8 Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands Review 2023 | Which Nail Color Is The Best?

by Jih Yun

Here’s a curated list of best Korean gel nail polish brands that will take your nail art to the next level! 

There is no compromise on the products that Korean industry has to offer. They have a vivid range of products that cater to the skin and the hair and most of them are accepted globally. Which is why the Korean industry is thriving! 

Best Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands: Quick Summary

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How We Tested These Gel Nail Polish Brands?

 We tried out 20+ gel nail polish brands and rated them on the scale of 1 to 10 on the basis of durability, colour variety and safety. Durability was chosen as a criteria to check how long the nail paint stays and is resistant to chipping. 

Variety was important to consider which brands have the most varied colour options to choose from. Safety was one of the most important factors while choosing these gel nail polish brands. In this criteria we looked at the ingredients and checked if it’s suitable for all skin types and if it has any toxic chemicals or not.

Gel nail polishes have only begun being the centre of attraction. How would you like it if we gave you the list from the world famous Korean industry so that you can make the right and worthy choice. 

So here are the best Korean gel nail polish brands.

Top Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands

What to Consider While Buying a Korean Gel Nail Polish?

When you are shopping for the right brand of Korean gel nail polish, there are many different factors you should consider.

Knowing what to look for in a product and what types of features can make a difference in the way the product performs is essential when making the right choice. To help you decide which Korean gel nail polish is the best for you, consider the following factors.

Quality of Ingredients

The first factor to take into account is the quality of the ingredients. Many Korean gel nail polishes contain higher quality materials than other brands. This means that the resulting manicure will be more vibrant and last longer than those created using less expensive polishes.

Check the ingredients list to ensure that the polishes are made with quality ingredients such as protein hydrolysates, vitamin E, and Ceramide. Specific reactions with these ingredients not only makes for a better polish, but also more durable and resilient manicures.

Color Options and Finish

When selecting a product, also survey the color options. For example, Korean gel nails can be found in unique color choices that go beyond the traditional red, pink, or beige hues.

Not all Korean polishes come in diverse color options, but those that do can create a truly unique and personal look. As with any type of manicure, consider the occasion or outfit before selecting a color to ensure the best match with your aesthetic.

Smooth Application

Finally, examine how to effectively apply the polish. While there are traditional methods to apply nail polish, many Korean gel polishes require unique techniques that may be less familiar.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before applying the product to ensure the best results in terms of shine, longevity, and overall look. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable attempting the application on your own, seek out a professional for help.

How do you use Korean gel nail polish?

Korean gel nail polish has become increasingly sought after for its lasting effect and beautiful designs. But how do you get that beautiful manicure look with Korean gel polish? There are a few steps you need to know before you get started.

Cut and Shape Nails

To use Korean gel nail polish, you’ll need to first prep the nails by filing and cutting them to the desired shape and length. Next, you’ll want to clean and shape the cuticles so they are properly groomed.

After this, it’s time to apply a base coat to protect your nails. Once the coat is applied and dried, you can begin to apply the color of your choice.

Pick The Right Shade

When selecting the color, it’s important to pick shades that will work with your style. You can mix and match light and dark hues for a stunning look, or use one color for a more classic vibe.

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Apply First and Second Coats

Once you have chosen the color, use even brush strokes to apply the polish from the root of the nail bed to the tips. Let the first coat dry for a few minutes before adding a second coat to ensure an even finish.

Don’t Forget to Apply A Top Coat

Once the second coat is dry, you can finish your look with a top coat. Top coats provide an extra layer of shine and help protect the underlying color from chipping or fading. Make sure to apply an even layer of the top coat, not forgetting to seal the nail tips.

Korean gel nails can last up to two weeks, provided that you take proper care of them. Immediately after the gel polish has been applied, avoid touching your nails or submerging them in water.

Apply Cuticle Oil For Long Lasting Manicure

If you want to keep your nails looking glossy and vibrant, apply a few drops of cuticle oil on the nail and around the cuticles every other day. This simple step will help to lock in moisture and keep your nails in great condition throughout the two-week period.

There you have it! With these easy steps, you’ll get the perfect Korean gel manicure in no time. And now that you know how to use Korean gel nail polish, you can express the best of your style and enjoy a long-lasting finish.

Gel Nail Polish Vs Regular Nail Polish 

This is a recurring question that has been asked for ages now. What is so special about the gel nail polish that it differs from the regular nail paints you see in the market. 

So here are some of the key differences between gel nail polish and regular nail polish. 

