10 Best Korean Makeup Brands 2020

Obsessed with makeup? Here are the best Korean makeup brands that every makeup lover will absolutely want in their kit! Check it out!

Korean makeup brands are some of the best in the world and you have a wide range available from affordable Korean makeup brands to luxurious ones!

Why choose Korean makeup brands?

Korean beauty industry uses innovative technology to give you the best makeup products. Korean makeup brands use gentle ingredients that are skin-friendly. Also, Korean makeup and skincare products are formulated based on skin type or skin concern. So you can choose the makeup product that suits your skin perfectly.

If you look at the American makeup industry, products focus on accentuating your natural features. Whereas Korean makeup products always put skincare first. Most Korean makeup products are formulated with SPF and anti-aging ingredients.

Innisfree is one of the best Korean makeup brands that are also affordable! And then you have Missha that falls on the little-expensive side. 

If you’ve scoured the internet or had a look around for K-beauty makeup products you have surely stumbled upon some brads in our list. 

Let’s take a look at the best Korean makeup brands that you are sure to fall in love with.

Top Korean Makeup Brands

Korean Makeup Brands
Best Known
Link To Store
Etude House‘Look at my eyes’ eye shadows$8.99Link to store
3CE (3 Concept Eyes)Multi Eye Color Palette in Beach Muse$41.00Link to store
MisshaMissha M Perfect cover BB cream$11.96Link to store
InnisfreeNo Sebum Mineral Powder$7.00Link to store
SKINFOODMulti-Finish Powder$13.00Link to store
IOPERevolution Full Coverage Foundation$27.90Link to store
Banila.coPrime Primer Finish Powder$22.00Link to store
It’S SKINIt’S SKIN Colorable Draw Lip Tint$12.00Link to store
LaneigeLaneige BB cushion Pore Control$29.44Link to store
SulwhasooSulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense$85.00Link to store

#1 — Etude House

Best Korean Makeup Brands Known For Affordability

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Popular with young women and teens, Etude House is one of the most well-known Korean makeup brands in the market. The brand boasts of femininity and aims to highlight a woman’s natural assets.

With several shops across Asia, Etude House has varieties of products that include their best-selling lip gloss and lipsticks, skin-nourishing BB Creams, foundations for different skin types and so much more. 

Their best-selling makeup products include the ‘Look at my eyes’ eye shadows. It’s rich in pigmentation and has a really nice shimmer! 

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Inspired by Chopins “Etudes” they aim to be a playful and trendy tool for women to be able to express themselves with no hesitation.

Enjoy self-expression with the pink glow and feminine vibe of Etude House.

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#2 — 3CE (3 Concept Eyes)

Best Korean Makeup Brands For High-quality makeup products

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Produced by Stylenanda, 3CE is known for their cute and quirky packaging designs, vibrant colours that don’t fade, and pigment that stays on your face the whole day long.

Best-known for their Multi Eye Color Palette in Beach Muse. The palette includes all the colours for a bright look for a sunny day. It is currently one of the trendiest palettes in South Korea.

Beach Muse includes rose gold metallic shades and a few matte shades to perfectly accentuate any eye shape. Check it out here!

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Another of their crowd-pleasers is the 3CE Duo Color face blush. The face blush has two colors for matching and mixing. It’s a really fun product to experiment with! It has a rich pigmentation with soft texture! Check it out!

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3CE has various products from lipsticks, cushion foundations, cheek tints, nail care, body & hair products, palettes and kits that come in different shades for various skin tones.  

#3 — Missha

Best Korean Makeup Brands For Oily Skin


An innovative South Korean cosmetics and skin care manufacturer that was launched in 2009, Missha proves quality doesn’t always have to be expensive.

Missha’s best-selling makeup product is the Missha M Perfect cover BB cream. It has great coverage and even out your skin tone. It’s infused with rosemary, chamomile, and other botanical extracts. This BB cream also keep your skin hydrated! Check it out!


Missha’s popularly known for their natural-based BB creams that can act as a primer, UV sunblock, foundation, and nourishing serum all in one. But Missha’s other range of products are also widely used in Korean! Check it out!

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#4 — Innisfree

Best Korean Makeup Brands Known For Its Organic Products


Korean beauty products boast of numerous vegan and all-natural brands that highlight your natural beauty while giving you the best nature has to offer. Based on Jeju Island, Innisfree utilizes various plants and organic ingredients to produce the best products. 

If you’ve heard on Inissfree then you sure would have heard of their Innisfree no sebum mineral powder. It’s one of their best-selling makeup product! It’s the best face powder for oily skin as it absorbs excess oil and sebum.


Innisfree skincare is also particularly popular along with its makeup range. All their products have ingredients that nourish your skin!

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Best Korean Makeup Brands Known For Affordable Products

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Based on the brand’s mantra, good food gives you great skin. Using fruits, vegetables, and herbs that are good for your body SKINFOOD formulates products that lighten, rejuvenate, and enrich your skin. 

