5 Best Korean Night Cream 2023 | For Glowing, Dewy Skin

by Jih Yun

“Discover the top picks for the Best Korean Night Creams. Achieve rejuvenated, radiant skin with these carefully curated night creams that cater to various skin types and concerns. Explore the ultimate nighttime skincare solutions today.”

Wake up to supple, soft skin with the best Korean night cream. We tried and tested over 10 Korean night creams to find the best one for different skin types. Read on to find the reviews!

Night creams are surprisingly relaxing. I owe it to the soothing scents, the luxurious texture and the cooling effect on the skin. It’s like an alarm sounding for the body to switch to sleep-mode. What could be better than night creams, you’d think. Well, Korean night creams.

Best Korean Night Cream — A Quick Summary

Best Korean Night CreamBest suited forIngredients
Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream All skin types, world extremely well for Sensitive, irritated SkinCentella Asiatica extract, guaiazulene from chamomile, candelilla cera 
Seoul Ceuticals Snail Repair CreamAging skin, Oily, Acne-prone, Combination and Normal SkinGreen tea, Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, snail extract, jojoba oil, shea butter
NEOGEN Joan Day and Night Vita Duo CreamAll Skin Types, leaning towards DryGardenia florida fruit extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin e and Green Tea
Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water CreamDry, aging skin, Oily, Combination and Sensitive SkinIceland moss, alanine, peptides, Alaska glacier water
Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair CreamDry, Matured, Damaged SkinSqualane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Jeju anti-aging elixir complex  

Koreans all around don’t have great skin simply because of their genetics. While you could give that some credit, it is mostly because of how carefully they invest their time caring for their skin with a multi-step regime. There is something they never forget: a night cream. It is their magic pandora box for all skin issues.

Which is the best Korean night cream?

Based on the tests and rating given by our skin care experts based on ingredients, texture, hydration and moisturization power, we found that Klairs midnight Blue Calming Cream is the best Korean night cream. Here’s why: 

Klair Midnight Blue Calming Cream moisturizes, hydrates, and repairs the skin overnight. This Korean night cream is formulated with Guaiazulene and Centella Asiatica Extract that soothes inflamed skin and promotes skin regeneration. The Klairs midnight blue calming Korean night cream suits all skin types including sensitive skin. 

The thing with skin is that everybody’s is different. What may suit me, may not suit you. If you’ve read other pieces by me, you’ll know that I always recommend a patch test, unless it’s a repurchase.

Top Korean Night Cream 2023

Why is using the best Korean night cream important? 

korean night cream benefits

Our bodies are designed to get to work as soon as we hit the snooze button. Giving the body the raw materials to work with through the night will help it generate actual results and quicker than you’d see otherwise. 

Equipping your skin with a sufficient blob of these all-healing creams will help your skin reverse all the damage it has endured through the day and more!

Your skin has accumulated signs of aging, blemishes and scarring over the years. The ingredients in the night cream are meant to be slow working to cause permanent improvement in the deepest layers of the skin. But make sure that you pick the best Korean night cream that’s suited for your skin typ.

Here’s a tip: apply on your night cream 20 minutes before getting in bed to avoid letting your pillowcase take the brunt of it.

Benefits of using a Korean night cream:

  • Boosts collagen production 
  • Helps your skin look plumpier and firm 
  • Restores hydration 
  • Evens out complexion 
  • Increases skin elasitcity 
  • Active ingredients penetrate better at night 
  • Doesnt let the skin sag
  • Helps in cell renewal

Ingredients to avoid in the night cream

Cosmetics usually are loaded with so many ingredients that it can be very simple to miss one that may cause harm to your skin. None of this is a thumb rule, but if you spot some of these ingredients that I am going to talk about, I’d suggest reconsidering your purchase decision.

  • Urea

While surfing the net for best Korean night creams,  I spotted urea in some of them. They aren’t absolutely harmful but they are intended to treat dermatitis or psoriasis. It is usually a medically prescribed ingredient that may not suit everyone and definitely not people under 30. Their skin is not equipped to handle it.

Urea is also seen as imidazolidinyl in some products. Unless you have bad itching and flakiness on your skin, simply avoid it.

