8 Best Korean Rice Brand 2023

by Jih Yun

Bibimbap or Korean fried rice, make your favorite Korean rice dish using authentic best Korean rice brands! Read on to find out which Korean rice brand suits which Korean dish!

When we talk about Korean cuisine, rice is an inevitable food source. For Koreans, rice is not just a food, rather it is a symbol of prosperity and life. 

In fact, some people in Korea determine a family’s wealth by their rice consumption. 

Rice, as a food source has expanded around the world because of many reasons. Rice is delicious to eat and also gluten free. 

Being gluten free, people with celiac diseases can also eat them. Moreover, brown rice is a good option for people who want to lose weight and stay healthy. 

There are a number of types of rice which are used in Korea. Out of these, Korean short grain white rice is the most commonly used in Korea. Despite being less nutritious, Koreans loves its taste. 

Best Korean Rice Brand — Quick Summary

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Nishiki Premium RiceCheck latest price on Amazon
Kokuho Rose RiceCheck latest price on Amazon
Han Kuk Mi Wild Sweet Rice Check latest price on Amazon
Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain RiceCheck latest price on Amazon
Nishiki Premium Brown RiceCheck latest price on Amazon
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Lundberg Black Japonica RiceCheck latest price on Amazon
Planet Rice Sprouted GABA Brown RiceCheck latest price on Amazon

Every variant of Korean rice like brown rice, white rice, GABA or wild rice has its own charm in Korean Cuisine. The most important thing while choosing Korean rice is the quality of rice. 

Top Pick for Best Korean Rice Brand

Which is the best Korean rice brand? 

Nishiki Premium Rice is the best Korean rice brand. Nishiki Premium Rice tastes great no matter how it’s served. Korean Rice brand, Nishiki Premium Rice can be used to make sushi or even served as a side dish. Nishiki Premium Rice can also be used to make sake! 

Read on to find the detailed reviews of the best Korean rice brand. 

So, to help you with this, we have made a list of some Best Korean Rice Brands which you can rely on. 

So, let’s move further.

Top Korean Rice Brand 2023

#1 — Nishiki Premium RiceBest Korean Rice Brand

The first one on this list of the best Korean brand is Nishiki Premium Rice. 

The Nishiki premium rice is rated number one in the Amazon’s list of premium rice. We also love this medium grained white rice from Nishiki’s. 

However, the fields of this rice are in California, but it still tastes just like the traditional Nishiki Japanese rice.

This is a brand which gives fresh and light rice which easily blends with any sauces, seasonings, or any other dishes too. 

The reason for this rice being so good is that it does not overpower any other dish. 

You can cook Nishiki’s premium rice to any level of stickiness as per your requirements.

This way it is best for every kind of dishes. The rice grains adhere perfectly to each other and make them perfect for being a part of rice rolls or sushi rolls. 

One more thing which is specific to Nishiki’s premium rice is that this rice is the best if you want prepare your homemade sake or even red wine. 

Though the process takes a lot of time, but it is actually worthy to make your own home-made sake for your family with this rice. 

nishika korean rice


  • Medium size grains
  • Can be used in various rice dishes
  • Can be used to make sake as well 
  • Amazing flavour

#2 — Kokuho Rose Rice

Several companies claim this Kokuho Rose rice as the best rice and we also agree with the statement. 

This rice is also grown in California and these were especially bred to provide a perfection to get used in sushi or as sticky rice. These are kosher certified also. 

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Moreover, the manufacturing process of this rice is so unique and clean that you don’t even need to rinse this rice before cooking. 

This rice is of small grain and is sticky. So, it becomes the best choice for every recipe which requires sticky rice in it. We love using this Kokuho rice in our dishes such as sushi, kimbap, samgyetang, or rice balls or yaksik etc. 

Along with Korean dishes, you can use this sticky rice in any non korean dish also such as Thai sticky rice w/ mango, in a desert with coconut milk, or Laotian sticky rice etc. 

Kokuho Rose rice is among the best brands of premium rice which you can use in any of your dishes as a go-to ingredient. 

Kokuho Rose Rice


  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free
  • Nutritious 
  • Kosher-certified 

#3 — Han Kuk Mi Wild Sweet Rice 

This rice is also among our favorite picks. Just like the brown rice, we call wild rice also a whole grain as it has its germ layer, bran and endosperm still intact. 

This is the reason the wild rice is highly nutritious and is rich in fiber. However, this Han Kuk Mi wild rice is a way sweeter than the normal brown rice. Along with a hint of nut flavor, it has an earthy flavor also. 

The flavor and look of this rice is indeed aesthetic. It turns dark purple when we cook it and gets nearly black which looks beautiful too.

We love using this rice on special occasions to make our days even more brighter and beautiful. 

