Use a lot of accessories like hats, glasses, boots etc to enhance your Korean style look. 
  • Short skirts and dresses are the key. Keep your skirts extremely short and if you’re shy, you can try wearing high boots that will cover up your body. 
  • Winter fashion in Korea is easy to pull off as you just have to add a lot of layers of clothing. Start with top, then sweater vest, jacket and finally scarf. You can try knee-high boots and a beanie to complete your look. 
  • Keep your wardrobe open to colours. Don’t choose monotonous shades of neutral colors instead go for colours like yellow, orange, pink and blue to look more edgy

How To Dress Like A Korean Girl

There’s no specific tips that can answer this question, as the way a Korean girl dresses is highly dependent on her personal style and preferences. However, some general tips that may help you emulate the look of a Korean girl include:

  1. Wearing a lot of bright colors – Korean girls love to wear brightly colored clothing, and you can definitely incorporate this into your wardrobe by wearing shades of pink, red, yellow, and blue.
  2. Cosying up – Korean girls love to keep their skin warm and cozy, so they tend to wear a lot of jackets, cardigans, and scarves.
  3. Keeping your hair down – Most Korean girls keep their hair down in some form or another, often wearing it in a bun or tying it back into a low ponytail.
  4. Paying attention to your makeup – Like most women around the world, Korean girls love to makeup up their faces and use highlighters to add a bit of extra brightness to their skin.

If you want to dress like a Korean girl without having to go through all the hassle of learning how to speak the language or living in Korea, using these tips should give you a good start!

Korean Fashion Style: FAQs

What is Korean fashion? 

Korean fashion involves pairing a lot of basics together to create a unique and different look. Mixing colours, mixing well fitted and loose fitting clothes, pairing casual and formal together, they are all part of Korean fashion scene.

How do Korean girls dress like cute? 

Korean girls have a way of pairing clothes that might look rugged and edgy, but are worn in ways that bring out their femininity. They wear a lot of cute accessories and add-ons to bring about the “cuteness” factor

How to dress like a Korean male? 

“Casual” is the trending fashion among Korean men. Ripped jeans folded at the ankles, simple tee shirts, blazers, sneakers with funky socks are all part of the Korean male’s wardrobe. 

What fashion is trending in Korea?

Popular fashion trends 2021 in Korea are: ribbed shirts, ankle-length pants, pleated skirts, and crop tops.

Why is Korean fashion so popular?

Korean fashion got popular fast all around the world because of young fashion-forward designers, the Korean wave, diversity of the fashion industry, and the easily access to Korean shopping brands.

How should I dress in Seoul?

Practice modesty while dressing in Seoul, Korea. You can wear short skirts and crop tops but try avoiding shoulder exposed tops. However, it’s best to be safe and choose jeans and top with layers of sweater, hat on top with round glasses to complete your look. 

What should you not wear in Korea?

Business casuals are not really recommended to wear in Korea. Business environment in Korea is quite different and strict where everyone expects you to dress according to rules and regulations. Women are expected to wear closed shoes, skirts, formal pants etc.

You can easily find staple Korean fashion pieces on Amazon or Korean eCommerce fashion sites. – Just make sure you go through this Korean fashion style guide before you start shopping!

When it comes to Korean fashion, you can always experiment by mixing and matching clothes and pairing it up with some minimalistic but interesting piece of accessory.

Learn from our Korean fashion style guide for the trending items in Korea and how you can put these pieces together to make a sweet DIY Korean fashion statement!  

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