  • SLS and parabens

You probably heard this a lot — avoid products that have SLS and parabens. And for good reason. The reason for parabens being added to your cosmetics is to kill the bacteria and ensure longer shelf life. That is never good. 

Both, SLS and parabens have undergone studies that show they cause additional skin issues that may cause irritation. So make sure that the best Korean night cream you choose for your skin type doesn’t have parabens and SLS.

  • Aluminum

One of the most conflicting and controversial ingredients I have seen in night creams is aluminium. I am not exaggerating, they might be harmless in small amounts and almost eligible, but our bodies have the tendencies to store aluminium that may affect our endocrine system and nervous system which ultimately affects the very simple bodily functions, moods and metabolism.

When choosing the best Korean night cream for your skin type as much as possible avoid night cream with Aluminum.

On a lighter note, a simple precautionary tip. If you have skin that’s prone to acne, avoid everything that has mineral oil, petroleum, beeswax etc, that could clog your pores. As a general rule for all cosmetics, if you have sensitive skin, choose fragrance-free products and if you have dry skin avoid products with denatured alcohol.

How to choose the best Korean night cream for your skin type?

best korean night for dry skin

Your skin type, the ingredients of the best Korean night cream and the texture of the cream go hand in hand when you are choosing your night cream. If you’re slightly older, the age factor also comes into play because you have more to take care of.

In this section, you’ll find advice and tips to choose the best Korean night cream that will work for you based on your skin type. The lines are a bit blurred, so read all the sections anyway, to know what to avoid. The major skin groups are oily, dry and sensitive skin.

How to choose the best Korean night cream for Oily skin

If you can find one, you people with oily skin type must prefer a gel based Korean night cream over one that is cream based. It helps give you the hydration your skin needs without making your skin greasier than it needs to be.

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You don’t have to avoid cream-based Korean night creams altogether, but oil-based products are definitely a big no. 

For those with combination skin types, the kind of skin that has dry patches in some areas but is oily overall or vice versa, your safest bet is to get gel-based Korean night creams. You can’t combat the oiliness with cream based night creams.

Now about the reason — people with oily/combination skin types lack water in their skin. Gel based creams become the automatic choice, considering they are loaded with water and other humectants that help the hydration. 

Gel based Korean night creams act to draw water from the dermis and bring them to the top. Consequently, this process helps regulate the oil production in the skin.

How to choose the best Korean night cream for dry skin type:

These are completely opposite to dry skin types, so you need emollients and occlusives to bring in the much needed dried out skin. But that doesn’t mean you can skimp out on ingredients that act as humectants for the body.

While humectants help draw out moisture from the dermis to the epidermis, it is the emollients that help seal that moisture and finally the occlusives that create a protective layer on the skin to disable the ability for the moisture to escape. You usually find this formula in cream-based Korean night creams.

The ingredients to look for in the best Korean night cream for dry skin are shea butter and cocoa butter or any other kind of plant butter. In addition to that, creams with argan oil, aloe vera and green tea are also recommended. As you can fairly assume, they are supremely moisturizing and hydrating.

People with dry skin lean ever so slightly towards sensitivity, so they should be wary of products that use synthetic fragrances. This sensitivity can lead to even more dryness in the skin. I usually don’t recommend oil for the face, but ingredients like argan and rosehip oil can be reliable additions to fall back on.

How to choose the best Korean night cream for Sensitive Skin Types:

If you have sensitive skin, your most important job is to read the ingredients label in the Korean night cream you want. The second step would involve doing a patch test. You can do a small patch test with the product on your jaw or the area below your ears. 

Best Korean night creams are usually expensive, so don’t buy something that you know might not suit you. A way to know that for sure is by reading the ingredients label. In the section about ingredients to be wary of, I mentioned aluminium, parabens, SLS and urea. These are ingredients you for sure have to avoid and any best Korean night cream for sensitive skin wouldn’t have these ingredients in the first place. In addition to that, ignore those that have synthetic fragrances.

As far as the texture of the night cream goes, I’d suggest opting for cream-based choices, owing to how quickly your skin may get irritated and dry.

Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream

Best Korean Night Cream for Sensitive Skin

This is a repair and prevention cream, leaning more towards preparing your skin overnight to take the makeup, chemicals, sun and pollution the next day while ensuring your skin stays safe and happy.

