How Korean Girls Style Their Bangs 2023 | Types of Bangs and How To Get Them!

by Jih Yun

Looking for hairs-piration? Get cute hair bangs just like the Korean k-pop stars in the Korean fashion world! Here’s how Korean girls style their bangs. Check it out!

Bangs are cool, Bangs are fun! We all love bangs but at some point or the other, we have been the victim of a bad haircut, forcing us to pin up those bangs until our hair grows out. 

If you’re thinking of getting bangs – Korean style bangs are the best way to go! Maintaining them is super-easy and styling them doesn’t require much time.

Here’s the detailed guide to how Korean girls style their bangs:

How Korean girls style their bangs?

Styling your bangs like Korean girls is easy. Curl your bangs inwards using hair rollers, straightener, thin curling iron, or rolling hair brush and blow dryer. After that you can style the rest of your hair however you like.
Depending on the thickness of your hair either use hair rollers and hair straighter, thin curling iron, or rolling hairbrush and blow dryer. Curl your bangs inwards either using hair rollers on damp hair and then blow-dry it or thin curling iron.
You can even use a rolling hairbrush and a blow dryer to curl your bangs inwards. If your using hair rollers, use a hair straightener to set your bangs in place after you remove the hair rollers. Then style the rest of your hair as your desire and accessorize with pins, ribbons, hats, or caps!

How Korean Girls Style Their Bangs

What Are The Types of Korean Bangs

There are a few different types of bangs, but based on the direction of the bangs, the most common are: side bangs, middle bangs, and front bangs. Here’s a quick overview of each:

  • Side Bangs and Regular Bangs

Now if you’re going to divide the bangs based on the thickness of the hair, they can be:

  • Wispy bangs, Blunt bangs, Normal full forehead bangs

And finally, based on the length of the bangs are:

  • Baby bangs, Eyebrow-sweeping bangs, and regular-length (above eyebrow) bangs, Curtain bangs (graduates from short to long)

Most popular Korean bangs hairstyle

Korean bangs
how to make korean bangs
types of korean bangs

  • Items you will need to style your bangs like the Koreans:

To get perfect looking curled bangs or straight like the K-pop celebs have, you don’t need too many pieces of equipment. In fact, you might already have most of the tools you require to get bangs that are super cool. 

A blow dryer, a straightening iron and some hair rollers – that’s all you need!

how to get korean bangs

If you don’t have hair rollers, do get yourself some as these are one of the most important items you will require for styling your bangs like the Koreans. 

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See-through Bangs Or Air Bangs

Best Korean Bangs Hairstyle For Round Face

These are soft, feminine bangs that can fall right down to your eyebrows. If styled right, they can give you a girly, cute look. Most Korean actresses and celebrities get see-through bangs as these beautifully frame the face and soften the contours. They go well with any length of hair as well. 

air bangs

This is a fantastic option for those who have a wide forehead. You can also sweep these bangs to the side to give yourself a different look once in a while. 

korean long side bangs

The peek-a-boo effect of these bangs gives off a sweet, romantic effect. 

The problem with the see-through bangs is that if the weather is humid and your hair is frizzy or curly, the bangs will roll right up and look very weird. 

Also, this will require frequent trims as it will irritate your eyes if it grows too long. 

Keep the rest of your hair frizz-free by straightening it out or blow drying it. You could add some curls to the ends of your hair to soften the look. 

Pros of getting See-through bangs: 

  • Best for those with a wide forehead
  • Softens contours
  • Sweet, cute look 

Cons of getting see-through bangs:

  • See-through bangs may roll up if your hair gets frizzy 
  • Requires frequent trims

Solution: Use a hair straightener or blow-dryer to keep the frizzy hair at bay

How Korean girls style see-through bangs?

Divide your bangs into three parts one section to the left, one section to the right, and your main bangs in the middle. Using a hair straightener, curl it inwards to create soft, see through bangs. It will perfectly lay on your forehead with that soft bouncy look!

Does Korean Bangs suits round face?

For round face, it’s important to make the face look slightly elongated. This can be easily done with side Korean bangs. Cover the side of your face with curtain side bangs to give slimmer look to your face

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Korean Style Choppy Bangs

Best Korean Bangs For Square Face

These are hugely popular in Korea but they are not suitable for everyone. These are shorter bangs, fringe types of bangs that frame just about half the forehead. 

They do take years off your face and make you look much younger. This is a good style for teenagers and those in college, especially when you want to explore your look and try out new things. It give you a bold and funk look!

types of korean bangs

While see-through bangs work well if you have thin hair, these bangs have to be cut sharp and look great if you have plentiful thick hair. 

