10 Cutest Korean Fashion Trends To Try This Year | For Men And Women

by Jih Yun

Stay ahead of the style curve with insights into Korean fashion trends. Explore the latest in clothing, accessories, and aesthetics shaping the world of fashion. From K-pop influences to streetwear and minimalist designs, discover the diverse and dynamic world of Korean fashion trends. Elevate your wardrobe and embrace the allure of the ever-evolving Korean fashion scene.

Keep up with the latest fashion in Korean with this guide to top Korean fashion trends. Check it out!

Korean fashion is the most admired and followed trend by several people right now. Thanks to the Korean entertainment industry for taking over the entire globe with their sophisticated culture, attractive celebrities, and their mind-blowing style. 

Korean celebrity groups and idols with huge fan bases like BTS, Blackpink, and IU have created their fashion trends followed by many people worldwide.

Recently, I have been focusing on Korean fashion trends and also have followed some of them. I must say that their trends are appealing and never cease to amaze me. Hence, I would recommend everyone to try out the latest Korean fashion trends. 

What’s the current fashion trend in Korea and what makes it stand out from the other fashion trends? Read this article to find out the top Korean fashion trends this year,  how most people follow the trend.

Korean Fashion Trends 2023

Modern Korean Hanbok

The first one in this list of top Korean fashion trends is the modern Korean Hanbok.

Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress worn by Koreans for over centuries. Koreans consider the hanbok as a special outfit to wear. The hanbok is worn for special occasions like the lunar new year and weddings.

It is worn both by men and women. However, the traditional hanbok is quite heavy and large and might take a long time to put it on. And that’s why Korean fashion designers have designed a modern hanbok which is much more comfortable and convenient to wear. 

Modern Korean Hanbok

The modern hanbok can also be worn daily unlike the traditional hanbok and it looks traditional but it is lighter and a bit smaller than the traditional hanbok. I purchased a modern hanbok for a wedding and it looks absolutely stunning. The material, design, and details are fabulous and I would highly recommend you to try it. You can also find hanboks for men and for children as well, which will make them look traditionally cute.

Korean Street Style

Next in this list of top Korean fashion trends we’ll talk about is the Korean Street Style.

Streetwear style has been accepted by most people to look sophisticated. It is quite common in most countries and Korea is not an exception. 

With popular Korean celebrities wearing streetwear usually, you will find many teenagers and young adults have adapted this trend into their lives. And the streets of Seoul are entire of people with streetwear outfits.

Korean Street style

Another reason for streetwear to be in trend is because it can be worn by anyone regardless of gender, age, tradition, or culture. They are simple yet stylish and are also quite comfortable and they do not take a long time to put it on. 

The most popular Korean streetwear outfits are baggy pants, oversized shirts and jackets, and bucket hats.

 Baggy pants are worn with a T-shirt or a crop top and oversized shirts are usually worn without pants. This is because the oversized shirts are long and may not require pants. Oversized jackets can be worn with baggy or tight pants. 

Accessories and jewelry are quite crucial to Korean streetwear style. Sunglasses, chains, and hats are the most common accessories worn by Koreans.

Ankle-length pants

Next we have ankle-length pants in this list of top Korean fashion trends

These are pants that are shorter th.an regular pants and they reveal your ankles. These pants are quite trendy in Korea and are worn by both men and women. Ankle-length pants are worn by Koreans during seasons like spring and fall. The most beneficial factor of ankle-length pants is that they can be bought anywhere and they are relatively cheap.

ankle length pants

They complement well with both loose and tight tops, with or without sleeves. They can also be used as office wear with a formal blouse and an overcoat. The most ideal types of footwear for ankle-length pants are heels and shoes. Heels would suit if you wear the ankle-length pants for official use and shoes would be complementary footwear for ankle-length pants if you choose to go for a casual look.

Ribbed shirts

Next one on this list of top Korean fashion trends are ribbed shirts.

Ribbed shirts were overwhelmingly trending in Korea during summer 2020. And the trend continues to this day. 