The whole jar is filled with the goodness of Guaiazulene and Centella Asiatica Extract that I can scoop out with a little scooper it comes along with. The former has a calming effect on inflammation and helps calm the tissues, whereas the latter helps in the regeneration of skin cells where there is damaged skin while also helping prevent scarring.

I gifted this to my friend who has a severe case of rosacea. It used to seem like she painted her nose and cheeks red. But over five nights, it started to seem like she just put a little too much pink blush. It was a massive difference. 

I would recommend this Korean night cream only to those who have damaged and sensitive skin because you can really see the skin reversal.

I want to obsess about the color a little bit. Let me start by saying that it is not artificially added. Nature made this periwinkle blue! 

The colour actually comes from the guaiazulene which is extracted from chamomile. I only wish Klairs had taken this opportunity and made the packaging blue too!

Check out the best Korean night cream by Dear Klairs below!


  • Best for damaged and sensitive skin
  • Natural colour
  • Calming and soothing effect 
  • Good for pore care
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-like gel texture 


  • No value for money 


  • Ingredients: 10/10
  • Efficacy: 9.5/10
  • Hydration level: 9/10
  • Affordability: 7/10

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Wrinkle Care Revitalize EGF Retinol Cream

image 15

I recently incorporated the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Wrinkle Care Revitalize EGF Retinol Cream into my nighttime skincare routine, and I must say, it’s been a delightful addition to my regimen. Here’s my experience with this product:

First off, the texture of this cream is luxuriously rich and creamy. It feels incredibly indulgent as I apply it to my skin. It’s not overly thick, though, and it spreads smoothly, which makes it easy to work into my skin.

Now, let’s talk about the ingredients. This cream boasts EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) and retinol, both known for their anti-aging properties. I’ve noticed that with consistent use, my skin appears smoother, and fine lines seem less pronounced. It’s also infused with moisturizing ingredients that leave my skin feeling plump and hydrated.

Despite the retinol content, I haven’t experienced any excessive dryness or irritation. However, I did introduce it gradually into my routine to allow my skin to adjust.

I particularly appreciate the packaging; the pump dispenser keeps the product hygienic and easy to control the amount used.

Overall, the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Wrinkle Care Revitalize EGF Retinol Cream has become a favorite in my anti-aging arsenal. It’s effective, nourishing, and a little goes a long way.

how to use a korean serum in skincare


  • Luxuriously rich and creamy texture.
  • Contains EGF and retinol for anti-aging benefits.
  • Provides deep hydration without feeling greasy.
  • Gradual introduction minimizes irritation.
  • Convenient and hygienic pump dispenser.
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  • May not be suitable for very sensitive skin.
  • Potent ingredients require careful introduction


  • Ingredients: 9.5/10
  • Efficacy: 9/10
  • Hydration level: 8.5/10
  • Affordability: 9.5/10

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask

is lanegie good for dry skin

The LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask has been a staple in my nighttime skincare routine for quite some time now, and it’s become one of my holy grail products. Here’s why:

This gel-textured mask feels incredibly lightweight on the skin, making it perfect for those who prefer a non-greasy and refreshing sensation. I love how it instantly hydrates and soothes my skin, especially after a long day.

The star ingredient here is the Moisture Wrap™ technology, which forms a protective layer over the skin, locking in moisture and allowing my skin to absorb the active ingredients more effectively. I’ve noticed that when I wake up in the morning after using this mask, my skin feels plump, refreshed, and noticeably more hydrated.

The subtle, soothing fragrance is a bonus for creating a relaxing bedtime atmosphere. I also appreciate the versatility of this product; it can be used as an overnight mask or as a quick hydrating boost in the daytime when my skin needs a pick-me-up.

The packaging is sleek and practical with its screw-on cap, ensuring that the product remains fresh. However, I do recommend using the included spatula to maintain hygiene.

In summary, the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask is a must-have for anyone seeking deep hydration, and it’s particularly suitable for those with dry or dehydrated skin.

how to use laneige mask for skin


  • Lightweight, non-greasy gel texture.
  • Intense hydration and skin soothing.
  • Moisture Wrap™ technology locks in moisture.
  • Versatile for overnight or daytime use.
  • Pleasant, relaxing fragrance.
  • Practical and hygienic packaging.