These bangs really show off the shape of your face and draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows. 

korean short bangs

For bangs like this, keep your hair short or long, but make sure it’s free of frizz and smooth. Iron out your bangs using a small straightening iron to keep them neat.

Do experiment and decide if this is a look you can pull off!


  • Makes you look younger 
  • Dares attention to eyes and eyebrows

How Korean girls style choppy bangs?

While your hair is still a bit damp, use a flat hair brush to comb your brush. Comb your bangs to the left and let your blow dryer follow the motion of the brush and then comb your bangs to the right and let your blow dryer follow the motion of brush. Repeat this process until your bangs are completely dry. Use your fingers to set the bangs in place and use hair spray to set your hair!

Korean Style Wispy Bangs

Best Korean Bangs for “Just out of bed” look

Korean women mostly keep their whole appearance very smoothened out, be it their clothes or their makeup or their hair. We rarely find a fashionable Korean girl with uneven skin tone or frizzy hair. 

However, with the bangs, we now see that some of them are experimenting with the ruffled look. 

korean curtain bangs

Do notice that even though it looks like a deliberately messy look, the hair is still quite smooth and has no frizz. 

Work this look by combing up your hair with your fingers and drawing it into a high bun. Using your fingertips, slightly pull the bun apart to fluff it out, making it look like a knot. 

Iron out your bangs but again, using your fingertips, ruffle them a bit for that uncombed look. 

how korean girl style their bangs 2020

This is a great look to try for those nerdy study group days or classes where you don’t want your hair all over your face while making sure you still look cute and pretty. 

Pros of wispy bangs:

  • Effortless look
  • Easy to do

How Korean girls style wispy bangs?

Take a very thick section of your bangs and curl it inwards using a straightener. Do the same for the rest of the sections of your bangs. After that lightly ruffle your bangs up using your fingers for a slightly messy look. Your bangs will now look soft and messy. And that’s basically wispy bangs for you!

Korean Style Curtain Bangs 

Best Korean Bangs To Make Face Look Slimmer

Korean curtain bangs are great for beginners. It has a centre parting so the bangs fall to either side of your face. Also this is a great way to make your face look slimmer! It’s a common Korean style bangs that’s worn by several Korean celebs. 

How do Korean girls style curtain bangs?

Make sure your fringe is a little damp. Pull your fringe to the front and keep the rest of your hair tied back, basically just get it out of the way. Now using a roller brush and a hair dryer, blow dry the right side of your fringe pulling it to the left and the left side of your fringe pulling it to the right side of your face. 

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Now create a clean centre parting to your hair. Use the rolling hair brush and rolling the right side of fringe outwards but pull the fringe towards the right side of your face as you blow dry it. Do the same with the other side as well. Now let your cool down for a few seconds. You can blow dry the rest of your hair till then. 

Now blast your hair dryer right on the fringe. And pull your fringe in position, parting it. 

Here’s a quick tutorial:

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are a great option to go for if you want to take the attention away from a wide forehead. It also helps take the attention away from, say, pimple forming on your nose. Ultimately, it gives you a sweet look and make you look way younger.

For a more feminine dainty look, you can create curly, long bangs that will frame your face. Alternatively, you can also make your curly bangs look like air bangs to give a more adorable, doll-like look.

How do Korean girls style curly bangs?

To style your Korean curly bangs, you’ll need a curling iron.

Start by part your fringe however you like. Take a small section of your fringe and curl it inwards using the curling iron. This should give you bouncy curls.

While your curls are still hot, either scrunch it to create tighter curls or if you want it to be more like lose waves then just stretch it out.

DO the same for the rest of your fringe. Make sure you curl the hair on the sides of your face too. Curling them inwards is the best things to do. It frames frace and makes your face look thinner.

Nest arrange your curls using your fingers and separate them a but to cover your forehead and spread it uniformly. To make sure that it lasts longer, you can apply hairspray!

Subtly Curled Korean Bangs

You’ll see Korean girls walking around in streets of Seoul with actual rollers on their hair. This is because rollers are extremely important to have perfectly curled banged. It creates voluminous bangs to frame the face.

How Korean Girls Curl Their Bangs?

If you want the bangs to perfectly frame your face then take the mid section of your bangs and curl them inward by placing the hair roller directly underneath it. When you take the roller out later, the bangs will softly lay curled inward and against your forehead.

Roll the side pieces of your bangs inward too to frame your face.

For the side pieces, you roll them inward so it creates a face framing portrait. You can choose to use a hair dryer on top of this for a few minutes to help set it or even use heated hair rollers.

If you don’t like using heat on your hair then leave the hair rollers on overnight to let it set.

