Best Korean Online Shopping Sites That Ship Worldwide 2021

by Jih Yun

Love Korean fashion? Here are some of the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide so you can always be in trend no matter where you are in the world!

Korean fashion is truly one of a kind. As much as we try to pull it off using our existing wardrobe, it doesn’t really work. Besides, who doesn’t like shopping?!

There are so many Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide, bringing us those uber style trends right to our doorstep effortlessly. So I’ve put together some of the Best Korean Online Shopping Sites that ship worldwide:

What is the best Korean online shopping site?

I’ve tried several Korean shopping sites and based on features like stock availability, variety, shipping and returns, and customer support I found that Style Nanda is the best Korean online shopping site. 

Style Nanda is one of the most popular and best Korean online shopping sites. It is marginally more expensive than the other Korean shopping sites but it does stock more chic and trendy attire. 

Where can I buy Korean clothes online?

There are plenty of online sites that ship out Korean clothes to every country in the world. For super stylish clothes, shop from Chuu and if you want something vintage, visit Rowky. 

Where can I buy cheap Korean clothes online?

Mixxmix sells fashionable and trendy Korean clothing brands that are quite cheap, and if you sign up as a member, you get to score 5% off every time you shop. 

Top Korean Online Shopping Sites That Ship Worldwide

Best Korean Online Shopping Sites That Ship WorldwideKnown ForLink
MixxmixTrendy Affordable ClothingView Store
BanharuFall and Winter ClothingView Store
YesstyleBrand LabelsView Store
KoodingYoung Trendy ClothingView Store
Cherry SpoonSoft, feminine stylesView Store
ChuuKorean FashionView Store
RowkyVintage Style ClothingView Store
Style NandaUpmarket Stylish Clothing, Makeup and AccessoriesView Store
Someday IfWomen’s ClothingView Store
HiphoperYoung and Trendy ClothesView Store


Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Trendy Affordable Clothing

The first one on this list of best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide is Mixxmix. Mixxmix, (ooh I love the name!) has a selection of clothes that are affordable for the average person.

You can actually pull off the whole Korean fashion look by shopping for clothes and accessories from head to toe from this website. 

Best korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide

For those obsessed with Korean dramas and the K-pop celebs, there is a tab that takes you clothes and accessories preferred by them. 

The website ships across the world. If you love the stuff on the site, be sure to sign up for a membership cos that gets you 5% off every time you shop. 

Best Sellers:

Visit their “Best Sellers” tab for staples like solid toned sweaters and tops, all at a sweet discount!

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Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Fall and Winter Clothing

Banharu is my favourite Korean online site to shop every fall. I believe you can never have enough soft sweaters, cardigans, coats and cosy scarves, and Banharu stocks these in the prettiest colours and the softest fabrics.

Top Korean online shopping sites

I literally go gaga over the turtle neck tees (which are available in 8 different colours – I have to have them all!), the fleece double neck jumpers and the cutest Wellon Padding Corduroy jackets. The fabric Banharu uses is of premium quality and these clothes last forever. 

While I’m gushing over the winter wear, let me not forget to tell you that Banharu also has a great collection of regular tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Best Sellers:

Banharu’s best sellers are the very comfortable training pants. You can wear these for a casual stroll in the park or even when you are simply lounging at home with your family.

Check out the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide below!


Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Brand Labels

Here’s another one of the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide for you. Yesstyle is the one-stop shop for brand name clothing, cosmetics, skincare and accessories.

They almost always have some pretty awesome deals on popular Korean brands like Misha, Mizon, Cosrx, Some By Mi and A’pieu. This website also stocks beauty brands from Japan and the USA.  

Korean fashion style

The same goes for clothes like jeans, tops and accessories like bags, shoes, scarves and hats. 

What makes it appealing is how easy the website is to navigate. You can literally find every brand listed in alphabetical order, saving the shopper time and energy. 

Best Sellers:

The best sellers on Yesstyle are mostly cosmetics and skincare by the leading Korean brands. Be sure to grab some cool lipsticks and face creams when they are discounted. 

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Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Young Trendy Clothing

Kooding aims to make life easy for the online shopper. With quick and super affordable shipping and easy return policies, you can comfortably shop on this site.

Kooding has a huge selection of youthful fashionable clothes and keeps introducing new collections regularly, keeping you hooked to the site. 

kakuu basic

Whether you’re in your late teens or early 20’s, Kooding is the place where you will find clothes and accessories for every event and occasion.