  • May not be suitable for those with fragrance sensitivities.


  • Results in clear and radiant skin
  • Unscented  
  • Benefitting ingredients 
  • For dry and dehydrated skin
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-like gel texture 


  • No value for money 


  • Ingredients: 9/10
  • Efficacy: 9.5/10
  • Hydration level: 10/10
  • Affordability: 7/10

Seoul Ceuticals Snail Repair Cream

Best Korean Night Cream for Aging Skin

You won’t even know there’s snail mucin in this cream even though there’s about 97.5% of its extract. Our star ingredient makes this all-in-one cream a hero! Snail mucin has scientifically proven effects on fine lines that form over time on the skin.

This works especially well for people with mature skin that has a lot of fine lines. This was not even my own purchase. My mother bought it for herself. I suppose my reviews and going on about this and that ingredient really rubbed off on her.

She did make an informed purchase after all. She looks like she is 40 (but she really is 55, shh, no one needs to know). The jar lasted her for about 4 months, no kidding. 

It really impresses me to see that all the active ingredients used are derived from nature. Front he mucin itself to organic aloe, shea butter, green tea, vitamin E and jojoba oil as well. Also, it is lightweight enough to be worn during the day on your face and neck.

This is also the best Korean night cream for acne prone skin and sensitive skin.

Check out the best Korean night cream by Seoul Ceuticals below!

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NEOGEN Joan Day and Night Vita Duo Cream

Best Korean Night Cream for Dry Skin

Honestly, this was a purchase I made on a whim at an airport store. I forgot to put a moisturizer in my bag, for night or day and I was going out of town for a week! You’d think I could have just bought something after I landed, but if you really knew me, you’d know the anxiety that surged through my body.

Well, wasn’t it a blessing for me to find a tiny, travel friendly jar that fit into my tote as I boarded the plane, and even more so, one that has sections for both. I didn’t even know who Joan Kim was. Nevertheless, I am addicted to her videos now.

Now the jar has two different formulas for day and night each. The day cream is loaded with refreshing Vitamin C that helps keep my skin fresh and bright all day long. The night cream however has Vitamin E and green tea, infused with lavender scent and extracts, that somehow overcame me and helped foster a good night’s sleep. 

But this blog is about skin care, so yes, the gel-like consistency was comforting on the skin too. In fact, the night cream worked as a great primer before my make-up the next day. Man, I was underprepared for this trip! It didn’t seem to last me too long anyway, but I would buy it again, perhaps for another (hopefully) well-planned trip.

Check out the best Korean night cream by Neogen below!

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Saturday Skin Waterfall Glacier Water Cream

Best Korean Night Cream for Oily Skin

This was a pleasantly surprising find! It is hard to come across a product that combats pores and dryness at the same time. Products with pore care usually deal with oil control as well. AND I DON’T WANT THAT. I have dry skin and I have pores too. 

This completely vegan product helped me sort that out for real. Wait till you hear the ingredients.

The texture is quite thick, but I really don’t mind that because it’s a thick gel. My skin desperately needed intense hydration at that point. I didn’t quite understand then how Alaska glacier water and Iceland moss could formulate something so thick. 

The combination of the two, in addition to the multitude of peptides in the cream, helped my skin become calm from all the itchy flakiness and also protected my skin from free radicals.

My skin genuinely felt hydrated each morning that I woke up. Additionally, it felt safe to use during the day as well. It was sort of a cute pink multipurpose jar because it acted as a primer too. 

Do you know what a relief it is to not layer so much under the make-up? After all, aren’t we all trying to achieve a light, supple feeling day and night?

Saturday Skin Waterfall Night Cream is also the best Korean night cream for combination skin. 

Check out the best Korean night cream by Saturday Skin below!

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Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Cream

Best Korean Night Cream for Damaged Skin

I wouldn’t call this cream a miracle worker, but my skin did seem to really like it. You don’t need more than about half a pea sized drop on your finger tips. Yes, make sure to scoop it out of the jar and put it on your fingertips and not your palms. It is quite fast absorbing, so you don’t want it to get lost in the palm of your hands.

