Best Korean Weight Loss Products 2021 | Get Your Summer Body On!

by Jih Yun

Kickstart your weight loss journey with these best Korean weight loss products. Want to lose weight post-pregnancy or just get in shape for your next beach vacation – try out these amazing Korean weight loss supplements to shed off those extra pounds without much effort.

The Koreans are very particular about beauty and their looks and it goes without saying that they employ the same amount of passion in their weight as well. Here are the reviews of the best Korean weight loss products. 

Best Korean Weight loss Products — Quick Summary

Best Korean Weight Loss ProductsType
VB Program S-Lite Slimmer DX Liquid
GRN+ NEW Chitosan Fat BurnOut Pills
Rawel Delicious Diet Konjac JellyJelly
FromBio Wild Mango JellyJelly
Chungjungone Konjac JellyJelly
DAMTUH Korean Roasted 12 Super Grains Mixed PowderPowder
Red Bean Detox Diet Powder Powder
Ssanggye Tea Persimmon Leaf TeaTea bags
Ginseng Slim Power 3 Ballerina TeaTea bags
CALOBYE Plus Up Weight Loss Diet KitsPills

Top Picks For Best Korean Weight Loss Products

Top Korean Weight Loss Products

VB Program S-Lite Slimmer DX 

Some of the most common weight loss products may not be the right one for you as they might be unhealthy or have side effects. The VB Program S-Lite Slimmer DX, one of the best Korean weight loss products, comes in tiny bottles that you can consume once a day.

These are filled with the goodness of soybean embryo extracts that perform the work of burning all that fat you don’t want. 

korean weight loss drink

Key Features:

  • The active ingredient is soybean embryo extracts
  • Soybean embryo extracts work on burning body fat
  • Advised to consume one ampoule a day
  • Each serve is individually packed for convenience


  • An effective product for weight loss the healthy way

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GRN+ NEW Chitosan Fat BurnOut

When you are trying to lose weight, the right ingredients make all the difference. Made out of list of ingredients that work on quickening your metabolism, the GRN+ New Chitosan Fat Burnout, one of the best Korean weight loss products, is something you must consider for quick results. 

Key Features:

  • In the form of pills
  • Need to be taken twice a day
  • Made from shells of crabs and shrimps that aid in quickening the metabolism


  • Quick results


  • Has an unpleasant taste
  • Can cause allergies for some people

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Rawel Delicous Diet Konjac Jelly

You will find that Konjac Jelly is consumed a lot by Koreans for its weight loss properties. Why I love Konjac Jelly is the sweet taste and the several yummy flavours it comes with. It’s literally like eating a sweet treat without the guilty conscience!

One of the best Korean weight loss products, Rawel’s Delicious Diet Konjac Jelly is made from the root of the Konjac plant and comes in a fruity pomegranate flavour.

Konjac has the property of absorbing water, and that’s how it keeps you full the minute you eat it. 

Key Features:

  • Made from the root of the konjac plant
  • Absorbs water and keeps you feeling full
  • Comes in pomegranate and hibiscus flavours
  • Contains only 6 calories per serve
  • Has a chewy texture when it is cold
  • Sweetened by erythritol
  • Certified by HACCP for safe and sanitary food production
  • Comes in convenient portable pouches


  • A lovely sweet treat that is satisfying and filling

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FromBio Wild Mango Jelly

One of the biggest challenges I face when I’m on a diet is missing all the sweet treats around. And man, I have a sweet tooth like no other. If you are like me, you will love the Wild Mango Jelly by FromBio.

In individually wrapped portion sizes, these are chewy candy-like strips that have a sweet and yummy mango flavor, thanks to the mango extracts that are used to make these. And each strip is only about 30 calories, so that won’t throw your diet out of whack either. Definitely, one of the best Korean weight loss products.

Key Features:

  • Made from wild mango extracts
  • In a chewy texture
  • Sweet and candy like
  • Comes in individually wrapped pouches
  • Each serve contains only 30 calories
  • Satisfies the need for sweets during a diet


  • A low caloried snack to satisfy sweet cravings


  • Does not contain much fibre

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Chungjungone Konjac Jelly

Since we have already established that Konjac Jelly is one of the most preferred weight loss products by the Koreans, let’s take a look at another popular type here by Chungjungone.

These taste like peaches and are so delicious and satisfying. Also, each serve contains only 5 calories, and that’s so little for feeling full for so long!

korean weight loss injections

Key Features:

  • Made from root of konjac plant
  • Flavoured to have a peach taste
  • Chewy in texture
  • Each serve contains only 5 calories
  • Packed in individual serve pouches
  • Can be easily transported


  • Delicious, satisfying and easily to carry

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DAMTUH Korean Roasted 12 Super Grains Mixed Powder

The worst thing about being on a diet is losing out on nutrition from essential food groups. Another issue is the hassle of finding all the ingredients and processing them to make it convenient to eat or drink. Damtuh solves this problem with the Roasted 12 Super Grains Mixed Powder.

A combination of healthy and high fibre ingredients like oats, chickpeas, lentils and many more, all roasted for that delicious fragrance and taste, this powder is all you need for a healthy breakfast drink.

It keeps you feeling full so you don’t look for a snack any time soon. 

Key Features:

  • A breakfast or meal replacement powder
  • Contains a blend of roasted oats, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa and other grains
  • Healthy and full of fibre
  • Can be mixed with water or milk
  • Can be consumed hot or cold


  • Easy to consume
  • Meal replacement drink

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Red Bean Detox Diet Powder 

iMeal’s Red Bean detox Powder does its job of helping you lose weight by first detoxifying your body. No new diet can work effectively if the body is not detoxed first.