Style the rest of your hair to complement your bangs:

Once your bangs are taken care of, the rest of your hair is relatively easy to style to complement your bangs. The length of your hair doesn’t really matter here. You could have short or medium length to longish hair and you could style it in such a way that the focus is on your bangs. 

air bangs

If you want to put your hair up, leave a few strands of hair twisted and wavy looking on the sides of your face to give it that soft appeal.

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Accessorise your hair to bring the focus to your bangs:

You’ll see Korean girls often style their hair with accessories. Not that just simple bangs are boring, but when we see the accessories they add, we do see the point. 

Small subtle accessories without over-doing it really does glam up the bangs. Here are some ideas for you to up the glam factor of your bangs and always keep it interesting and stylish:

Add some nice hair accessories like a bow or a jewelled hairband to up the prettiness quotient.

korean hair style

Hats are a nice way of adding charm to your face. Get a few hats in delicate crochet and pastel shades to give your face that youthful appearance. 

korean choppy bangs
how to korean bangs hair style

Ribbons, funky hair clips and pins are all great accessories you can experiment with. Try them in different colours, bright and subtle and get yourself some that are bejewelled as well to add some sparkle to your hair.

korean wispy bangs

Highlights are a great way to add some colour and make your hair look interesting. Choose a colour that suits your hair as well as skin tone. 

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Style the rest of your hair to keep it wavy. You can achieve this look by using an iron to twist it around a bit and let it fall around your face. 

You could even take it a notch higher and ruffle up the hair framing your face to make it feel a little fuller. 

#1 — See Through Bangs Korean Style

Korean style curtain bangs for slimmer face

see through bangs korean style
Source: Pinterest
korean baby hair bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean bangs with glasses
Source: Pinterest

#2 — Korean Bangs With Glasses

korean side swept bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean bangs for heart-shaped face
Source: Pinterest
Korean short bangs
Source: Pinterest

#3 — Korean Long Side Bangs

This style of Korean bangs is perfect for wide or short face shapes

see through bangs korean style
Source: Pinterest

#4 — Korean Side Swept Bangs

korean long side bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean bangs for heart-shaped face
Source: Pinterest
how to cut your own korean see through bangs
Source: Pinterest

#5 — Korean Short Bangs

Korean short bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean bangs hairstyle for round face
Source: Pinterest

#6 — Korean Bangs Hairstyle For Square Face – Female

wispy bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean baby hair bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean bangs with glasses
Source: Pinterest

#7 — Korean Bangs Hairstyle For Round Face

korean long side bangs
Source: Pinterest
korean side swept bangs
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How Do I Maintain My Korean-style Bangs

Take good care of your hair:

Any hairstyle looks good when your hair is healthy and maintained well. Make sure that you use good quality hair products and get regular hair trims to keep your hair looking and feeling glossy. A healthy diet adds to the overall look as well. 

Bangs can add a young look to your face. They are kind of a versatile haircut and they go well with any attire you choose to wear and for any occasion, casual or formal. 

When you get a new haircut and the stylist styles those bangs, they look so good and effortless. But a couple of hair washes later, you find that you struggle to get the same smooth effect. Also, it just appears to be so tedious to constantly try and get the hairstyle right. 

Korean hairstyles are some of the best when it comes to setting trends in style and fashion. Korean women know how to take care of the skin and hair, getting the best out of simple tools available. 

Most of the tips given in our article are quite easy to follow and can be done very quickly in the morning before you leave for work or school. Some are a little more elaborate and meant for a party or an evening out. 

No matter what you’re styling for, you can always come back to this article for tips on how to keep those bangs cool, cute or sexy, at all times!

Korean Style Bangs Hairstyle : FAQs

How do Koreans curl their bangs?

There are a few different ways that Koreans curl their bangs, depending on the desired look. For a more natural look, they may simply use a curling iron on lower heat settings. Korean women also often use hot rollers or Velcro rollers to curl their hair.
For a more dramatic look, Koreans may use perm rods or Marcel waves. This creates tighter curls and can be styled in a variety of ways.
Koreans generally have straight hair, so curly bangs are a way to add some dimension and style to their look. By using different techniques, they can create any number of Looks – from soft and natural to bold and outrageous

What are Korean style bangs called?

Korean style bangs can be called a few different things depending on the type of bangs you are looking for. Some of the most popular types of bangs in Korea are see through bangs, choppy bangs, wispy bangs,

Why do Korean girls wear a roller in their bangs?

There are a few different reasons why Korean girls wear a roller in their bangs. The most common reason is because it helps to hold the hair in place and keep it from falling down in front of their face. It’s also a popular styling choice because it gives their hair some volume and makes it look fuller. Lastly, many Korean girls wear the roller in their bangs because it helps to create a more defined curved shape for their forehea

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