Let me tell you how it worked for me — the cream claims to have 9 active ingredients that work together to eliminate the nine signs of ageing. The cream is aimed to target the dryness, wrinkles, fine lines, flakiness, darkening, blemishes, enlarged pores, parched skin and reduced skin elasticity in the face.

I scooped it out of the little jar with my own spatula, I suggest you do the same, and directly applied it to my face. After just the first use, my skin felt a new kind of suppleness and lightness. The morning puffiness seemed to disappear and my skin felt plump. Do you know how you wiggle a baby’s cheeks? I may have done that to myself. 

Even when I applied it before bed, I felt a soothing calmness come over me. Although, the mild fresh fragrance may have played a role in that.

This Korean night cream is a divine concoction of sodium hyaluronate and squalene, in addition to the Jeju complex. Both face the decline of natural production in the body as you age. They work to hydrate the skin and squalene particularly is rich in antioxidants that helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and even reverses UV damage.

I don’t use it as often as I used to anymore because it is a bit too creamy for me. This is a Korean night cream that I will definitely pull out in the winters!

Check out the best Korean night cream by Innisfree below!

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Based on all the tests conducted, here’s my final verdict on the best Korean night cream:

The Dear, Klairs midnight blue calming cream is the best Korean night cream because it created the best, most visible impact on my skin in the most healing manner possible. I mentioned my friend’s review for impact, but my own experience was unmatched as well. 

I always woke up with patches on my skin and sometimes whiteheads. But ever since I started using the Dear, Klairs midnight blue calming cream in the night, my skin never broke out, the patches were gone and I seemed to have an even skin tone and texture.

Best Korean Night Cream: FAQs

Do night creams really work?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, it is in the night that the skin really starts to get to work. Not only is it providing nourishment to the skin, but it is also renewing the skin cells. Night creams are heavy because they are loaded with ingredients targeted towards such concerns.

Should I use a Korean night cream every night?

If you use a daytime cream every morning, it is only fair that you use one at night as well. Your skin has different needs at different times of the day. Additionally, your skin also needs moisture before sleep every day after your pre-bedtime wash. To ensure your skin remains hydrated through the night, we do need to use a night cream every day.

Which is better — night cream or serum?

Know that all skins have different needs. I wouldn’t suggest serums to people with oily skin because most serums are oil based. On the other hand, serums do act quicker than night creams because of their lighter nature. They also penetrate the skin deeper and have a targeted approach because of the lack of inactive ingredients that make the thick cream in night creams. There is no one answer to which is better.

How should I layer my night cream?

A general rule of thumb suggests, and rationally so, that lighter products go first and then be layered on top with richer, heavier products. It makes sense because a lighter product will find it harder to penetrate through a heavier product. Serums go before night creams if you use both. If your eye cream is heavier than your night cream that goes later too. You be the judge of that.


In conclusion, selecting the best Korean night cream is a vital step in crafting a comprehensive and effective nighttime skincare routine. Korean skincare has gained widespread acclaim for its innovative formulations, quality ingredients, and dedication to achieving healthy, radiant skin.

Throughout this article, we’ve explored some of the finest Korean night creams available, each offering unique benefits tailored to various skin types and concerns. From intense hydration and wrinkle reduction to brightening effects and the restoration of skin’s natural elasticity, these night creams are powerful tools in the pursuit of a more youthful and revitalized complexion.

However, it’s important to remember that the effectiveness of a night cream is significantly influenced by your individual skin type and concerns. What works wonders for one person may not yield the same results for another. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess your own skin’s needs and preferences when making your selection.

By incorporating a top-notch Korean night cream into your nightly skincare regimen, you’re not just following a trend; you’re investing in the long-term health and beauty of your skin. Quality night creams provide essential nourishment, repair, and protection while you sleep, helping you wake up with skin that feels refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day.

In the world of Korean skincare, the choices are abundant, and the pursuit of the best night cream can be a delightful and rewarding journey. Take your time to explore the options available, consider your skin’s unique requirements, and find the Korean night cream that will help you achieve your skincare goals. Embrace this nightly ritual, and your skin will thank you with a radiant and youthful glow that stands the test of time.

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Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream
best korean night cream

Wake up with soft, supple skin by applying the best Korean night cream before bed. Our favorite one is the Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Cream. Read on to find the reviews of more Korean night creams and find the one that best suits your skin!

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