Here Are The 10 Classic Korean Web Series on Netflix To Watch In 2023

by Jih Yun

Looking for some Korean web series to binge-watch? Here are the top Korean web series on Netflix! The drama is beyond just drama. Even if you don’t understand the language, you are sure to feel the chords of your heart being tugged, thanks to the talented actors. 

Korean Web Series, thanks to Netflix are right at the tip of your fingers, so all you need is a whole bunch of popcorn and a nice warm couch as the K-stars keep you company. Read on for the reviews of the Top Korean Web Series on Netflix.

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix — Quick Summary

Top Korean Web Series on NetflixBest ForGenre
Crash Landing On YouEmotional drama with some suspense and thrillComedy, Romance
Mr. SunshineHistorical RomanceRomance, Action, History
Itaewon ClassA Story About UnderdogsSocial Issue Drama
When the Camellia BloomsHeartwarming Romance with some ThrillRomance, Thriller
Hospital PlaylistFriendshipDrama, Comedy
It’s Okay Not To Be OkayEmotional HealingRomance
HyenaAmbition and CompetitionLegal Drama
Romance is a Bonus BookSwoon worthy RomanceRomance, Drama
Boys Over FlowersTeenagersTeen Drama
Something In the RainPure Tender RomanceDrama, Romance

Best Korean Web Series on Netflix

Crash Landing On You

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Emotional Drama With Some Suspense and Thrill

Crash Landing On You is a highly rated web series. Watch it and you will understand why. In fact, if you have never watched Korean dramas before, I recommend you start with this one. It’s not just the interesting plot, but the credit goes to the entire team of talented directors, cinematographers, the editors and of course, the actors who live the role. 

top korean web series on netflix

The actors can make you cry with them, laugh with them and fall in love with them, all while you’re curled up on your couch under a cosy blanket. The series is about a chaebol heiress who, during a paragliding accident, makes a crash landing and has a North Korean special officer protecting her in secret. 

The chemistry between the acting legends, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin is simply electric, and I guess that’s one of the aspects that makes this series such a huge success! 

Seasons: 1 | No. of Episodes: 16 | Genre: Comedy, Romance | Age Rating: 14+

Mr. Sunshine

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Historical Romance

Romance is a huge part of Korean web dramas, and Mr. Sunshine takes it a notch higher by giving it a period setting. Set in the 19th century, Mr. Sunshine is about the days when Korea was caught in a tug of war between Japan and America. 

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Born into slavery, the male protagonist escapes to America. He returns when he is grown up and falls in love with a noblewoman. The series tells the story from different perspectives and lives, which to us, as  people living in today’s time and age, is very fascinating. 

Byung Hun-Lee, who plays the protagonist is a renowned Korean actor and this, I would say is his best performance till date. His expressions can paint a million feelings with absolutely no words spoken.  

Seasons: 1 |  No. of Episodes: 24 |  Genre: Romance, Action, History |  Age Rating: 17+

Itaewon Class

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For A Story About Underdogs

A rich bully who does what he wants and gets away with it can only be tamed by a hero. This is a story that has been spun plenty of times but Itaewon Class does it with more heart in it. The protagonist of the series is Park Sae-ro-yi who constantly seems to keep butting heads with the son of a rich businessman. 

korean dramas on netflix 2020

Later, he loses his father to the reckless driving of the same bully. The only way he can take down the bully is by building an empire much bigger than his.

Itaewon Class touches on all the sensitive topics of the society, how various people are treated and how they overcome it, especially when the rest of the world is not very kind.

Seasons: 1  | No. of Episodes: 16 | Genre: Social Issue Drama | Age Rating: 17+

When the Camellia Blooms

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Heartwarming Romance with some Thrill

When The Camellia Blooms starts off like Johnny Depp’s Chocolat, only to take a wild turn and surprise/shock you! I’ll get into that in a bit. Dongbaek is a single mother who moves to a new town and opens a bar. 

most addictive korean dramas

She is, as expected, the object of ridicule in the orthodox and traditional town but catches the eye of a striking young man, who also happens to be a police officer. 

What seems like a sweet romance turns on its head when it is discovered that there is a serial killer on the loose, out to murder our female protagonist. And now it’s the job of our hero to stop the killer before it happens. 