  • Regular nail polishes are the paint that you get in the salon or at home for your mani and pedis. But gel nail polishes are not paint but rather acrylics which are placed on top of the nail to make it seem longer. 
  • The exterior of regular nail polishes are plain unless you choose otherwise. But gel nail polishes have a glossy and smooth finish on top which makes it look even more attractive. 
  • Some regular nail polish brands contain certain elements that can cause the nail bed to get ruined but that’s not the case with acrylics. They can be removed at any time without causing any damage to the nail. 
  • Gel nail polishes can be removed easily at home with a gentle pull whereas nail polish has to be removed using chemicals or other solutions. 

Tips for Applying Korean Gel Polish at Home

  • Shake well before using the gel nail paint as it makes application easier. 
  • Use a nail bounder that bounds the natural nail and the gel nail paint well which gives out a perfect result. 
  • Gel nail paints can be dehydrating so consider investing in a nice cuticle oil that makes your nails strong. 
  • Apply a thin layer if your gel nail polish is thicker or vice versa. 
  • Get a UV lamp to cure your nails. Get a LED UV lamp of at least 36 watts that’s long lasting and also you’d not need to change its bulbs. 
  • Apply SPF on your hands if you’re worried about your hands getting tanned due to UV lamp.

Etude House Play Nail

Etude House Play Nail Color

Etude House Play Nail is one of the top recommended products to buy from this brand. I really love this Korean gel polish because it’s chip resistant and lasts longer than other gel polishes. The nail lacquer doesn’t thicken even if you leave the bottle outside for a while. 

I love how I can adjust the coverage of the gel nail paint on my nails with this polish. The quantity is also great and will definitely last you for a great time with regular usage. There are about 7-8 different glossy colours available to choose from. 

However, I don’t like the thin consistency as you gotta keep applying layers till you’re finally satisfied. Also, it’s a little more expensive than other Korean gel nail polishes. 


  • Chip resistant 
  • Long lasting
  • Great quantity
  • Coverage can be adjusted


  • Thin consistency 
  • No value for money

Essie Gel Nail Polish

image 1

Essie is another favourite gel nail polish brand of mine that’s great for neutral colours like nude, marshmallow, sand tropez etc. This salon quality formula is loved because of its consistency as only a single coating can provide flawless coverage. 

I love this gel nail polish brand as it gives my nails salon finish and dries up extremely quickly. It’s easy to say that I’m obsessed with the colour range and the glossy effect that it has. The brush applicator is extremely smooth and glides on the nails. The formula is vegan as well. This gel nail is extremely affordable. 


  • Affordable
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Vegan
  • Flawless Coverage 


  • Chipping starts after a few days

Makartt Gel Nail Polish

Makartt is a brand which offers you the most exciting water colors which has the interest of nail polish lovers all over the world. 

The shade comes in flower patterns which amps up the creativity bit of the nail polish. The colors that are blended in this gel nail polish compliment each other and offer some subtle yet beautiful colors. If you are looking for something a bit more sassy and less subtle, these shades have got you!

There’s a slip solution for you to use as a base for the nail after which you can apply the first coating followed by the second to strengthen the texture of the nails and give the color a stronger appearance. 

The monochromatic colors from this gel nail polish brand are also very interesting given they have the flowery design. 

The purple color from this gel nail polish brand is our favorite color from this brand. It is a great color to use on your toenails if you have long nails. 

Applying all three layers of the gel nail polish gives you a polished and matte finish. The effect of these nail polishes can last for at least 2 whole weeks which is a long time. 


  • No toxic ingredients
  • Matte shades available 
  • UV lamp comes with set


  • Chips easily 

Lagunamoon Gel Nail Polish 

Lagunamoon  is a brand that swears by safety for the customers by using toxic free ingredients. Same applies to their gel nail polishes as well. They aid the nail and the texture of it for a long time. It does not allow for nail chipping and does not rip off the color for a very long time. 

People who have used this gel nail polish have assured that it does not overflow and cause a thick and uneven layer. 

The colors that come with this brand are pretty bold and unique including lavender, ashy blue, white, red and black. 

The glossy look that this Korean gel nail polish provides is everything you need to bring a smooth and attractive feel to your fingernails and toes. 

These come with test sticks which allow you to test the product before you wear it on your nails. 

Unlike other nail polishes that have a strong scent which can be overpowering, this gel nail polish has a very subtle scent which does not last long. 