It’s like cleaning the slate, and the Korean health and beauty industry understands this. Red bean powder is packaged in individual portion sizes that you can prepare to be consumed as a hot drink or a cold drink. This fills you up and keeps you from feeling hungry for a long time. 

Key Features:

  • Made from pure red bean powder
  • Full of fibre and nutrients
  • The fibre keeps you full and away from nibbling on food
  • Red bean helps detox the system
  • Light on the stomach
  • Packaged in single serve packs for convenience
  • Can be had as a warm or cool drink


  • Easy to prepare and consume
  • Safe for women who have recently given birth to a baby

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Ssanggye Tea Persimmon Leaf Tea

If someone told you that you could lose all that unwanted weight by drinking cups after cups of delicious tea, wouldn’t you choose that option? I know I would! With the lovely fragrance and flavour of persimmon, Ssanggye tea is filled with the goodness of the leaves.

Persimmon leaves have the natural ability to stop excess fat from accumulating in the body, thanks to the heavy fibre content. They also help regulate the bowel movement, acting as a good detoxification for the system.    

Key Features:

  • The persimmon leaves come wrapped in individual tea bags
  • Easy to brew and consume
  • Can be sipped cold or hot based on drinker’s preference
  • Persimmon leaves are the active ingredient that aid in weight loss
  • They block the fat from accumulating in the system
  • Act as a good detox


  • Easy to consume
  • Can be had hot or cold
  • Good flavour

Ginseng Slim Power 3 Ballerina Tea

Ginseng is a herb that the Koreans swear by, not just for their smooth and youthful complexions but also for their health. Ginseng is a powerful herb that has tremendous healing properties, plenty of antioxidants to keep your body young, and now we discover that also has fat-burning properties. 

I could sing praise after praise for this herb, but for now, I’m just going to talk about the Ginseng Slim Power 3 Ballerina Tea, specifically designed as a supplement to aid in weight loss.

With a mix of ginseng extracts and cassia extracts, this caffeine free tea is a fantastic detox for your body. Once it clears your system, it allows your body to become more receptive to the diet food and helps in weight loss. 

Key Features:

  • Comes in a box of 18 tea bags
  • Tea bags can be brewed like regular green tea
  • Caffeine free
  • Contains ginseng root extracts and cassia extracts
  • Regulate the bowel movement
  • Acts as a detox for the body


  • Tastes good
  • Easy to prepare and consume


  • Can cause loose bowels in some people

CALOBYE Plus Up Weight Loss Diet Kits

As the name suggests, these weight loss diet kits by Calobye Plus Up are supposed to bid goodbye to all those useless calories that are only creating unpleasantness in your otherwise perfect body. In fact, this is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. 

The kit comes with pills that can last you a month and they are packed in portions for convenience. All you need to do is take a couple of pills in the morning and a couple at night. These pills work by burning the excess fat in your body. 

However, these also absorb a lot of water, so make sure to drink a lot of water and stay hydrated throughout the day to avoid dehydration. 

Key Features:

  • Kit consists of portioned packets of pills
  • Pills need to be consumed twice a day
  • Coupled with exercise and a balanced diet, weight loss can be achieved


  • Easy to consume
  • Works effectively


  • Very bitter
  • Some people may be allergic, can cause a skin rash
  • Can cause dehydration, need to consume plenty of water

Which is the best Korean weight loss products?

We tested several Korean weight loss products to find the best one. I tested them based on its ingredients and effect. I found that VB Program S-Lite Slimmer DX is the best Korean weight loss product.
VB Program S-Lite Slimmer DX contains soybean embryo extracts that work to burning body fat. One pack contains 30 25ml-bottles. It’s recommended to drink one bottle a day in the morning to aid in weight loss. Each bottle is individually packed for ease of consumption.

How to choose the best Korean weight loss products?

There are so many Korean weight loss products in the market that it can get quite confusing in choosing the best and the most suitable one for you. Choose the best Korean weight loss product based on the following criteria:

  • Active Ingredients: Read the labels carefully and check if there are any that might cause an allergy or reaction. Garcinia is the hottest ingredient right now and it’s an excellent fat burner, so this is something you can consider taking. Also, always consult a physician before you take any weight loss product. 
  • Your needs: Do you need something to fill you up and stop you from munching on snacks? Or do you need a sugar fix? Or do you need a fat burner?
  • Type: Take what you are comfortable with. Korean weight loss products come in many forms like pills, powders, teas and chewables.


1. Reduction in Caloric Consumption: Traditional Korean diet emphasises smaller amounts and fewer calories than Western eating routines. A strict daily calorie limit or restriction on the number of calories consumed does not apply to this diet.

2. Control Sugar intake: Koreans recommend that you replace soda with water and other sweets like cookies, candies and ice cream with fruits and vegetables if you wish to lose weight.

3. Drink more water: Korean tips for weight loss include drinking more water. Drinking more water is one of the healthiest and most affordable Korean tips for weight loss. By drinking water you flush contaminants and toxins out of your body. Adding mint, cucumber, and lemon to water is a favorite among some people.

4. Avoid Fats: The Korean weight loss tips to avoid fat are a great place to start your journey towards weight loss. It is recommended that Koreans eat homemade meals in order to lose weight. Whenever possible, refrain from eating oily foods, sauces, oils, or seasonings.

5. Maintain a regular workout schedule: One of the Korean tips to lose weight is to follow K-pop workouts. Staying active and exercising regularly is easy if you find activities you enjoy – such as at-home workouts – and you can even go running outside if you enjoy the outdoors.

6. Try Avoiding Unhealthy Snacks:  Most nutrition experts suggest avoiding snacks. They are calorie-rich and unnecessary.

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