Ribbed shirts are just like any shirt but with a new design to them. This design is incorporated in a way that is covered in rows of vertical lines. Hence, the shirt is stretchier and much comfortable to wear. It is a classic feminine trend that makes you look elegant and stylish. 

The most unique aspect of ribbed shirts is that it comes in different types of dresses. The most popular dresses are short-sleeved ribbed shirts, short-sleeved gowns, and of course long-sleeved shirts. 

These ribbed shirts go well with shorts, mini skirts, and long trousers and the long-sleeved ribbed shirt is better worn alone. The most suitable footwear for this dress is sneakers.

Crop Tops

The next one on this list of top Korean fashion trends are my favorite – crop tops!

Crop tops are not only a trend in Korea but in other parts of the world as well. However, since Korean fashion trends have become less conservative, Koreans commonly wear crop tops. 

This trend is followed by women and it is well known to make you look cute if worn with the right choice of pants, accessories, and footwear. Crop tops come in various designs and styles like long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and with or without buttons.

korean fashion trend crop top

Long-sleeved crop tops complement well with oversized denim jeans or any long pants. Short-sleeved crop tops go well with tight denim jeans. If you want to make yourself look extra cute, then you should opt to wear a cap or a bucket hat. 

The only ideal footwear for this trend is shoes because crop tops fall into the casual outfits category. A side sling will also be compatible with crop tops.

Button-up Dresses

Summer Korean fashion trend
Source: Instagram @shoptobi

The next one on this list of top Korean fashion trends are button-up dresses.

This trend is a bit more formal compared to the rest of the trends in this list. Button-up dresses can be considered semi-casual and semi-professional. This means button-up dresses can be worn almost anywhere irrespective of the occasion or surroundings. 

You can find Koreans wearing this dress for occasions like weddings, parties, and even for a date, a button-up dress is considered the ideal outfit. You can also find button-up dresses for both men and women.  

These dresses can be found in various designs and styles like single and double button row designs with side pockets.

Button-up dresses are quite dynamic and adaptable. You can choose to wear this outfit as an overcoat with minimal clothing inside during the spring and fall seasons. However, this dress can also be worn during winter as it’s long and keeps your body warm. 

The best footwear choice for these dresses is thigh-high boots. They add extra height and also enhance the button-up dress and are the best combination of outfits during the winter season.

Floral Dresses

Spring fashion in Korea

Floral dresses have flourished as a prevailing trend in Korean fashion, captivating hearts with their timeless charm and versatility. Their current popularity can be attributed to their ability to seamlessly combine femininity, elegance, and a touch of whimsy, making them a perfect fit for the vibrant and diverse Korean fashion scene. These dresses, adorned with intricate floral patterns, evoke a sense of romance and evoke a connection with nature, mirroring the appreciation for beauty in everyday life.

The allure of floral dresses in Korea is also intertwined with their adaptability to various occasions. From casual strolls to formal gatherings, these dresses effortlessly transition between settings, offering a canvas for individualized styling. Moreover, their varying lengths, cuts, and designs allow them to cater to diverse body types and personal preferences, ensuring a flattering and comfortable fit for everyone.

The popularity of floral dresses in Korea is often further fueled by their presence in Korean dramas, music videos, and social media posts. Influential figures within the K-pop and entertainment industry have been spotted donning floral dresses, elevating them as aspirational wardrobe choices. This exposure serves to reinforce their desirability, motivating fashion enthusiasts to incorporate them into their own ensembles.

Straight Leg Jeans

Korean formal fashion trend

Straight-leg jeans have emerged as a ubiquitous fashion trend in Korea, captivating the style-conscious populace with their versatile and effortlessly chic appeal. The popularity of straight-leg jeans can be attributed to their ability to strike a balance between comfort and fashion-forward aesthetics. With a timeless silhouette that flatters various body types, these jeans offer a departure from the overly tight or ultra-wide styles, providing a refreshing middle ground that resonates with both classic and contemporary preferences.

