12 Best Korean Setting Spray 2023 | For Makeup That Stays All Day Long!

by Jih Yun

Set your makeup right to look stylish all day with the best Korean setting spray! Here are the best ones you should be checking out. Pick one for your skin type and need! 

To keep your makeup on the whole day, fresh and perfect, like you “just” applied it, spray on some Korean Setting Spray.

Like all Korean skincare and makeup products, these setting sprays come with so many nourishing and skin protecting ingredients that not only keep your foundation and makeup intact, but also make your skin healthier and keep it hydrated! 

Best Korean Setting Spray — Quick Summary

Best Korean Setting SprayBest For
So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting FixerSmudge Free Makeup
Real Matte Make Up Setting FixxA Matte Finish
Essence Glow To Go Illuminating Setting Spray A Beautiful Glow
Essence Instant Matt Make-up Setting SprayA Matte Finish
YURICA Face ShieldSebum Control
ESPOIR Oil Cut FixerOily Skin
The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty CelebrateAcne Prone Skin
UNICONIC Glow Makeup Setting SprayAll skin types

Which is the Best Korean Setting Spray?

I tried out a lot of Korean Setting Sprays to find you the Best Korean Setting Spray. I tested them based on the coverage, application, formula and finish. I found that the So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer is the Best Korean Setting Spray.

The So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer has elements of setting the makeup and keeping it intact. The spray is very fine, forming a very thin mist on the skin. It also has ingredients like Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Oil which keep acne and breakouts away, but also nourish the skin and help it repair.

Check out below for the Best Korean Setting Sprays that you can choose from:

Our Top Picks For Best Korean Setting Spray

  1. So Natural All Day Tight Make Up Setting Fixer – suitable for most skin types
  2. Real Matte Make Up Setting Fixx – gives a matte finish

Top Korean Setting Spray 2023


Best Korean Setting Spray For Smudge Free Makeup

The first setting spray I tried was one of the most popular Korean makeup setting spray, the So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer.

I chose to try this first as it claimed to be amazing for any type of skin, as this setting spray comes loaded with natural ingredients like Centella asiatica and tea tree oil that do not just set your makeup but also protect and nourish the skin. This I found quite interesting!

After I used this makeup spray, it quickly became one of my favorites ones cause it felt really light on my skin. Unlike, some other setting sprays I’ve used that leave my skin too dry or too shiny.

I also liked that it lets out a microfine mist that just sits perfectly on my skin. It takes a few seconds to set and then it’s like I never put anything on and I didn’t have to worry about retouching my makeup for the rest of the day!

And unlike a lot of other chemical-based setting sprays this natural product won’t irritate your sensitive skin. So if you’ve got this skin type or acne, you can go for it!

Key Features:

  • Contains centella asiatica, tea tree oil and lemon extracts in the ingredients
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
  • Keeps away breakouts and helps skin heal
  • Keeps makeup fresh and intact, shielding it from sebum and sweat
  • Sprays a very fine mist


  • Can be used on acne-prone skin
  • Contains Centella Asiatica that nourishes skin and makes it soft
  • Looks natural on the skin as it has a microfine mist


  • Nothing according to me

Real Matte Make Up Setting Fixx

Best Korean Setting Spray For A Matte Finish

So Natural is famous K-beauty brand and has quite a few setting sprays in its range, so obviously I had to try more of this brand’s line.

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After using the Real Matte Makeup Setting Fixx, I can safely say that it is my recommendation if you have oily or combination skin. 

Unlike most setting sprays which are liquid based, this one is powder-based and gives a matte finish to your face. So you get the oil-control of a setting powder without the cakey look! Fantastic right?

On first use this make up setting spray kept my makeup intact for almost 12 hours. And I made sure I was out a lot, so boy did it work!

And when I removed my makeup at the end of the day, I realised a lot more foundation on my face than I usually do at the end of the day. Which means that this Korean setting spray really did work. You should definitely give this a try!

Coming to the fragrance, I noticed a strong alcohol scent when I spritz it on first. But then that fades away and is replaced with a floral scent which I really liked!

But then I do feel it might not be appropriate if you have very sensitive skin or conditions like eczema as the perfume can lead to irritation.

My skin is combination leaning towards oily so I naturally loved this product, however, I really doubt it’s usefulness to dry skin.

If you have dry skin, I sincerely think you should opt for the So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer instead. It is more hydrating.