However, we don’t use this rice in everyday meals but this rice are best for giving a special tint to any general dish or occasion. 


  • flavourful
  • Crispy yet chewy
  • Nutritious 


  • Cannot cook variety with this rice

#4 — Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice

It is a white and short grain rice which is frequently used in a number of exotic Japanese restaurants just because of its excellent quality. 

This rice can be used in several different dishes such as rice balls, sushi or stuffed rice triangles and so on. The rice is extensively grown in California. 

best korean purple rice brand

You can use this rice as a wonderful option as a neutral rice. Without dominating the flavor of any other dish, it carries its overwhelming aroma and flavor too.

Moreover, you do not need a lot of seasonings so that to enjoy the special aroma of this rice. 

Its premium quality makes this white rice a lot more enjoyable than any other common brand. You can cook it as per your requirement, either you need fluffy rice or sticky rice, this short grain rice is all in one. 


  • Easy to cook 
  • Mild aroma
  • Nutritious 
  • Soft and delicious

#5 — Nishiki Premium Brown Rice

Just the way Nishiki’s brown rice are incomparable, these California grown brown rice are also of premium quality. We assume that brown rice are not as delicious as the white rice, but Nishiki’s brown rice stands apart. 

They have a really nice nutty flavor with a tint of sweetness also unlike the regular long grain brown rice. 

korean rice vs japanese rice

Brown rice are very nutritious and are one of healthiest food around the world. As brown rice is not polishes or processed, so they retain each of their nutrient as such. 

They are rich in manganese and several other vitamins like vitamin B3 and phosphorus too. They are also rich in fiber and other essential fatty acids. 

With brown rice, you can make anything healthy without losing its natural aroma and flavor. Pair it with meat or fish or any curry to get healthy pack of meal very easily. 


  • Nutty and sweet flavour
  • Can be paired with meat
  • Nutritious 


  • Takes time to cook

#6 — Rom America Brown Sticky Rice

This is the perfect option if you want to add a little sweetness of sticky rice along with thousands of health benefits of brown rice.

So, it is the perfect combination of health and stickiness of white rice. 

sekka rice

You can use this premium brown rice for brown rice sushi. You can use it in any way and it will still be healthy, nutritious and delicious too. 

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  • Sweet flavour
  • Can be used in making kimbaps
  • Nutritious 
  • Chewy and soft 
  • Affordable 


  • Takes time to cook

#7 — Lundberg Black Japonica Rice

If you start using this Lundberg rice, your family will start asking for more brown rice also.

The company has a specialty to produce just the perfect brown rice which is healthy, delicious and is of high quality. 

The processing of this rice brand is highly precise and is done with high vigilance to provide you the best only. 

nishiki rice

It is actually a very fine whole grain which is a blending of medium sized grain mahogany rice and short grained black rice. This certified brown rice will fit each of your dish with elegancy and fill it with deliciousness. 

Moreover, this rice is gluten free so you need not worry about any health issues also before eating it. 


  • Fine whole grain rice
  • Medium grain 
  • Gluten free


  • Doesn’t fit in all dishes

#8 — Planet Rice Sprouted GABA Brown Rice

This rice is very easy to cook and can decrease the cooking time by at least 20%. The company is producing rice for a very long time and are grown in California.

The company is providing its customers excellent quality rice consistently. Planet rice is a brand which provides rice rich in nutrients, essential vitamins and is organic too.

best korean sticky rice brand

So, it will keep your body well nourished. 

One such example of food components present in this rice is GABA. It is an important amino acid which helps in reducing high blood pressure, reduce anxiety, enhance cardiovascular activities and reduce depression also. 

This rice is ideal for people having any medical conditions also. 


  • Fast cooking time
  • Excellent quality 
  • Nutritious 
  • Gluten free
  • Affordable 


  • None

Koshihikari Premium Sprouted Brown Gaba Rice

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Koshihikari is a premium Korean rice brand. It’s extremely healthy with 750% more gaba and fiber in it. The cooking process of this rice is pretty quick and it gets ready in no time. This rice is also sticky and starchy but tastes way better than other brown rice. 

It’s perfect to make kimbap or sticky rice dishes. It’s extremely flavourful and reaps a lot of healthy nutritional benefits. Please measure the water and the rice ratio otherwise the rice might form lumps after cooking. I personally love eating Koshihikari rice as it’s healthy and flavoursome. 


  • Healthy 
  • Good for making variety of dishes
  • Great flavour 
  • Easy to digest


  • None

Rhee Chun Extra Fancy New Variety Rice

cV4dCKcPVp33n9VddVy0B2ykCzSy68cZurPKlt AbOIA7uqmWz7l19Ml8jzB11TJXhNcpn9vFb3iknwnigui37 e0 aJ6YfkCdQwVxhb8g

Rhee Chun New Variety Rice is a perfect Korean rice brand for everyday meals. It tastes really good with notes of amber, musk and white musk. The product is grown with non-GMO and meets all the food safety requirements. 