In the dynamic landscape of Korean fashion, straight-leg jeans have found favor for their adaptability across diverse occasions. They seamlessly transition from casual outings to semi-formal gatherings, offering a canvas for personalized styling. Their relaxed fit, characterized by a straight-from-hip-to-hem design, provides comfort for bustling urban lifestyles while effortlessly exuding an air of refined nonchalance.

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The popularity of straight-leg jeans in Korea can also be attributed to the growing inclination towards gender-fluid and unisex fashion. Their universal appeal makes them a staple in both men’s and women’s wardrobes, further solidifying their status as a unifying trend. Korean fashion enthusiasts gravitate toward straight-leg jeans due to their compatibility with various footwear styles, from sneakers for a streetwear vibe to heels for a touch of sophistication.

Moreover, Korean pop culture, with its influence reaching global shores, has showcased celebrities effortlessly donning straight-leg jeans in music videos, dramas, and social media posts. This exposure has undoubtedly fueled the trend’s popularity, with fashion enthusiasts seeking to emulate the effortlessly cool looks of their favorite idols.

In essence, the current prominence of straight-leg jeans in Korea stems from their blend of comfort, versatility, and the way they effortlessly align with the evolving preferences of the fashion-conscious populace. The trend captures the essence of modern Korean style: embracing tradition while pushing boundaries, resulting in an aesthetic that resonates across age groups and genders.

Oversized Blazers

Korean winter fashion trend
Source: Instagram@Dalhiida

Oversized blazers have taken the forefront of Korean fashion trends, captivating the scene with their fusion of sophistication and street-style flair. The current popularity of oversized blazers in Korea can be attributed to their ability to effortlessly blend the realms of formal and casual wear. These blazers, with their relaxed fit and exaggerated proportions, offer a fresh take on power dressing, allowing individuals to make a bold statement while maintaining a sense of comfort.

The trend’s popularity is intertwined with the rise of gender-fluid and unisex fashion preferences in Korea, as oversized blazers often transcend traditional gender boundaries, appealing to a wide range of style sensibilities. They provide an ideal canvas for layering, allowing for creative combinations that span from casual t-shirts to elegant blouses, thus offering a customizable aesthetic that aligns with the wearer’s personality.

Oversized blazers also evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of vintage fashion eras, while still feeling thoroughly modern. Their versatility extends from formal occasions to casual outings, making them an essential staple in the wardrobes of many Koreans seeking a versatile yet statement-making piece.

Furthermore, the trend has been amplified by K-pop idols and Korean celebrities confidently sporting oversized blazers both on and off-stage, reinforcing their aspirational appeal. Whether paired with jeans, skirts, or even shorts, oversized blazers in Korea right now symbolize a departure from conventional silhouettes, encouraging fashion enthusiasts to experiment with proportions and redefine what it means to exude sartorial confidence.

Why Korean fashion is popular?

Korean fashion is popular due to the rapid growth of the Korean entertainment industry which took over the entire fashion world. Korean fashion is also known to be minimal and simple yet stylish and elegant as well.
Also, there are a few more reasons why Korean fashion is so popular. For one, Korean designers are known for their innovative and cutting-edge designs. They also have a reputation for being very affordable, which makes their clothes a great option for people on a budget.
Additionally, Korean fashion is often inspired by popular culture and trends, which makes it very adaptable to changing trends.
Finally, Korean designers are often praised for their exceptional customer service skills, which makes it easy for consumers to find what they’re looking for and feel satisfied with their purchase.

What are the Korea summer fashion trends for 2023?

Korean summer fashion trends often incorporate a mix of comfort, style, and creativity. As of 2023, here are some popular trends you might have seen during Korean summers:
Pastel Hues: Light pastel colors dominate Korean summer fashion, giving off a soft and refreshing vibe that suits the season.
Flowy Dresses and Skirts: Airy and flowy dresses and skirts, often with floral patterns or gingham designs, are a staple for beating the heat while looking stylish.
Wide-Leg Pants: Loose, wide-leg pants are not only comfortable but also create a chic and breezy look, perfect for summer outings.
Off-Shoulder and One-Shoulder Tops: These styles add a touch of elegance and help keep cool during hot summer days.
Bucket Hats: Korean fashion embraces accessories, and bucket hats are a popular choice during the summer, providing both protection from the sun and a trendy look.
Tie-Dye: Tie-dye patterns were making a comeback, adding a playful and nostalgic element to summer outfits.
Monochrome Outfits: Monochromatic looks, where various shades of a single color are combined, provide a sleek and coordinated appearance.
Athleisure: Combining comfort with style, athleisure elements like sporty shorts, oversized tees, and sneakers are often incorporated into Korean summer fashion.
Ruffled Details: Ruffled sleeves, hems, and necklines add a touch of femininity and texture to outfits.