Seasons: 1  |  No. of Episodes: 20  |  Genre: Romance, Thriller  |  Age Rating: 14+

Hospital Playlist

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Friendship

Korean drama actors are so good looking. Imagine putting them in hospital scrubs- they make my heart flutter. Add some heartfelt friendship, throw in loads of emotions, nostalgic memories and anecdotes and of course, get them to play in a band, and I’m sold! 

romance best korean drama on netflix

Hospital Playlist starts off feeling like Grey’s Anatomy with the story of five friends from their med school days who are reunited when they get a phone call. Each of the actors have done justice to the role and you will find it hard to play favourites. 

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This is a “feel-good” series that will have you binge watching from start to finish. 

Seasons: 1 | No. of Episodes: 12 | Genre: Drama, Comedy |  Age Rating: 17+

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Emotional Healing

One of the most advanced thoughts, I would say, is being okay with who you are. Acceptance is one thing, but being able to heal and celebrate it is not something that comes easy to many.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay is beyond just a web series as it makes you think of who you really are deep down, your insecurities, what you would do to do away with those, and what if you could have that one person who could heal you, find you? 

The web series is about a children’s book writer who suffers from an antisocial disorder. She crosses paths with a psych ward caretaker who has never had the time to love. 

As the two discover each other’s deepest feelings and heal each other, It’s Okay Not To Be Okay will have you falling in love with yourself. 

Seasons: 1 | No. of Episodes: 16 | Genre: Romance | Age Rating: 17+


Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Ambition and Competition

If you enjoyed Suits, you will love Hyena even more. The web series follows two rival lawyers who fight each in and outside the courtroom and will stop nowhere to get to the top. Yoon Hee-Jae and Jung Geum-ja are two attorneys who only represent the rich of Korea. 

They are both super ambitious, talented and good at their jobs. They do things very differently, which keeps the audience hooked to the show. The plot gets interesting and intriguing as you keep watching with plenty of twists and turns. 

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Seasons: 1 |  No. of Episodes: 16  |  Genre: Legal Drama  |  Age Rating: 17+

Romance is a Bonus Book

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Swoon Worthy Romance

The unemployed and broke single mother protagonist finds herself cleaning the house of her best friend (without his knowledge) to make ends meet. When her friend finds out, he gets her a part time job at his publishing house so that she can put to good use her copywriting skills.

korean netflix series

Romance is a Bonus Book is a sweet and nurturing tale of Dan-i and Eun-Ho who have shared a beautiful friendship that is slowly turning into love. Loaded with sentiments, happy feelings and sweet jealousy, this series is for those who love a good romance.

Seasons: 1 |  No. of Episodes: 16  |  Genre: Romance, Drama  |  Age Rating: 14+

Boys Over Flowers

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Teenagers

High school is an exciting time, but it’s also quite hard to get through. It comes with its challenges, especially in the form of super cool kids who form their group and look down on outsiders and introverts, cute boys and girls that we like, and of course, the dreaded bullying.

romance korean dramas on netflix

But, as Geum Jan-di shows us in “Boys Over Flowers”, if you stand up to the bullies, no matter how rich or popular they are, you will win their respect, and most possibly, even the love of the leader of the group! 

Seasons: 1 |  No. of Episodes: 25  |  Genre: Teen Drama  |  Age Rating: 14+

Something In the Rain

Top Korean Web Series on Netflix For Pure Tender Romance

Love knows no age. Something in the Rain touches upon this taboo subject of the wide age difference in a romantic relationship. Jin-a is a 35 year old woman who is going through a break-up.

She bumps into her friend’s brother who is much younger to her and was pretty much a “kid” when she met him many years ago. 

But now, things have changed and she’s seeing there’s more to him. Something in the Rain follows Jin-a and Jun-hui as they navigate through their feelings for each other, their relationship and their families and society. 

Seasons: 1 |  No. of Episodes: 16  |  Genre: Romance, Drama |  Age Rating: 17+

Which are the top Korean web series on Netflix?

Here are the top Korean web series on Netflix for you to binge-watch:
Crash Landing On You – Comedy, Romance 
Mr. Sunshine – Romance, Action, History 
Itaewon Class – Social Issue Drama 
When the Camellia Blooms – Romance, Thriller 
Hospital Playlist – Drama, Comedy 
It’s Okay Not To Be Okay – Romance 

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