Best Korean Makeup Products 2020

Looking to up your makeup game? Check out these best Korean makeup products that will help you do just that! 

Here’s a curated list of best Korean makeup products for you to choose from. Get the best makeup products in your makeup kit to look flawless all day, everyday!

Here you will find some of the best Korean Makeup products, how you can use them or what they are good for, along with the link and price. 

It cannot get easier than that, so dive in!

Top Korean Makeup Products 2020

Sl NoBest Korean Makeup Products ForBest Korean Makeup BrandsBest Korean Makeup ProductsPriceLINK
1Best Korean Makeup Products For FaceMisshaMissha BB Cream – Best Korean Makeup Product 2020$11.96
2InnisfreeInnisfree Velvet Cover Foundation – Best Korean Makeup Foundation $17.27
3InnisfreeInnisfree Velvet Cover Concealer – Best Korean Cosmetics 2020$17.27
4InnisfreeInnisfree Pore Blur Pact – Best Korean Makeup Products For Oily Skin$11.35Link
5PeriPeraPeriPera Velvet Cheek Blush – Top Korean Makeup Blush $15.99Link
6A’pieu A’pieu Start up pore primer – Best Korean Makeup Base $13.00
7Best Korean Makeup Products For LipsInnisfree Innisfree Cherry Blossom Lip tinted stick – Best K-beauty Lipstick$15.08
8Laneige Laneige Lip Glowy Balm – Best Korean Makeup Lip Balm $18.50Link
9Best Korean Makeup Products For EyesEtude HouseEtude House Play Colour Mini Eye Shadow Palette – Must-have Korean Beauty Products$15.00Link
10 InnisfreeInnisfree Gel LinerInnisfree – Best Cheap Korean Makeup Brands$13.27
11PeriPera PeriPera Ink Black Mascara – Best Korean Makeup Mascara $10.90Link
12Etude HouseEtude House Drawing Eye Brow – Best Korean Eyebrow Pencil$4.20Link
13Best Korean Makeup Products ToolsInnisfreeInnisfree Smart Blender – Best Korean Makeup Tools$8.90Link
14Etude HouseEtude House Blush and Contour Brush $16.38

#1 — Missha M Perfect BB Cream – Best Korean Makeup Product 2020

BB Cream is a miracle in the world of beauty and Missha is a pioneer in the range of BB cream. Having tested out several BB Creams, we recommend the range from Missha. There are four options for you to choose from based on your preference and need, right from “Perfect cover” to “Wrinkle fill”.

My personal preference is the Missha M Perfect cover BB cream. 

cheap Korean makeup brands

Key Features: 

  • Lightweight formula 
  • Long -lasting 
  • Suitable for all skin types

#2 — Velvet Cover Foundation by Innisfree – Best Korean Makeup Foundation

This is one of the best lightweight foundations you will ever find. The application is smooth and the coverage is seamless. It does not make your skin oily, making it perfect for any type of skin, and gives you a matte finish.

best korean makeup base

Key Features: 

  • Smooth formula
  • Lightweight formula 
  • Matte finish

#3 — Velvet Cover Concealer by Innisfree – Best Korean Cosmetics 2020

The Velvet Cover Concealer is a cream based formula that spreads in a jiffy covering all your blemishes, giving you flawless looking skin. You get a natural look and the botanical extracts this is enriched with, keeps your skin healthy and nourished.

best korean foundation

Key Features: 

  • Creamy formula 
  • Blends smoothly into skin 
  • Full coverage
  • Contains botanical extracts
  • Velvet finish

#4 — Pore Blur Pact by Innisfree – Best Korean Makeup Products For Oily Skin 

Here’s another makeup product by Innisfree to give you that dewy finish. This should be a staple in your Korean makeup kit. 

Apply this over your makeup to set it and hold it in place. It blurs the pores –  true to its name – and the skin takes on a smooth texture. It absorbs excess oil and gives your skin a matte look.

This pressed powder has a peachy tint which gives you a “peaches and cream” complexion and the non-comedogenic formula does not clog your pores. 

korean makeup 2020

Key Features:

  • Blurs pores
  • Brightens skin
  • Absorbs excess oil and sebum
  • Non-comedogenic formula
  • Matte finish 
  • Long lasting

#5 — PeriPera Velvet Cheek – Top Korean Makeup Blush 

The Velvet cheek range of blushes from Peri Pera in the rose and coral shades adds a soft touch of blush to your cheeks to give you that healthy and youthful look. It stays on throughout the day giving your cheeks a flawless appearance. 

missha makeup

Key Features

  • Velvety finish 
  • Natural-looking blush 
  • Clump-free 
  • Subtle colors

#6 — Start Up Pore Primer by A’Pieu – Best Korean Makeup Base

A primer is something many people skip as they don’t realise the true value of it. It is a blessing for those with large or open pores. 

Use the start up pore primer before you begin your makeup routine to close the pores and give your skin a tight, clean base. The rest of the makeup will sit better on your skin after this. 