SKINFOOD’s best-selling makeup product is the multi-finish face powder. It gives you a light a clear finish. It has a soft texture as it contains silk powder. It also has a smooth finish leaving you with radiant skin. Check it out!

must-have korean beauty products

SKINFOOD offers high-quality skincare and makeup products. You should definitely check out the rest of their range and pick your favorites!

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 #6 — IOPE – Top Korean Makeup Brand 2020

Best Korean Makeup Brands Known For Its Luxurious Products

best tony moly products

Have you ever wanted to try the cushion foundation? Well, then you should definitely try the revolutionary full coverage foundation by IOPE. They combine both medical science and cosmetics to create their undeniably effective and luxurious skincare and makeup lines.

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They revolutionized cosmetics by combining it with decades worth of research into plant-science and biochemistry. They have a variety of products for skincare, makeup, and men’s products.

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#7 — Banila.co

Best Korean Makeup Brands For High-quality Base Products

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Banila.co is most-known for their high-quality base products like CC and BB creams and foundations that have herbs and green tea extracts. 

Banila Co is best known for its Prime Primer Finish Powder that keeps your face free from oil all day long. It easily keeps excess sebum at bay while keeping your makeup intact. 

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Banila.co aims to help you cover your wrinkles and pores while moisturizing your skin and rejuvenating it. Check out all its products and get your favorites!

#8 — It’S SKIN

Best Korean Makeup Brands Known For Natural Products

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Taking a clinical approach to skin concerns, It’s Skin has earned a reputation for its rejuvenating and moisturizing line. Developed by doctors and dermatologists the brand uses plant-based all-natural ingredients. 

One of their popular makeup products is the It’S SKIN Colorable Draw Tint. A velvety lip tint that gives a soft look to your lip. It has a moisturizing formula and keeps your lips hydrated.


Most-well is known for its “déscargot” line that uses ethically sourced snail components. With a wide range of skin lotions, face masks, primers, and BB creams It’S Skin is one of the more luxurious Korean makeup brands. 

#9 — Laneige

Best Korean Makeup Brands For Skin Nourishing Products

blossom jeju

Launched in 1994 by Amore Pacific, the biggest cosmetic manufacturer in South Korea. Laneige is known for its Water Bank skincare line, BB cushions, and two-toned lipsticks.

One of their best-selling makeup products is the BB cushion. It leaves your skin moisturized for 12 hours. And it also has a brightening effect on your skin!

korean makeup products for beginners

WaterScience is one of the best-known Laneige range that has been around for more than 20 years. They have a plethora of cleansers, skincare products,  moisturizers, lipsticks, and makeup products for you to enjoy.

#10 — Sulwhasoo

k-beauty lipstick

If you’re looking for a more luxurious brand to add to your skincare or makeup routine then Sulwhasoo is sure to impress. Manufactured by Amore Pacific they cater to more matured women.

Their products are more focused on skin rejuvenation, moisturizing, and anti-aging. 

Best-known for their Snowise Whitening Essence BB Cream that brightens and moisturizes your skin upon applying. It acts as both a BB & CC cream with SPF 50+, PA+++. Its the perfect cream for women with dry, normal, oily, sensitive, or combination skin.

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Another one of its popular makeup products is the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Intense. It has a moisturizing effect and is also an anti-aging cushion foundation.  It spreads smoothly giving you a seamless look.


Sulwhasoo offers an excellent range of skincare as well. A bit on the costlier side, this brand is considered among the top-notch skincare and makeup brands. Check out all its products!

Korean culture has greatly influenced the beauty industry. They have made plant-based organic products more accessible especially to other Asian countries, they also defined a new genre of demure and sheer makeup looks.

If you’re looking for an everyday look that you can easily build-up to a nice evening look then Korean makeup brands can give you long-lasting colours that can withstand your daily activities. Korean beauty brands aren’t just makeup they also have a lot of skincare products. 

Scrolling through our list I’m sure you’ve seen a few brands that have just what you need. Some of the best Korean makeup brands boast of their quality basic products that will give your skin a blooming supple finish at par with their glass skin, while some give you radiance and colour for endless expression.

Whether you want to completely go with Korean brands for your skincare or makeup routine or you’re just looking for new products to integrate to your routines, you are sure to be amazed and fall in love with the best Korean makeup brands.

#1 — What is the best Korean makeup brand?

Etude House is one of the best Korean makeup brands. This brand is especially popular among the teens and young adults in Korea. The bran differs makeup products that help women enhance their features. Etude House has varieties of products that include their best-selling lip gloss and lipsticks, BB Creams, foundations and so much more.

#2 — What is the best Korean Foundation?

Revolution Cushion foundation by IOPE is one of the best Korean foundations. This foundation moisturizes your skin, giving it the much needed hydration through the day. It has a slight shimmer to it and also helps cover skin pores.

#3 — What is the best Korean cushion foundation?

One of the best cushion foundations is Perfecting Cushion Intense by Sulwhasoo. It has a moisturizing and anti-aging effect on your skin.  It spreads smoothly giving you a seamless look.

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Best Korean Makeup Brands

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