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What should you not wear in Korea?

When visiting or living in Korea, it’s helpful to be aware of certain clothing choices that might be considered inappropriate or disrespectful in the local culture. Here are some things you might want to avoid wearing in Korea:
Immodest Clothing: Revealing clothing, such as very short shorts, low-cut tops, or overly tight outfits, may be seen as inappropriate in more conservative settings, like temples or traditional areas.
Clothing with Offensive Graphics or Text: Avoid wearing clothing with offensive or inappropriate graphics, slogans, or text that could be disrespectful or misunderstood.
Shoes Inside Homes or Certain Places: It’s customary to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home or specific indoor spaces like traditional restaurants or temples. Make sure to wear clean socks.
Beachwear Outside the Beach: It’s not common to wear swimsuits or beachwear outside of beach areas or swimming pools. Always bring a cover-up when you leave the beach.
Visible Undergarments: Exposed bra straps or visible underwear might be considered inappropriate, so consider wearing undergarments that won’t show through your clothes.
Excessive PDA or Skimpy Outfits: While Korea is becoming more modern, public displays of affection beyond holding hands might still be frowned upon. Very skimpy or overly casual clothing might not be suitable for all situations.
Shabby or Dirty Clothing: Koreans generally take pride in their appearance, and wearing clothes that are visibly dirty, torn, or unkempt could be seen as disrespectful.
Overly Casual Attire in Formal Settings: If you’re attending a formal event, it’s best to opt for more formal clothing. Avoid wearing casual t-shirts, shorts, or flip-flops.
Traditional Clothing as Costume: Wearing traditional Korean clothing, like hanbok, as a costume might come across as insensitive or disrespectful.
Visible Tattoos: While perceptions are changing, tattoos are still often associated with criminality in Korea. Covering tattoos, especially in more traditional or conservative environments, may be appreciated.
Excessive Winter Clothing in Summer: During the hot summer months, wearing heavy winter clothing, like heavy coats, may attract curious looks.
Remember that these guidelines might vary depending on the specific location and context, and the above points are meant to help you navigate and show respect for Korean culture. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to observe what the locals are wearing and follow their lead.

Top Korean Fashion Trends: FAQ

What fashion brands are famous in Korea?

The most famous fashion brands in Korea are 8 Seconds, Style Nanda, and TIbaeg.

What fashion is trending in Korea?

There are so many fashion trends popular in Korea in 2021. Some of them are streetwear style, ankle-length pants, cropped tops, and bucket hats.

How do you dress Korean style?

Koreans are known for making basic outfits look more modern and stylish. Korean style includes simple outfits like ripped jeans, oversized tops, hats, and school girl look. 

How do Korean girls dress cute?

Korean girls mostly choose simple outfits and match them with nice accessories, like hats and jewelry. They also dress according to seasons by choosing outfits with colors that match a specific season. And hence it makes them look cute.

Korean fashion has taken over the entire world in the blink of an eye and Korean fashionistas are still mesmerizing us by coming up with new fashion ideas. 

Certain trends that were out of fashion are now popular in Korea and are followed by several people. Korean fashion has taught the world that you can still look stylish with basic outfits if worn accordingly and matched with the right accessories.

Thanks to the Korean entertainment industry and the most admired Korean celebrity groups like BTS and Blackpink for introducing new fashion ideas and trends to the entire fashion world. 

Korea is certainly the fashion capital right now with new trends emerging every day and you can look stylish by just purchasing the outfits that are in trend.

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