The quality of this Rhee Chun rice is so good which is why it’s a little more expensive than other brands. I love this rice brand and have been using it for almost 5 months now. The taste of this rice is unlike any other rice in Korea. 


  • Non-GMO
  • Tasty 
  • Rich flavours
  • Chewy and soft 

Haitai Korean Premium Quality Rice

korean rice brand

Haitai is a premium quality rice in Korea. This white rice is one of my personal favorites that has comparatively thinner grains. It’s extremely easy to cook this rice and it doesn’t require much time. 

This medium grain rice is rich in flavours and can be used to eat with curries, sauces etc. I personally love the quality and texture of this rice brand. You should definitely try it with soy sauce, you’re going to love it. 


  • Medium grain white rice
  • Easy to cook 
  • Can be had with curries and sauces
  • Great quantity


  • Not great for variety of dishes

How to choose the Best Korean Rice? 

When it comes to making delightful dishes with plain, simple rice, few countries can compare to South Korea. From the traditional bibimbap to the modern boribap, it’s no wonder that the South Korean rice industry consistently produces quality grain. But with so many options, it can be tricky to decide on the best Korean rice brand for you. Here are our top tips to help you decide.

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First, consider quality. Look for a rice brand that has a seal of approval from a rice council or certifying body, like the South Korean Rice Council. Brands that are part of these quality-control programs must meet strict standards, both in terms of their product quality and safety.

Secondly, think about the types of rice available. Does the product you’re considering use short-grain, long-grain, or specialty varieties? Mircon, Thaibonnet, and Jasmine are all popular in South Korea and make excellent choices, as they vary in texture, flavor, and nutritional value.

Next, you’ll need to assess the brand’s rice milling process. The highest quality rice is often produced using traditional, time-honored techniques, such as heavy-duty hullers and husking machines. These processes can be labor-intensive, but they preserve the grain’s natural taste, texture, and aroma.

You can also take a look at the harvesting and storage techniques used by the company. To ensure the freshness and integrity of every grain, a good Korean rice brand will take special precautions for both processes. This is especially important for specialty varieties, which are usually only grown and harvested three or four times a year.

Finally, think about the price. Budget and mid-range brands may be a great cost-saving option, while premium brands offer mouth-watering flavor and taste. After all, there’s nothing quite like the taste of high-quality, freshly milled rice.

Choosing the right Korean rice brand is a personal choice. By researching the various options and considering quality, type, milling process, harvesting and storage, and price, you can rest assured that you’ve purchased the very best product for your needs. Whether you love bibimbap or boribap, the right Korean rice brand will guarantee great results every time!

What kind of Korean rice is best for sushi?

As rice is used extensively in Korean cuisine, the Korean rice is very popular around the world. You can choose any of the brand from the given list of best Korean rice, but even if you want to try any other brand or variant, you absolutely can. Just keep your required specifications in your mind. 
Things to consider before buying Korean rice for you: 
If you want to cook a particular dish, then go for the type of rice which you highly prefer for that dish. Like whether you need sweetness in your rice or you need your rice to be sticky for rice balls or sushi. 
Also consider the nutrition amount you need in your rice. If you want your meals to be very nutritious then go with brown rice. Otherwise, you can also buy white rice. 

Best Korean Rice Brands: FAQs

Is Korean rice different from Japanese?

Korean rice and Japanese rice are essentially the same in the sense that they are both short grain Japonica rice. And both Korean rice and Japanese rice have the similar sticky texture. The only difference between Japanese rice and Korean rice is the place of cultivation and method of preparation.

Is Korean rice healthy?

Korean rice, being white rice, contains Vitamin B but it is not considered the healthiest option. However Korean rice is definitely very hearty and tasty especially with the addition of salt. Koreans love enjoying rice for both everyday meals and special occasions. 

Why is Korean rice sticky?

Korean rice is short grain white rice which is high in amylopectin and low in amylose. The high amylopectin content gives the rice a sticky texture as it contains extra starch. This sticky texture of Korean rice makes it convenient to eat with a variety of Korean side dishes. 

What kind of rice do Koreans use?

Korean rice called Bap (밥) is a short or medium rice grain with high scratch content. Koreans prefer eating multi-grain rice with beans more than white rice due to excess starch present in it. 

The Bottom line 

In this article, we have discussed some brands of rice which are of premium quality and are best among all other brands. You can readily pick any of the given products without thinking much. However, you can also opt for any other variety of rice.  

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