  • Smooth and glossy finish
  • Toxic free ingredients
  • Chip resistant 


  • Strong smell

Yaoshun Gel Nail Polish 

Why go to the salon to gte a pedicure and manicure during these unsafe times when you can do it yourself at home with Yaoshun’s gel nail polish kit! 

White and off white colors are the most used and neatest colors used for the base for most nail arts. They have an exciting collection of colors which include blue, pink and even glitter. Mix matching the colors can make your nails all the more exciting. 

Women who have tried this gel nail polish have stated that the chipping does not start until a whole week. 

We suggest you be particularly neat when you are basing your nail before you start coating it further. If you want to repaint your nails, you will have to remove it completely before starting over. 

What we have noticed is that it is easy to get messy with this nail paint because the texture of the gel nail polish is pretty thick. So make sure you make neat and thin coats on your nails. 

The size of these nail paint bottles are not too small so it can last a pretty long time. 


  • Affordable
  • Comes with UV lamp
  • Vegan
  • Thin brush applicator that glides on nails


  • Thin consistency
  • Irritating smell 
  • Not highly pigmented

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Gellen Gel Nail Polish 

The reason why everyone opts for gel nail polish is because it has a long lasting effect on the nails and does not cause it damage of any kind. 

We love the colors that this brand has to offer including subtle pink, blue, white, purple and red. 

The finish of this gel nail polish is shiny and has a very smooth exterior so much that it does not chip off at all. 

The scent of this gel like nail polish is mellow and does not stink since it is made out of safe ingredients that are not toxic. 

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With 2-3 coatings this gel nail polish it lasts for about 2 weeks. 

The only thing about this gel nail polish is that it might need to be kept under the UV scanner for a while for it to dry up. 

This is a nice choice for those who have short nails. 

The bottle of this product is not as big as the other brands so it might not last as long.


  • Toxic free ingredients
  • Wide variety of colours in one set
  • No fragrance
  • Flawless Coverage 


  • Takes time to dry

Venalisa Gel Nail Polish 

This brand has your back when you need the best colors for an exciting day out with friends as it brings you the best of both moods. Casual and festive. 

These colors bring life to your nails with their ever so exciting shades including yellow, lavender, turquoise and white. 

These can be mixed and matched as well to give a more creative and funky look. 

Women with shorter nails can opt for these colors since it can spice up your fingers and give it a complete look. 

This nail polish can be used on adults and babies as well since it is super safe on the nails and does not allow chipping of the nail. 

One of the best features that this nail paint provides is that it does not smudge or chip off in any way.


  • Affordable
  • Bold colour shades
  • Chip resistant 
  • Smudge proof 


  • Not salon quality 

Best Korean Gel Nail Polish Brands: FAQs

Is gel or regular nail polish better? 

Although regular nail polishes are easier to find and do not require much effort, gel nail polishes are definitely better. Gel polishes do not affect the texture of the nail and do not ruin it in any way. They can be pulled off without having to apply chemicals on it. Besides the effect on the nails, they are glossier and shinier on the nails. To top it all, it has a protective layer which does not let the nails chip off. 

Can I use gel nail polish without UV light? 

While that is possible, it takes a longer time and in some cases might not have an even texture on the nail. Might come off as bumpy or not the right texture. When you complete the process by running it under the UV light, the gel nail polish tends to stick better to the nails. This means you will have undisrupted paint and will stay on for a longer time. 

Why are my nails weak after using gel nail polish? 

Sometimes when you tend not to remove the gel nail polish completely, it can stick onto the nails and make them weak and dehydrated. For this, you need to use the right kind of layers and run it under the UV light. This way your color is intact and so is your nails. 

Can you use gel polish without a UV light?

It’s not advisable to use gel polish without UV light because gel nail polish takes a lot of time to dry. You can also dry soaking your nails in ice water but that’s not a very effective way to cure gel nails. 

How long do gel nail polish last? 

Gel nail polish usually lasts about 2 to 3 weeks depending on how well it’s cured. If it’s a thin layer and isn’t cured well with a UV lamp then it might strat chipping earlier while thick layer and properly cured nails will last at least 3 weeks. 

Can you use el polish on natural nails?

Yes, you can apply gel polish on natural nails but you need to be very careful about it. Make sure to remove the gel nail polish properly after it starts chipping off with proper maintenance. Also, don’t forget to use cuticle oil to maintain nail health.

Gel nail polishes are for sure the new craze around the globe. We agree that the quality and the aesthetic is uncompromisable. With the above list, we hope you get a better understanding of the variety that you can get with gel nail polishes. 

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