A’pieu being a brand meant for young girls makes skin friendly makeup that is very safe to be used everyday. 

best tony moly products

Key Features:

  • Prepares skin for makeup products 
  • Moisturising formula 
  • Contains tea-tree oil
  • Slightly tinted, helps cover up pores
  • Suitable for all skin types

#7 — Cherry Blossom Lip Tinted Stick By Innisfree – Best K-beauty Lipstick

The lip tints by Innisfree are light, creamy, and spread evenly for that smooth, shiny tint. This range is enriched with castor oil to nourish your lips and keep them hydrated. 

missha triple shadow

Key Features:

  • Contains castor seed oil to keep your lips moisturized
  • Contains jeju cherry blossom extracts
  • Hydrating formula 
  • Petal shape design for precise application
  •  Glossy finish after first application then fades to a tint 

#8 — Lip Glowy Balm by Laneige – Best Korean Makeup Lip Balm

When you don’t feel like layering on the lipstick and just want light, glossy lips, go for the Glowy Balm by Laneige. With Shea butter as one of the main ingredients, this gloss gives you a hint of fruity colour while hydrating your lips (without the sticky texture) and keeps them plump and soft. 

son & park

Key Features: 

  • Best for chapped lips 
  • Lightweight lip balm
  • Hydrating formula 
  • Contains murumuru and shea butter to lock in moisture

#9 — Play Colour Mini Eye Shadow Palette by Etude House – Must-have Korean Beauty Products

When you can’t decide what shade to choose for an eye shadow, we say, get them all! Now we know that they can be quite expensive, especially the best quality brands, so Etude House has the solution for you with their mini palettes. 

They are heavily pigmented and have a combo of plain and glittery shades. Choose between four palettes, each of them delivered to you with 6 shades, each more gorgeous than another. 

k-beauty lipstick

Key Features: 

  • Highly pigmented
  • Plain and glittery shades in the same palette

#10 — Gel Liner By Innisfree – Best Cheap Korean Makeup Brands

The quality of your eyeliner can make or break your eye makeup. Try the Gel liner by Innisfree for smooth application and rich pigment. 

It’s in the form of a pencil and it’s easy to apply, so a blessing for those who struggle to use liquid liners. The pigment can help you achieve a natural, matte look with smokey eyes. 

i'm from products

Key Features:

  • Creamy, gel formula
  • Smooth application 
  • Rich pigmentation 
  • Long-lasting

#11 — Peri Pera Ink Black Mascara – Best Korean Makeup Mascara 

Priced quite high, this mascara is a luxury or an indulgence. But it’s worth every penny as it separates and volumizes your lashes, giving you those big and defined eyes with just a couple of strokes. It does not smudge or clump up – every girl’s dream mascara!

laneige best products

Key Features:

  • Separates and volumizes lashes
  • Long lasting 
  • anti-smudge formula
  • No-clump mascara

#12 — Drawing Eye Brow by Etude House – Best Korean Eyebrow Pencil

In three natural shades, Dark brown, brown and grey brown, the Drawing eye brow by Etude House is an eyebrow pencil contoured perfectly to draw or fill in your eyebrows. 

The angled tip helps you achieve the shape with precision while the spoolie can be used to brush out the colour. It is sweat proof and lasts all day long. 

The shape of your eye brows and the way they are drawn can say loads about your face, so do it right with the right product. 

clio kill cover cushion foundation

Key Features:

  • Angled tip for precise application 
  • Easy-to-use
  • Sweat-proof formula 
  • Long-lasting formula 
  • Features a spoolie

#13 — Smart Blender By Innisfree – Best Korean Makeup Tools

Blending sponges can make all the difference to the way your makeup is applied and the finish you can achieve. While brushes are good, sponges are excellent to give you a natural, even-textured look. 

The Smart blender by Innisfree is a great value pack as it comes with three differently sized sponges that help you blend to perfection. They are firm, of great quality and very durable. 

Use the large sponge for foundation all over your face and neck, the medium one for the cheeks and the little one for hard to access areas like the crease of your nose. 

korean cosmetic

Key Features:

  • Precision blending 
  • Three sizes for convenient application in different areas of the face 

#14 — Blush and Contour Brush by Etude House – Top Korean Makeup Brush

Etude House has some of the best makeup brushes you can find. They are soft, made of lambswool, yet feel strong enough and durable, and they come with wooden handles that are comfortable to hold and use. 

The Blush and Contour brush is something you must have as it has perfectly angled bristles that help you apply along your contours and blend in the contouring powder to give you those chiseled cheekbones. 

best innisfree products 2020

Key Features 

  • Wide angled head
  • Bristles made of lambswool
  • Wooden handle 
  • Good for powder blush and contouring

So these were some of the best Korean makeup products available. I have tried most of them and personally vouch for its quality – it’s definitely worth every penny!

My go-to Korean makeup products are Innisfree products. The Innisfree products listed here are the best Innisfree products of 2020! I also absolutely love the Laneige brand – one of Laneige’s best products is listed here as well – and that’s my go-to lip balm always! Missha makeup and Missha products are one of the top Korean makeup brands, though a bit on the expensive side – but definitely worth the price! 

#1 — Which Korean Makeup brand is the best?

Innisfree is one of the best Korean makeup and skincare brands. It has a good range of makeup and the brand is easily accessible in many main cities across the world. Also, it’s one of the most affordable Korean makeup brands as well. 

#2 — What is the best Korean Foundation?

Innisfree Velvet cover foundation is one of the best Korean foundations available. It has a smooth, lightweight formula. It has a matte finish. 

#3 — Where can I get Korean makeup?

You can get a wide range of Korean makeup products on and other e-commerce stores. Check out this article to get the best Korean makeup products online. 

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