From stylish skirts and pants to be paired with well fitting sweaters and tops for women, to denim wear and casual shirts for young men, this site has it all, and in several patterns and colours. 

Best Sellers:

The best sellers on this site are clothing from brands like Basic House and Mind Bridge.

Check out the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide below!

Cherry Spoon

Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Soft, Feminine Styles

You know how sweet, soft and romantic Korean women manage to look? Part of it comes from the makeup but most of it comes from the feminine clothes they wear.

Cherry Spoon caters to just that. You can shop for super cute tops and bottoms in pastels, furry coats and jackets, even bikinis that manage to make you look sweet! Once your cart is full of these clothes, head to the section with open-toed sandals and handbags to complete the “ready for romance” look.


Beyond everything else, the Cherry Spoon’s customer service is excellent with immediate response, even after the sale.

Best Sellers:

The footwear stocked by Cherry Spoon sell like hot cakes, and you always have plenty of choice for every single occasion, any colour you want and in all sizes. 


Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Korean Fashion

Chuu is where you should be headed if you want to experience Korean Fashion at its best. From oversized hoodies and sweatshirts to soft knitted form fitting sweaters and from cute tennis skirts to posh lacy tops and coats in Tweed, Chuu will soon become your favourite.

korean fashion wholesale online store

Chuu has plenty to offer even when it comes to accessories and you will be pleased to know that they are all very reasonably priced. Chuu ships worldwide and their customer service is top notch. 

Best Sellers:

I’m sure everyone wants to look slimmer. Check out the hot selling super slim “-5 kg” jeans that make you look slimmer! Be sure to grab this bestseller from one of the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide!


Best  Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Vintage Style Clothing

The next one on our list of best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide is Rowky. Combine Korean fashion with Vintage Style and you have a sure winner! Rowky specialises in this fusion, giving us quite an interesting collection of clothes to shop from.

kooding review

And it’s not just the clothes. Rowky also has a great array of accessories like clear glasses, hats and Mary Jane shoes that you can wear to complete the look.

The only issue with this website is that quite a bit on it is in Korean and not translated, which I’m hoping they translate soon. Shipping is quite simple and your purchase can be delivered to wherever you are. 

Best Sellers:

Check out the reversible jumpers and maxi dresses that are so cool. These sell as quickly as they are stocked. 

Style Nanda

Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Upmarket Stylish Clothing, Makeup and Accessories

Style Nanda kind of needs no introduction. This is one of the best and most popular Korean online shopping sites that have customers from the world. Style Nanda has some really stylish and classy clothes that are definitely upmarket and are priced accordingly. 

korean fashion trends

I always visit the “special edition” on the site to find some unique clothes. Most of the clothes are available in a variety of colours and sizes. 

Style Nanda also has accessories like handbags, purses, shoes and makeup to go with the clothes.  

Best Sellers:

Check out Style Nanda’s recent line of Disney themed clothing. There are cute oversized pullovers, sweatshirts, tee shirts and hoodies with Disney prints. 

You can also find Disney themed makeup – blush and eye shadow palettes that come in Disney boxes which are definitely something you can save even after you have finished the makeup. 

Check out this best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide below!

Someday If

Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Women’s Clothing

Shop for some dreamy clothing from SomedayIf. The name itself sounds like the title of a romantic movie and the clothes sold on the site align with it.

The clothes remind me of the outfits worn by Korean movie stars in these movies. Oversized tops paired with skirts, Maxi dresses, sweatshirts and pants, and with minimalist or delicate accessories to match. 

korean fashion style guide

One downside with this site is that it is a little difficult to navigate. 

SomedayIf uses a third party to ship purchases to customers, but it is quite convenient. 

Best Sellers:

The oversized sweatshirts and hoodies, which are so relevant to Korean fashion are best sellers. Make sure you grab the bestsellers and the trendiest clothing from one of the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide!

S – 


Best Korean Online Shopping Site Popular For Young and Trendy Clothes

The next one of this list of the best Korean online shopping sites that ship worldwide is HipHoper. I guess you can figure out from the name that Hiphoper is targetted at the young crowd.

sthsweet review

The clothes are very stylish, with more of a “street” vibe. These clothes are not very cheap, but quite affordable. Hiphoper has an enormous selection of hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, pants and bottoms.

They also have a selection of trendy winter and fall wear that includes cosy scarves. Brands hosted by the site are listed alphabetically, so shopping is made easy as well. 

Best Sellers:

The accessories like hats and shoes are something you must definitely not miss out on. 

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