Key Features:

  • Contains centella asiatica, lemon extracts and tea tree extracts which are good for acne prone skin
  • Forms a shield on the makeup, keeping it from melting away
  • Oil control formula
  • Leaves a matte finish on the skin
  • Has a fresh cottony powder scent


  • Ideal for combination and oily skin types as it has a powder formula
  • Lovely powdery scent that refreshes
  • Nitrogen powered mist keeps makeup on all day long


  • Some people might have sensitivities to the perfume added to it
  • The powder formula can settle into the creases if used on dry skin

Essence Instant Matt Make-up Setting Spray

Best Korean Setting Spray For A Matte Finish

best setting spray for oily skin Korean

Another setting spray that I tried from Essence is the Instant Matte Make-up Setting Spray. I found that it is a great product for those with oily skin or combination skin as it has an oil free formula that gives you a matte finish.

But unlike the So Natural spray that I’ve reviewed above it isn’t powder-based. So if you prefer a liquid formula but want one that gives oil-control this is it.

My favorite part about this setting spray is that it is fragrance free. So there are no perfumes at all that can irritate or inflame sensitive skin in any way.

I also appreciated the fact that this product was vegan and cruelty-free. I think it was a great initiative.

However when it comes to setting makeup, it fell short of my expectations. My makeup began to run in just a few hours, especially since it was hot outside.

Honestly, it if you wear very light makeup and have sensitive skin or want something eco-friendly this is a good pick. But for regular makeup wearers, heavy makeup, etc. you’re better of with something from So Natural setting spray lines, even if there’s a bit of perfume.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, non-greasy formula
  • Leaves a matte finish
  • Oil-free setting spray
  • Can be used on oily and combination skin


  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Very lightweight formula that is good if you have clogged pores
  • Vegan and cruelty-free product
  • It doesn’t contain any added perfume so it’s good for sensitive skin


  • Not that strong at holding makeup together

YURICA Face Shield

Best Korean Setting Spray For Sebum Control

I’ve been using the Yurica Face Shield for a few weeks now, and I have to say that I’m really impressed. Not only does it reduce oiliness, but it also adds hydration and keeps my skin glowing.

The fine mist setting is great because it allows me to set my makeup without it feeling heavy or cakey.

I also love how the The face shield comes in a sleek black packaging with a simple and easy-to-use dropper. So the packaging gets a 10/10 from me!

The face shield is made up of 98% natural ingredients, which gives your skin the benefits of pure flower and fruit extracts while controlling the excess oil produced either naturally by the skin or due to your makeup.

And the best part? It’s all natural, so you know that you’re getting the benefits of pure flower and fruit extracts while controlling the excess oil produced either naturally by the skin or due to your makeup.

If you’re looking for a face shield that will give your skin the benefits of pure flower and fruit extracts while controlling the excess oil produced either naturally by the skin or due to your makeup, then I highly recommend this Face Shield.

Key Features:

  • Contains flower and fruit extracts as the active ingredients
  • Control excess sebum produced in the skin
  • Sprays a very fine mist as it contains micro-sized hydro particles
  • Nourishes the skin


  • Good for combination and oily skin

ESPOIR Oil Cut Fixer

Best Korean Setting Spray For Oily Skin

Another fantastic setting spray by Espoir is the Oil Cut Fixer meant for oily and combination skin. Avoid your makeup from melting all over with this setting spray that controls controls the oil produced and leaves a matte finish.

Key Features:

  • Contains centella asiatica extracts
  • Soothes the skin and encourages skin healing
  • Very fine mist that locks in the makeup
  • Controls excess sebum produced in the skin
  • Leaves a matte finish
  • Hydrates the skin without making it greasy


  • Hydrates the skin even while controlling the sebum

The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty Celebrate

Best Korean Setting Spray For Acne Prone Skin

Acne prone skin needs skin care products that are soothing and calming, and The Creme Shop x Hello Kitty Celebrate does just that, beside setting your makeup. 

Key Features:

  • Contains Rose Water and Diamond Extracts as the primary ingredients
  • Rose Water soothes and tones the skin
  • Brings down irritation and inflammation
  • Diamond extracts nourish the skin, exfoliate and have anti aging properties
  • Sets makeup and keeps your face looking fresh all day


  • A good setting spray for acne prone and mature skin

UNICONIC Glow Makeup Setting Spray

Best Korean Setting Spray For All Skin Types

Uniconic Glow Makeup Setting Spray gives you the much desired evenly blended look, while also soothing it, cooling it and keeping skin free or irritation. It moisturizes the skin without making it extra oily or greasy. 

Key Features:

  • Contains mint extracts, lemon balm extracts and oregano extracts
  • Cool the skin, calm it and soothe it
  • Non-greasy, lightweight formula
  • Hydrates the skin 
  • Very fine mist that covers the skin
  • Keeps makeup fresh all day


  • Ingredients are soothing for the skin

Blithe Inbetween Aurora Second Skin Makeup Spray

Blithe Inbetween has a range of makeup primers that come in different forms like essence, mist, and variations of creams. This face mist can be used before applying makeup as a primer or moisturizer and also after makeup to fix the application. The hydrating mist provides your skin a natural glowy finish.

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Key Features:

  • Prepares the skin before applying makeup and gives a natural finish after applying makeup.
  • Formulated with 5 layers of ceramide that helps to maintain hydration in the skin and strengthens the barrier.
  • Fixes makeup and prevents it from looking chalky
  • Free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oils and harmful substances.
  • Vegan friendly, environmental friendly and cruelty free.
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  • Best for oily, combination, normal and dry skin.

Mistian Deep Moisturizing Korean Essence Mist Facial Spray

Mistian Deep Moisturizing Facial Spray is here to give you that matte and natural finish you want after makeup application. It’s formulated with natural ingredients that restores moisture in your skin and to give you long lasting hydration throughout the day. The spray gives off a light mist that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and removes excess oil from the surface. It also helps to lock your makeup without having to touch up every hour. 

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Key Features:

  • Formulated with natural ingredients like rose water, witch hazel, collagen and hyaluronic acid. 
  • Gives off a natural rose scent that isn’t overwhelming
  • Smooth essence is easily absorbed on the skin and doesn’t leave any grease on the surface.
  • Sprays out evenly on the face and provides a matte finish.
  • Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic.
  • Hydrates and nourishes skin instantly.


  • Suitable for all age and skin types.
  • Alcohol free and does not contain any chemicals.
  • Can be used all over the body.

How do makeup setting sprays work?

Makeup setting sprays work to get rid of the powdery substance of your makeup, giving it more of a blended look. They also form a shield on your skin so that as you go through your day, all the sweating, touching your face and general humidity does not melt or smudge your makeup. 

What are the different types of Korean setting sprays?

There are two types of setting sprays. One acts as a “fixer” which protects your skin from the functions and effects of your day, like smudging and spreading because of sweat. The second function which is the basis for all setting sprays is including ingredients that dissolve the powdery part of your makeup, giving it a more blended look. 

How to choose the best Korean setting spray?

Makeup setting sprays come particularly handy for those with oily or combination skin, as their skin is more prone to sweat and turn greasy. However, you must choose a makeup setting spray depending on your skin type, just the way you would choose any skincare and makeup product. For dry or normal skin, go for a hydrating setting spray. If you have oily skin, choose one that has sebum controlling ingredients, or one that gives you a matte finish. 

How do I use the Korean makeup setting spray?

Use a makeup setting spray just the way you would use your hairspray. 

  • First, wait for all your makeup to dry completely, especially your mascara
  • Second, take a deep breath and close your eyes
  • Next, holding the spray container at arm’s length, spray it in an “X” and a “T” shape across your face. This ensures that the spray is more of a fine mist

Take care not to hold it too close to your face as that might result in too much product on your face, making your makeup run.

So those were the top Korean setting sprays and powders, I hope with my reviews I helped you find the right product for your skin type.

A setting spray is absolutely essential if you’re a regular makeup wearer as it helps prevent makeup from running, melting or smudging. It keeps you looking fresh for longer!

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So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer
best korean setting spray

Set your makeup and let it look perfect all day with this best Korean setting spray. The So Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixer is good for dry skin. Check it out!

Product SKU: 000987UHJ678

Product Brand: So Natural

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 22.00

Price Valid Until: 2023-06-04

Product In-Stock: InStock

Editor's Rating:


  • Keeps makeup intact for more than 12 hours
  • Contains centella asiatica that hydrates dry skin
  • Won't look greasy or flaky on skin


  • Won't work as well for oily skin
  • Contains added perfumes

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